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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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FrozenSand (04/09/07)

Hiya Kim-chan!! It's HeartAkaii, but I got a new Username. I don't know if you remember me, but I hope we can be friends once again. ^_^ Come visit me anytime you'd like

kagome kele (01/22/07)

i love your site! i gonna add you as a friend and hope you will do the same...hope you dont mind. well ttyl for now ^___^

Kitsume manora (01/08/07)

Hey sweet site i love it!

Knuckles Joycelin (09/30/06)

Knuckles: Hiya!
Joycelin: Hello! I'm Joycelin, And This Knuckles!
Knuckles: Exactly! Anyway We Dropped By To Ask You Uhh...What Was It Again?
Knuckles: If You Could Be Our Friend!?

Kurst (08/09/06)

Hey cool site! not much of a big city guy maself but to each his/her own. visit my site if u got the time.


A Non-follower (06/03/06)

Aw! Such a kawaii site!=3 Hello Kim! I am Jay! I'm kinda kawaii... but my step sis is almost pure kawaii. She's evil though.-_- She's The Renegade. That's her username. Anyway, are you really evil in disquise? If you aren't, then what would you call yourself? Hmm... I call myself a Non-follower. Do you call yourself A Happy Bunny or something? Otay... I need 2 stop! I sound like some kind of perverted stalker! O_o Ewww! Perverted stalkers!
*A guy standing next to me looks at me*
STALKER! *I takes out mi pepper spray and spray him*
Guy: @#$%! I didn't do anything! Do you know how much that hurts!?!?
Me:... Actually... I don't. Hmm...
*Raises pepper spray to mi own eyes*
*Sprays it*
Me: OMFG! MY EYES ARE A BURNIN! *Runs around in circles* *Hits a wall* *In much pain* X_o

I never got to tell you before I hit the wall... would you like to be friends?

Hope to be friends,

~A Non-follower~

Kawaiichibi56 (05/06/06)

i loooooovvvvvvvvve ur site!!OMG!!i'm adding u!

bunraku (05/05/06)

I like your site. It hasn't been updated in a while, but I thought I would at least sign your guestbook.

Enjoy being cute in NY.


female outlaw (03/29/06)

Soory about the lateness.I like your site.I like your bg and avvy.Keep up the good work.Bye.

KJ-11 (03/25/06)

oooooooooooooooo ur bg is sooooooo cuuuuuute!!!!>-< yup yup!!!! i luv 2 play video-games (x-box) 2! well ima + ya as a frend k? o an ur welcome 2 do tha same K!!!! if ya got tha time drop by an sign my gb,leave comments or watevr ya feel like doin'!!!

well gotta jet(or hop)
hey:tite site
latrz- kj-11 ^-~

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