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Monday, June 25, 2007

   yo Yo YO!!

ive been gone from myO so long its crazy XD

ive just been really busy with guitar(i try and get aleast 6 hours a day, sometimes more) and with my band and shit. we're trying to get some gigs lined up for the end of the summer, and some recording and stuff done. but we're still trying to find a new drummer(we've been trying out quite a few different drummers) and a bassist. its so difficult to find competent and reliable musicians who have a command over the more technical aspects of their instruments, who are reasonably close in age and are serious about being an active musician, and are completely dedicated to what they do(and by completely dedicated i mean willing to throw away all aspects of living other then music! lol) AHH its such a frustrating process >.< !!!!!

in school related bs: i found out i can graduate from highschool in december!! Yatta!! that makes me so very very happy^-^ the sooner i can graduate the soone i can play 6 more hours of guitar a day(not to mention get a little more sleep, XD).. i would rather drop out of school then waste another 6 months(in school) worth of time that could be spent practicing guitar. but i decided im going to atleast finish highschool if only to make my mother happy^_^

so yeah, ive been gone for a while huh?(XD) i dont really know if im back for good or not but either way im here now arent I? ^^;; lol..

well blair(the other guitarist in the band) and I are going to the national guitar workshop in L.A. so il be gone from the 30th of june until the 12th of july, but il try and get another post in b4 i leave(but i cant make any promises, lol) so until next time..


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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A POST! yay!! lol
umm.. so yeah, when i said i would post on the weekend.. i musta ment this weekend eh?? not working, i didnt think so.. but i thought it was worth a shot. lol

so umm i went to the human abstract concert.. AMAZING!!!
i gotta to meet and hang out with all of them for a couple hours.. that we're such kool ppl!! i also bought their hoodie and cd(and got them all to sign it!!).. it was really kool bc their band shares alot of the same views as our band^^!!

umm.. i got some new manga.. and i started watching the Kaikan Phrase anime.. its pretty good(altho alot of the music that the bands in the sow play is pretty wishy washy.. but il get over it, lol XD)..

in personal news.. after two years ive finally quit smoking(somewhat against my will tho).. this is a pretty long story so if ur interested just ask me about it, i woudlnt mind telling it.. lol..

so yeah.. its 12:03 a.m. thats about it.. blair and i are gonna go drive around and chill for a while.. so il be sure to post again later..


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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

   late post.. -__-;;
bahh.. a week lates better then not at all right!? lol^^;;

just a quick post tho kuz its 2am and i have to go to school in a few hours so yeah XP

THE BAND: coming along very nicely.. got the whole thing(aside from vocals) of Nemesis(by Arch Enemy) down.. working on some original material right now.. umm, Taylor(our Drummer, Blair(one of our guitarists) and myself are going to a He Is Legend and The Human Abstract Concert this coming sunday.. i dont particularly like he is legend but The Human Abstract has a Really unique sound(they have very talented guitarists) for there genre of music so im REALLLLY looking forward to seeing them play live^^! U guys/gals should all give them( The Human Abstract) a listen!!

Anime/Manga: uhh well.. i got my friend to watch the first "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" dvd last night.. actually, ive been converting quite a few norms to the way of anime recently so i feel pretty good about that.. ive bought ALOT of new manga recently.. and i just spent the last couple hours reading some(i read Deathnote vol. 7 and Negima vol. 11)..

id write more but its getting later and i still need to take a shower and take care of a few things b4 i hit the sack so im gonna head, but hopefully il remeber to post this weekend^^..


