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Hi, uh...my name is Kayla or blue sage. I'm realy bored so I dicided to start this site. I will try to make it as interesting as posible and feel free to rome through it and while your here please coment on my art. I also have a site at http://www.fictionpress.com/~bluesage that has my stories so enjoy your time on my site.

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Monday, December 6, 2004

Okay, I will start my homework just as soon as I get this out of my head. Everyone knows theres cliches in manga. You can find realy funny lists of them all over the internet. Well heres mine. Its not going to be very long just a few things I noticed those other lists tend to leave out(not always but sometimes).

1.Mistaken gender. No matter what a series is about there is always someone, usualy a guy but not always, who is so pretty random people aren't sure if there a guy or a girl.

2.Related to number one this person will end up crossdressing at some point.

3.You gotta have a model. Whoever is thought to be very pretty is a model or at the very least aproched by a modeling agency at some point.

4.Gotta have a pop star/band too. They always show up for some reason or another.

5.Main character goes on a game show. This show may have soemthing to fo with cooking, not necisary but could happen.

Thats it for now.

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I'm happy I finaly got my friend Michelle a birthday gift (her birthdays of friday). She loves romance so i got her the 2nd and 3rd volume of I.N.V.U. (she already read the first). I feel kinda bad for her though cause Donna, Shaina and, Nicole have been giggling about her gift sence september and won't tell me what it is. All of them decided to get gag gifts this year for everyone witch is causing everyone a few problems. They got me a whip. Yeah a whip. Witch is why I'm realy glad my mom has a sence of humor and didn't start freaking out when she noticed it. They got my gift at spencors but they got Michelle's at CVS and there are only so many things you can get at CVS. That and the one hint there dropping is when they bought it the cashier told them good for you. So yeah glad I'm not michelle right now. And her parents don't have the sence of humor mine does. If they had found the whip with her I probably...I don't know what would happen but I probably wouldn't be able to talk to her or do anything with her for a long time. Well thats the end of my pointless ramble for today. Must do homework I'm putting of by writting this.
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Sunday, December 5, 2004

Wow, I was just looking at some of the art I posted and my styles changed alot sence then. I think maybe I should post some new stuff to show how much its changed. Also, I'm very proud of my self. I just finished my english essay and its not due till thursday! Now to just do all the other prodjects I have. Lets see theres my english presentation on book 15 and 16 of the Odyssey, my nsl prodject on gov workers, my health project on depression and thats just the long term big projects that make or brake your grade. I don't know if I'll have time to draw.
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Friday, December 3, 2004

Why does everyone think there fat?! This is realy bothering/annoying me. Practicaly everyone I know no matter how much they weigh thinks of themselves as fat. For example I have one friend shes about 110 pounds and a size 0 and shes always pointing to her stomic saying look at these roles of fat I'm discusting. What? I'm sorry but I just don't see it as far as I'm concerned she looks like a model. So, I point out to her its not true and for example I'm about 135-140 pounds and a size 6 or 8 depending on the store/clothes. Most girls my age are probably 120 and a size 2 but I'm by no means fat. I just actualy have hips compared to some other people. She's much smaller then me and smaller then average so if shes heavy I'm basicaly a walrus. She says I'm different I don't care. So, it doesn't matter. Huhh? In fact I get that answer from everyone I point this out too when they say they need to loose weight say the same thing. Doesn't realy make sence. But seriously friends of mine who weigh from 90+ pounds think they need to loose weight. Well I mean even if they do loose like 10 pounds there just going to whant to loose 10 more. Its realy stupid and people wonder why there are so many people with eating disorders. Witch brings me on to buiety in general. People always ask me if there ugly. I don't now why sence everytime I tell them there beuitiful witch is true. I mean I relize that some of your hair is sticking up or your makeups wearing out but that doesn't suddently turn you ugly. Then I point out I'm not wearing make up and my hairs all frizzy and they again say I'm different I don't care. (Why do people think I don't care about anything having to do with myself.) Witch also apreantly makes it different. Its realy hard to convince people that your telling the truth about them when they think you don't care about how you look (I do but I'm not going to be obbsessing over how I need lip gloss and I'd rather be confortable then execptionaly pretty). Though that brings up the question of why they ask me in the first part. On to the third part of my little rant, its the last one I promise. This is the my life sucks part. No not mine, mine. This is something else I hear everyday. Please people your life is not that bad. You live in the middle class suburbs with one of the richest/best school systems in the nation, you have a place to live, last time I checked your not starving, and you worries consists of school and how over protective/stupid your parents are being. It could be a lot worse. I'm sorry your grounded but honestly you'll get over it its not a reason to complain alday I mean you were the one to set the blender on fire. I'm sorry that sence your parents got divorced you have to go to a therapist to "discuss your feelings" even though you don't need to (the over use of therapist is another rant of mine but I'll save that for another day) but its for 15 freaking minutes a weak you'll survive. I'm glad I got that out. People tend to come to me with there problems even though I'm terrible at helping them I like to try. But sometimes these things just seem so stupid.
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