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I myself am a big fan of japanese culture. Manga, anime, pockey, J-rock, video games etc, and i just want to share what I like with the world so i guess what im basicly trying to say is:
"Hey this is my webpage enjoy"

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

   The Journey Begins!!
haha.. it is currently 3:05 am and i leave to go to the airport in a little under an hour.
i have yet to go to sleep and to make matters worse i didnt go to sleep the previous night either!! lol, thats 2 days(going on the 3rd, XD) and 2 nights without sleep in a row.. i mean, the younger me(like 14) could have handled this with ease but the old me(going on 18.. sooo oooold X3 lol) can't handle this kind of thing anymore!! ah well..

i gotta go finish packing XDD

talk to you when i get back ^_______^

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