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Heh heh ^_^ What's to say? I just hope what I'm posting on this site entertains a few people. I hope you enjoy my stuff.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

   The Naruto comic needs to be postponed for awhile
My real comic is taking about 99.9% of my energy right now. I don't have the "getgo" to work on the Naruto comic when I'm on break anymore cos I'm generally not on break :P
Plus, any time I AM on break, I'm too worn out from drawing to wanna spend my break time on DRAWING ^^;

But it's good cos my real comic hasn't held my interest like this in awhile. I kind of burnt out on it, and so I used the Naruto comic as a type of "cushion". It was something else to do; something that I could use to get away from my real comic for awhile.

I'm not sure when the Naruto comic will start up again. Weeks, a month.. Maybe even sooner than that. Don't worry though, I've done 30 pages and I've only taken 1 week break and this is the FIRST time I've "postponed" it.

In my other comedy comic I did, I took numerous week-long breaks and postponed it two or three times and it only got to 23 pages.
This Naruto comic has gone on hiatus less than half of time that old comic did, and it has more pages.
So I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I'll get around to finishing it (unlike the last one, where I just stopped after 23 pages).

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Monday, May 29, 2006

   Comic 30 posted!
I figured I would get another one posted soon. (I said so in the last post ^_^)

This monster fight scene isn't the "thing" the two Lees are in this comic to do, but it has something to do with what happens in the future.

That's why I haven't revealed Nock Lee's special power yet, that's for later ^_^

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

   Comic 29 posted ^ ^ and color revision
I remember last time I said I was going to post 4 or 5 at once, but the way this one turned out, I felt I could post it before all of the others were finished up and it'd still look okay.

I've got the others drawn, and I'm working on the CG of 30, so it might be posted later.

I also changed my site from the cool, royal, suave purple theme to a green theme to match up with Gai.

------ now onto other things ----

In the comments on my last post, I was asked if I'd post any pages of my real comic. I'm not sure if I will or not, but if I do it will be on that site Fanart Central and not here.

Mainly the reason why is because there are too many idiots on this site who vote "no" for no particular reason and I'd get angry if my comic didn't get a good vote.. ^_^

I wish instead of a "yes" and "no" there was just "yes" or nothing at all. Like the old expression says "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

That's the way it should be here, if you don't like it, you don't vote. It's either "yes" or "nothing".

We ALL know that there are a number of people who vote "no" on this site because they're jealous of someone's skills, or they're angry that the pic isn't the way they want it to be, or various other stupid reasons. And most of the time the people don't have the intellectual capacity to back up their "no" with a constructive comment.

I also don't like it whenever a pic of like, Sasuke and Sakura (for example) gets "no" votes because people don't like that couple. Grow up. The world wasn't made for you, if you don't like the couple that's fine, but if someone else does then respect their preferences. It's JUST a piece of fanart of FICTIONAL characters anyway.

The only time I ever vote "no" is when I see pics that are copied from other sources (like a pic of Naruto copied from the manga or something).

I've seen some pics on this site that have been copied MULTIPLE times, so I vote "no" on all of them (if I see them). Doing those kinds of pics are good to train yourself with when you're just starting to learn how to draw, but they should NOT be posted. They aren't original works,and they're basically plagarism. If I was in charge of this site I would remove all of those types of pics that I could. Would anyone on this site that posts fanart be happy if someone else copied and posted their pics? I guess it's probably not that big of a deal to the manga-artists, but still..

So in conclusion, IF (big if) I post any pages of my real comic they'll be on Fanart Central. Don't worry though, I'll provide a link for the people who want to look ^_^

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Friday, May 26, 2006

   The status of the comic..
It's pending. I'm working on it. I'm going to upload the next ones all at once rather than one at a time because they work better this way. There will probably be 4 or 5 pages uploaded here shortly. Maybe by the middle of next week (or hopefully by Monday).

My real comic is being difficult, but fun, so I spent more time on it this week than I had planned, and so the Naruto comic suffered a slight lapse in production.

The good thing is that fight scenes are a LOT easier for me to do than anything else, they don't take that long to finish up either. Plus you can fill many pages up with them.

That makes me wonder if all manga-artists feel that way. If so, that would explain why so many manga have martial-arts themes to them. They're easy to draw, easy to write, and they fill up a lot of pages.

They're kind of a pain to coordinate though. However, this Lee2 vs. Monster fight is MUCH easier to deal with than the fight going on in my real comic.

In my real comic, the main girl (a cute little martial artist tomboy with short black hair) is going up against an army so I have to draw her throwing tanks and mecha around and being shot at and so forth.

(and I don't like drawing tanks and mecha ^^;)

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Friday, May 19, 2006

   Comic 28 posted! This is a long post, I was in a typing mood ^^
It's actually sorta on time ^_^ I was watching a basketball game a few days ago and I said if the Cavaliers won I'd get this comic done by Friday. They won, so I did ^_^

I wanted them to win too, btw. Mainly cos so many of those sports people say they can't. It seems to me that sports reporters are like weather people. They're wrong... a LOT..

But ultimately I want the Suns to win. I like Steve Nash. He's a role model for all short white guys everywhere ^_^

I used to be anti-sports in my early high school days. Mainly cos I WASN'T a jock/prep and therefore anything affiliated with the jocks I was against (except cheerleaders.. I liked them ^_^).
That's very stupid reasoning because it's not a decision based on personal feelings. The attitude is based instead on an ever-changing idea of social acceptibility. Basing one's decisions on what your group is "supposed" to do? Blech! Ta hell with that, I say.

I don't really like conformists, and I don't like "nonconformists that are nonconforming just for the sake of noncomforming" even more. It's so insincere. Do you wanna tell if someone's crazy or not? Ask them. If they say "I'm crazy" then they're NOT. A truely "crazy" person DOESN'T KNOW they're crazy. For example, Hitler thought he was completely sane. Not only that, but "sick" people go get help. People who say they're a "sick person" but don't do anything about it don't honestly feel like they're a "sick" person or they would. (little psychology there, not sure if it's right or not, but it makes sense to me ^_^)

Back to my anti-seperatist rant:

A "nerd" or a "goth" being against "prep" is no different than a "prep" hating a "nerd" or a "goth". It's the same social-conformity mentality. ("I hate you because you're not in my group").

Though the prep/jock's social standing gives them certain privileges over the nerd/goth. So there's a clear division due to that. That still doesn't mean that EVERYONE in a group is bad. Auto-rejecting what "the other side" does makes no sense to me anymore. Eventually in High School I started becoming friends w/ all the groups and kinda worked my way in and out of them whenever I felt like it.

Note: I lump nerd/goth in the same category. They're not the same "class" but in my day they were at the bottom of the social "foodchain" when compared to preps/jocks. That's why I put them together.

(However, if you're the type of person who actually gets worked up over that, do me a favor and smack yourself ^_^)

Well, my anti-seperatist rant aside.. uhh..what was I talking about originally?

Oh yeah..

When I was a senior in high school I started to watch football, and now I like to watch baseball and basketball and golf. They're really good background noise for drawing. Plus you get something to cheer for if you get into it.

Maybe I should just cut out that middle part ^^; I spent some time on it so I won't :P

Go Suns. Go Cavaliers.

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