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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

thanx to ALL of you the girl took down the pics. brunette helped a lot and chainedDarkness and lizanime... uff! i could go on. im REALLY grateful with all of you!! OMB!! this SO demands for a thank you pic! YEAH!!!! TO DRAW!!! ^-^ 1000000 thanx!!!
well my user there in DA is caosgoth and Neba Yashimoto was the one that told me about this.

Akatsuki Elite Member: Ichati

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

hello to all mi friends! ^-^
this is a VERY important message for me cuz there is a user in devianart thats stealing mi pics and one of vdr-07.
the page is: http://randee95.deviantart.com/ so if you have the chance to tell her sth, plz do so.
ive already sent a report, but i think she didnt get it. PLZ help me out!! i will VERY much appreciate it. i opened an account there with the same username as here, only for this purpose, so just for incase. and i dont know how to use devianart too much. THANX!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Other Clubs:
The SasuNaru FC - for all fans/supportersPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Kyra Naruto O.C Story
Name English/Spanish: Kyra
Romanji: kkuira
Kana: ックイラ
Age: 14-15 in the series � 17 Time Skip
Birthday: May 25
Gender: Female
Height: 149 cm series � 153 cm Time Skip
Eye colour: Red + Drajan
Hair colour: Black
Family: Kisura (mother �dead�), Kazuku (Father, actual member of Akatsuki)
Place of birth: Likoya, Village Hidden in the Leaf
Team Kanae: Kane, Kanon � Sensei: Kanae
Secret: Has the Drajan Dragon inside of her (it is NOT a Jinchuuriki)
Weapons: Drajan Sword

Kyra is a calm, solitary, person who isn�t interested in no one else but herself and isn�t willingly to fight anyone that hasn�t done something to her, unless they become annoying and start to bother her. Unlike Sakura and Ino, Kyra doesn�t show much interest in Sasuke and she considers him weak and incapable to defeat his borther Itachi; although she tells him to get strong and doesn�t try helping him in the beginning, in the end he manages to wake up some feelings inside of her that end up in her concerning about Sasuke (not loving him, just friends very good), but she takes it calmly and continues acting as if it did not matter to her. She specializes in Shadow jutsus and has one genjutsu that consists on leaving the enemy�s soul isolated inside her mind, making her enemy fall in paranoia for not knowing how to escape to total silence.

Kyra is part of Team Kanae or Team �K�, because all the names of the members in it start with K. This Team in particular was formed directly by the Hokage, since his Granddaughter Kane (actualy Konohamaru�s cousin), is in it like Genin. Kyra didn�t mind entering a team, she only wanted to pass as a Genin. Unlike Kane (who is pacific and wish to avoid any type of fight), Kyra will fight with whom ever crosses her path in search of her father and the Drajan sword. In fact, Kyra is always telling Kane that she will never be able to be someone worthy enough to be in the same team as her. With Kanon, on the other hand, there is no relation of affection or hatred, since he does show some effort on becoming strong, but anyways Kyra doesn�t care much about it; although they have small fights from time to time, because Kanon likes to defend Kane from the offenses of Kyra, this doesn�t mean Kyra talks bad of him. To all this, the relation of Kanae with Kyra is not very overstanding. Eventhough Kanae is calm and seems like a non talkative person, it would all be the same for Kyra if Kanae is changed by an other Sensei or not.

Kyra was born in the Likoya Village, located within the Village hidden in the leaves. This village, in particular, is a very superstitious area, and has a legend on the Drajan Dragon: a being so frightful that if you looked directly into his red eyes you could loose all sanity and you would even commit suicide. It is said that powerful ninjas managed to lock up the Dragon within a sword that has been guarded by centuries under the protection of a family, chosen by the Hokage back then. And so, the chosen family was Kyra�s family: her father�s ancestors. The sword can�t be used by any person, only by the designated ones that guard it, although no one back then had been able to use all of its power. Anyways, the village created a statue of the Hokage, that had helped to lock up the dragon, for the protection of it. At the same time, it was said that the one who was born with red eyes had the Dragon within itself, without knowing that this was a false believe with no true verification, since nobody in the village had ever been born with red eyes, or at least not in many centuries.