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Saturday, August 19, 2006

   alright.. this time im seriously back!!
sorry about my lack of activity.. the sad part is that i have no excuse other then my own damn laziness T.T;

but now that school has once again resumed i REALLY WILL start posting again!!

umm.. well lets see.. school has started back up(once again -__-) and ive had a pretty eventful summer i guess u could say..
i actually started my own anime club finally.. it consists of only 5 members right now, but hey.. thats not too bad considering we only have like around 350 ppl in my highschool.. as for activities we meet a few times a week and we watch Anime, listen to J-rock, Read Newtype, Play Final Fantasy games, Read Manga, and play Guilty Gear X2.. and we do all of this at once(yes, i actually have that many tv's and computers in my room. lol).. right now our manga library consists of around 200 or so books, and our anime DVD library contains 50+ dvds(this number grows by an average of about 2 dvds a week).. and we're always making mcdonalds runs, because of there awesome dollar menu(wuuut!? thats all we usually have because we're broke from buying all that manga and anime XD)..

another VERY positive thing is that we finally have a full band going now.. there are two guitarists.. Blair and Dave(both amazing lead guitarists), a drummer.. Taylor(he's getting pretty damn good at the double bass pedals), and myself on the bass guitar and vocals(Metal Growl).. wut makes all this so great is that i LOVE everyone in our band, and im such great friends will all of them(this is seriously like my dream band^__^!!).. the only bad part is that i am definitely the weak link in our band(skill wise), so i have to practice ALOT to get up to par(i have been practicing my vocals quite a bit, but im lacking on the bass guitar skills).. so songs we plan to start working on and cover (we just formed the band and its much better to start off doing covers just so ul be more comfertable playing ur own material) in the near future are..

Nemesis(Arch Enemy)
Dark Saga(Iced Earth)
A Gunshot To the Head of Trepidation(Trivium)
Rose of Sharyn(Killswitch Engage)
Those Who Cannot Speak(Shadows Fall)
Black Fire(DragonForce)

so there u have it, all great music.. lol.

o uhh.. just for the hell of it il tell u guys my new class schedual..

1- Adult Living(kind of a throw away class)
2- Psychology(i love this class SOOO much! lol)
3- Basic Nutrition(another throw away class XD)
4- Intro to Buisness(bc i hope to do some kind of international Buisness relations later on in life)
5- Chemistry(this class is also a BLAST!)
6- American Literature(i abhore the teacher of this class >.<)
7- S.H.(wuuut!? im a lazy guy.. i need to have SOMEWHERE to do my homework{kuz i sure as hell dont do much at home} lol)
8- Trig/Calc(maaaaan.. ive been wondering y im taking this class.. i mean i dont need anymore math credits and this class isnt worth any college credit so y am i taking it o.o;;!? i dont know.. but its not fun, lol)

so there u have it.. my new schedual for the first semester^^..

well i think im gonna go get some sleep now but expect me to start posting(SERIOUSLY, i mean it this time.. lol) atleast once a week(more then likely it will be on the weekend when i post).. so i guess il catch you guys later^^..


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

   Back with a Vengeance!!
I have finally returned!!

yes thats right.. i AM alive(lol)..
things have been pretty hectic these past 100 and some odd days.. i am finally back at home!!

as to where ive been.. well uhh.. lets just say i was making some err.. bad choices and i was in a type of "Life-Rehab" getting myself straightened out lol..

and now that thats all taken care of im back and better then ever(corny, no? lol^^)..

as far as updating u guys on specific events of my life.. there are way too many to mention so im just gonna start fresh again and start updating every week or so.. so please look forward to it^.^

P.S. I hope you enjoy the new layout! not to mention the Dragonforce(one of the greatest powermetal bands of all time) Video!!..


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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Current Music: Heaven Denies
Demons and Wizards(Blind guardian and Iced Earth for those of you who arent too familiar with Power Metal.. lol)

so, how is everyone?

man.. ive definitly been doing some pretty hardcore partying lately.. i think i might need to cut back a little(kuz its starting to take somewut of a toll on me phsyically) XD..

