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Friday, May 26, 2006

   The status of the comic..
It's pending. I'm working on it. I'm going to upload the next ones all at once rather than one at a time because they work better this way. There will probably be 4 or 5 pages uploaded here shortly. Maybe by the middle of next week (or hopefully by Monday).

My real comic is being difficult, but fun, so I spent more time on it this week than I had planned, and so the Naruto comic suffered a slight lapse in production.

The good thing is that fight scenes are a LOT easier for me to do than anything else, they don't take that long to finish up either. Plus you can fill many pages up with them.

That makes me wonder if all manga-artists feel that way. If so, that would explain why so many manga have martial-arts themes to them. They're easy to draw, easy to write, and they fill up a lot of pages.

They're kind of a pain to coordinate though. However, this Lee2 vs. Monster fight is MUCH easier to deal with than the fight going on in my real comic.

In my real comic, the main girl (a cute little martial artist tomboy with short black hair) is going up against an army so I have to draw her throwing tanks and mecha around and being shot at and so forth.

(and I don't like drawing tanks and mecha ^^;)

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