Kyra spent all her childhood alone, without any friends and without any external relation apart of her father or mother, because of the simple fact that she was born with red eyes, people in her village didn�t want her near. The only person who loved her and appreciated her was her mother Kisura. Her father, on the other hand, didn�t care about neither his wife or daughter, he only cared about and wanted to keep the sword for himself, without inheriting it to Kyra, since her red eyes disturbed him a lot and didn�t want her to have it. Because of this, Kyra�s parents had continuous fights over her, the sword and themselves.
One night, just when Kyra had kissed her mother good night, she heard a loud noise coming from outside the house, so she ran to see what was happening. When she got there, she found her mother laying down with her face on the floor next to her father, who was stepping on top of her back. He simply laughed at the sight of her almost dead wife on the floor (in front of Kyra) and of the useless affection that she had been giving her. When he had finished, he stabbed Kisura on the head with the sword and killed her. Kyra, when it all finished and filled with hatred, ran towards her father, without him paying much attention to her, and stabbed him in his right leg with the sword. After this, the sword disappeared and a shadow surrounded Kyra just about when her father was going to kick her for what she had done.
For a moment the sky turned red and the sign of the Drajan was drawn in Kyra, remaining afterwards in her left wrist. Soon Kyra returned to normal and started running, leaving her village and her father behind, who cursed her overwhelmed by what had happend.

After what happened in the village, her father joined the Akatsuki for being the only one that could possibly contol Kyra�s power. This meant that everytime he touched the Drajan sword, Kyra could suffer internal attacks and convulsions, because of the simple fact that the sword had touched his blood and for being him its guardian for several years. Obviously this was very important for the Akatsuki, and it didn�t matter if the Drajan Dragon she had inside was or not a Jinchuuriki. In spite of this, Kazuku does not have a ring, because he is not going after a Jinchuuriki. Kyra understands the unevenness of power between her and her father, and when she sees him she is more controlled than Sasuke when he sees Itachi.

Naruto → Evendough they had a similar childhood in which nobody wanted them, she tells him that at least people hated him because of a logical and consistent reason, unlike her, she was hated by a simple superstition.
Sasuke → In the beginning Kyra doesn�t pay much attention to him, she doesn�t care if he dies or not and considers him weak; but this all changes when he realises she is capable of maintaining an equal fight with Itachi. So he asks her to train with him, getting closer together and sharing techniques.
Hinata → Kyra thinks she has a very similar attitude as Kane, but considers her as someone special for wanting to demonstrate herself as a better nija. Actualy this is what attracts Kyra to have short talks with her.
Akatsuki → Before Sasuke went away, she decided not to join the Akatsuki, but to take an invitation to train with them. She sees them like a good tool for her training with the Drajan sword (note: within the two years and a half she�s away, she finds the Drajan sword, because she didn�t have it before). This means that in those two years she manages to dominate the sword thanks to them. Enventhough her father is in the organization, none of them sees the other in that amount of time and the other members can�t take her power because she�s not a Jinchuuriki.

In her childhood, Kyra first met Itachi when he just had joined the Akatsuki, this is, after he had killed all of his clan. Itachi recognized her for being Kazuku�s daughter. Although Kyra didn�t pay much attention to him, he was starting to annoy her for asking her to join the Akatsuki (since he knew of the Drajan and someone like her would be very valuable in the organization). Kyra did not accept. It was then when Itachi looked directly into her eyes wanting to use the Mangekyou in her, but he could not do it by the fact that the Drajan and the Sharingan repeal one another. They just had to learn it the hard way, since the Drajan acts like a barrier for the Sharingan, and it�s not advisable that one who carries the Sharingan looks directly into the Drajan, since it can cause a momentary diminution of chakra causing physical wounds, a very hard headache and a feeling of being dizzy. It was for this same matter that she did not join the Akatsuki: because of Itachi. Although that had happened to them, Itachi still wanted her for himself, so he gave Kyra a necklace of his Clan waiting on her to say something. Kyra, on the other hand, didn�t say anything at the moment, she just looked at it and put it in her bag.
Overall, they will never say they care for one another, will never accept they love each other and whats more, they will never even show that if one dies the other will cry in silence. It�s a very cold relationship, but both of them understand each other without saying a word. They�ll defend one another if it is necessary, but letting no one find out about it. Although by daylight and at everyone�s sight they seem indifferent, at night, when no one�s watching them, they can get to be very close together.