well anyways, yesterday i went shopping and guess wut? the Hot Topic in Sioux City(45 minutes away from where i live) is having some INSANE(literally) sales going on right now!! i bought like.. 400-500$ worth of clothing for only 100 bucks!!!
i bought one Naruto jacket(its black and it has the village hidden in the leaves symbol on the front and Kakashi on the back!) that was at normal price(that was why i went to hottopic in the first place so i didnt mind paying full price[43$] for it)..all the rest of the stuff i bought was on uber-sale(it was insane how cheaply i bought this stuff O.O) tho.. i got a Coheed and Cambria jacket.. i bought a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, i got an Evangelion t-shirt, an "I Love Hentai" t-shirt, two vertically-striped button-up shirts, One sweet long john(ish) type shirt, one bad-ass long sleeved button up Fender shirt(its black and it has a guitar stitched into it in gray), one belt, and another pair of gauges.. so other then the naruto jacket, i got all hat stuff for under 60$ o.O

the only problem with all that is now im REALLY broke XDD(o well.. i bought some kool cloathes so i dont really mind that much^^)..

i weighed myself the other day in weightlifting class, and ive Gained 20 lbs(i went from 120 to 140) since i moved to Nebraska!! i mean.. i realize that a majority of it is probly from weightlifting 4x a week(and the fact that ive gotten a little taller) but still.. 20 lbs!! Jeezus! lol..

anybody other then me notice that they finally changed the opening FMA theme to Rewrite(by Asian Kung Fu Generation)!! its about damn time! not that the L'arc en ciel theme was bad.. its just that this one is much better in my oppinion. seriously, the song is great ive been loving that song for like.. 8 months(so i was ecstatic when i found out they changed the opening to it^^)..

speaking of anime.. ive seen SOOOO many new series since the last time i gave ya'll an anime update that it would take forever to remember and list them.. i would do it now(dont worry, i promise il list them when i have a chance^-^) but its 6:30 am here, and i havent been to sleep yet and i am Exhausted from the past couple days.. so im gonna try to get some sleep, so..


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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   happy new years!!
happy new years everyone, i hope u had a great one!!

p.s. i have alot of stuff to tell you guys about, but im exhuasted from my party.. so be expecting a serious post sometime this week(this post is just here to wish everyone a happy new year and let u guys know that im alive.. lol)


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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Current Music:
Cry for Eternity(by DragonForce) and Every Time I Die(by Children of Bodom)..

im sorry again that i havent posted in a long time.. i completly realize that its my fault for being lazy, but hey.. i got some pretty serious retribution from it this time T___T..
i forgot that i havent posted in a long time.. so i completly and totally forgot about last week!! *points to "date joined"*
yep.. exactly one year and one week ago i joined myO.. can u believe that?? i mean,


and boy-howdy does it feel awful forgetting something like that v___v.. i wonder if that means il forget my marrige anniversery or something, XDD(me feeble attempt at making this crappy situation funny)..

in unrelated stuff.. lots has been going on with me, too much to mention.. but i will say a few short things.. umm.. I started learning how to play bass(i havent been playing for very long.. but i rather enjoy it).. uhh.. im pretty sure im passing all my glasses with A's and B's(and a couple C's).. which is pretty suprising considering how little of my homework i actually bother to do(it must be bc i do pretty good on my tests.. and im the only one with the ability to discuss things with the teachers during my classes).. umm.. wutelse. for thanksgiving i think im gonna have to go with my mom to visit our relatives.. which really sucks because id much rather stay here and go out and party with my friends.. but i think il be back by friday so its alright i guess..

anime/manga related stuff
as far as as anime goes ive seen loads of new stuff.. with bleach im up to 58.. cant wait to see 59 when i get back on friday.. and as u can probly tell.. i finished Love Hina a while back and i loved every second of it(hence the new layout).. right now im currently watching Beck(im up to episode 14).. and as for Manga.. lets see.. well im not sure of the exact number(i need to take inventory again, lol).. but i think its pretty safe to say i have atleast 135.. out of the new ones ive bought and read id have to recommend "Deathnote"(its got an interesting story with great art)..

well thats all i have time to say so yeah..

p.s. after missing my 1 year aniv. im definitly gonna remember to post and comment more regularly again..