Dramastic (doramasutikku) → This attack is based in the concentration of chakra to form a several meters round field with an increase of the gravity in it. All the chakra gathered is soon released in an explosion that expands diagonally devastating all through its path.
Shadow Technique: Shadow connection (shadou konnekution no jutsu) → In this attack, the enemy is surrounded by shadows that slowly are tightened around it�s body, and if it is desired, it may break it�s bones.
Shadow Technique: Mind Paralysis (minddo pararuishisu no jutsu) → In this attack, Kyra is able to enter into the thoughts of others and to eliminate the memories that they have. It uses a great amount of chakra and is recommendable to only use it in special cases.
Shadow Technique: Dark Tracking (darukku torakinggu no jutsu) → This is a way of searching for somebody underneath the Earth or in the surroundings. The shadows help Kyra in search of vibrations that indicate her if someone is approaching or moving away.
Drajan (dorahan) → It�s a technique that she uses combined with the Drajan Sword, and it consists of concentrating chakra in this weapon to then expel it at intervals whenever it is shaken. It demands a great amount of chakra and control over the sword.
Last Will (rasu uiruru) → This technique in special is very dangerous as much for who receives it as for who uses it. It is used as a last resort if it is really necessary, and it consists on removing both the person who uses it and the opponent�s soul so they can have a duel of souls. The one who loses the battle will be left in a vegetal state for minimum a month or depending on the effort that was made and the cost of chakra used.
Soul Isolation (souru isoration) → It�s the only genjutsu she posseses and it consists of leaving the enemy�s soul isolated within her mind, creating a strong paranoia for not knowing how to escape to total silence.
Call of the Drajan (karuru o futoe dorahan) → In this technique, Kyra is able to call the Drajan Dragon using the sword so that it can appear materialized into the field.
Protective Shadows (purotekutibe shadousu) → Its a simple shield created with chakra and doesn�t require much effort

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Willow FMA story
Name English/Spanish: Willow
Romanji: Uirurobu
Kana: ヤナギ
Age: 15-16 in the series � 18 in the movie
Birthday: October.3.1899
Gender: Female
Height: 153 cm
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Black
Family: Ed, Al & Jouan (childhood friends and closest to brothers/sister), Trisha (like a mother to her and a very good friend), Hohenheim (creator / �father�), Solange (becomes close friend afterwards)
Place of birth: Resembool
Profession: State Alchemist
Title: Whisper of Death Alchemist
Homunculi: Vengeance
Flower: Vengeance Flower

Hohenheim, seeing that Trisha sometimes said that she didn�t feel well, decided to create a being who took care of Ed and Al, since he suspected that Trisha sooner or later would die, but did not mention it to anybody. He worked day and night to obtain the ingredients, to investigate with precaution, to verify things, etc. One night he found the solution to his problems: aside to the equivalence interchange and all that, a life for a life, he wanted to conclude his experiment, not with humans, but with nature. If it takes a life by another one, plants and animals are also living things, so for him everything had sense. It seemed to him that plants would be a better option than killing an animal. When Hohenheim left Resembool, aside of going away because he could no longer maintain the body in which he was, he left to finish his experiment far from Ed, Al and Trisha.

Hohenheim then decided to gather one of the three rarest flowers in that world: Vengeance Flower, that ONLY grows on the feet of snow-covered mountains.

Although the flower is strange, Hohenheim gathered 1000 of those flowers and he reunited them (with the ingredients) and created Willow. (That means he didn�t leave almost flowers, well, less of those than there were already). After he had created her, Hohenheim realized the ourobors that she had on her neck, although it was broken (unlinked) and black, the truth is that he did not pay much attention to it, only that he had been the first person that ever created a human out of a transmutaci�n.

After all that, he left her outside the door of Trisha�s house and afterwards he went away for ever� Since then Willow has been part of the Elric family, with the same age as Ed and the ourobors on her neck� although obviously they didn�t know anything of that in that time. Soon they forgot all about it, since a black bow �grew� one night around Willow�s neck, since that is the seal that prevents her from becoming Vengeance and before Middle Willow (see portfolio) she didn�t need it at all, since the �inner homonculi� was not so strong.

The only possible way for her to become Vengeance is by killing Willow, and in order to bring her back to normal Vengeance has to EAT one of the petals of that flower. If Vengeance approaches too much to the flower she loses force and she is debilitated, and if she touches it she remains immovable. When Willow becomes Vengeance, she forgets ALL her life as Willow. As her name says, a part of having the flower�s name, she is extremely vindictive.

If Hohenheim had used what he had left of the stone, Willow had been a normal human.

Thanx to: vdr-07 and jouanofarc

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