Ja.. ato de

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Current Music: Dead Eyes See No Future
Arch Enemy

Mina Gomen Nasai!!!
im really sorry ive been neglecting my MYO duties(such as, Posting and commenting) lately.. but my personal/social life has just been so hectic lately -___-;;.. it would take waaaayy to long to list all the things that ive been up to lately, so im just gonna briefly talk about all of the recent anime and Manga ive been viewing^^..


ones that ive completed,

Green Green tv epi's 1-12, ive also seen the OVA and the Omake(its a little bit on the ecchi side, but all in all it is a very good anime^^)..

Rizelmine(season 1) epi's 1-12(its based on a manga that i have the first volume of and liked.. the anime is also pretty good^^.. *note* i still havent seen the second season, epi's 13-24)..

ongoing anime,

Bleach epi's 31-53(the series just keeps getting better and better^-^)..

"Eyeshield 21" epi's 18-20(another anime based off of a manga that i own the first volume of^^)..

Love Hina epi's 1-7(i love it sooo much!!! i would have already finished it a long time ago, but the site that im downloading it from only allows one download per day T__T)..

Onegai twins epi's 1-4(i just started watching it a couple of hours ago so im not completly sure wut to make of it.. but so far i think its pretty good^^)..

and now for the manga that i have recently purchased(i bought these sunday evening):

Cheeky Angel vol. 8
DearS vol. 2
Intial D vol. 10
Love Hina vol. 8
Negima! vol. 7

i havent had a chance to read all of them yet bc ive been pretty busy these last couple of days.. but hopefully il have them all read b4 the weekend..

p.s. be expecting a new layout some time in the near future^.~


Edit: i forgot to mention that i finally have 600+ visits ^^;;

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Friday, September 30, 2005

   ike aniiiime!!!!
current music: Cemetery Gates

il try to make this quick..

letsee.. well i havent played hack on any new roofs in the past week v_v.. but hopefully il get a chance this weekend..

last weekend:

uhh on friday night i hung out with friends until like.. 11:45 pm.. then i went to a party at like 2:30 am..

saturday night(like 9:30 pm) i went to the movies with some friends.. we saw "Lord of War".. it was a pretty good movie..

sunday i went to Omaha(its a city with like three hundred some odd thousand ppl.. its like 75 miles away) to shop.. i bought a really kool fossil watch from Buckle.. it came with three bands for the face(a black one,a brown one, and a black and grey striped one).. the only problem was that it set me back $90!!(i could have bought nine more manga with that T.T).. i also bought one manga..


the manga that i bought on saturday was Love Hina volume 7..

as for new anime in the past week.. ive downloaded and watched: "Eyeshield 21" episodes 1-18(very good shonen story about footbal, lol), "Ichigo 100%" episodes 1-12(complete) and ova's 1-3(an incredibly sugoi romantic comedy..i watched all the epi's and ova's back to back i liked it so much.. so i was very sad when it ended because i wanted it to be longer T-T), "He is my master" episodes 1-12('complete'.. its a somewut peverted romantic comedy.. it can be humorous at times though^^), and a few days ago i finally started "Bleach"!!! so far ive only seen up to episode 30(ive always had a soft spot for bleach because Bleach volume 1 was my first Manga!! needless to say now i love the anime as well^^)..

72 episodes(and 3 Ova's) in a week.. not too shabby if i do say so myself^___^.. (all thanx to the fact that i finally have highspeed internet!!)..

we had a cross country meet..
i finished 22nd out of like 85 people(if i could have beatin 7 more people i would have won a medal *sniffle*).. i think i did decent considering this was only my second meet to compete in(this was actually the sixth meet, but this is only the second one ive competed in since i didnt start X-country until a month after it started).. my official time was 21:23(the course is 5000m/3.1 miles long) i cut 1 and a half minutes of of my last time^^!!!

well.. it is now 12:10 am.. and im gonna try to watch two more Bleach epi's b4 i hit the sack so..


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