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Holy effing crap, To all that have been to Deviant Art....yeah...they started charging for subscriptions...LAME. I shouldn't have to pay for others to take a gander at my doodles that aren't even making me any money...why the hell should i pay for cyberspace that doesn't do anything for me anyway...F$#@ it...so I'm gonna stick around here. Hoewever, most of the stuff I been working on isn't manga related mind you, I still would like to post stuff so my friends and fellow band mates can take a look at since we're starting our own webcomic together! Its pretty slow starting now, I only have close to a few panels done, but Music is our focus right now anyway...We've been working on a few songs for the last several months and are doing great! We almost had our first gig this month, but due to complications, it was gutted. Oh well, we take it in stride. I miss Otaku a lot and hope to make this my webcomic base for now....unless this place starts CHARGING. then I'll just throw a freakfit and move all my crap to MySpace...so there.... HAAA!!!!!!!

Its good to be back!
Or is it???? Only Time will tell...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

   Video.....Something to wake us up....Ghost in the Shell style....

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Monday, July 7, 2008

   I've been MIA for shizzle... :P
Ey thar mateys!!! Sorry for ditching this place for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time, but I've switched to Deviant art and haven't really been drawing much anyways. A few doodles here and there, eh well.....rolling around everywhere and never home, working, hangin with friends, boyfriends and everyone else....I'll post back again later....

I'll be in touch


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Monday, February 11, 2008

WOOHOOO! Yeah! Thats right betches!


Yes! Last night was by far the COOLEST thing in ALL CREATION! My Band-Cherry was popped! I'm in Love!

We are a small group of only 3 right now, but we are supposed to be meeting a new member who plays guitar and is a friend of our Bass player...I'm supposed to be on Guitar and Vocals, but I'm still learning the Guitar and have only been trying to teach myself for the last year or so, I got my work cut out for me! EEK!
I'm also trying to figure out how to synchronize my voice with strumming...which is a challenge to be sure! Damn! (And being half retarded doesn't make it any easier! O.o'DEERRPP!!! )
Anyways, maybe I'll get lucky and just end up doing vocals only...yeah right,I'd feel lazy!

Ok....so Yeah, That was AWESOME! Anyhoo, We even have the tune for our first number...and the lyrics are stated at the Title of this Post...yes its Spanish....No I'm not Latino, and yes its VERY DIRTY. For further details, look it up.
The funniest part is that the main tune is a twisted version of Phantiom of the Opera!!!! Thats REALLY Wierd, since I've never watched it.
Ok, well, I'm about to start rambling about blahblahblahblah....oops. Ok ok, but for real,
I gotta go get my new Electric out of my car, which I got last week!!! Its a Gorgeous SG with Chrome Pickups/Bridge and Pearl Inlay on the Fretboard!!! AND ITS SHINY AND RED XDXDXD!!!!!! DROOL ^_^

Ok ok, I gotta go fondle my new baby!!!!


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

   The Damage....I guess is quite SEVERE...
Well, Its finally dawned on me, i'm having a really hard time with inspiration these days so i've been snooping around Deviant a lot and this may sound disappointing, but I'm opening up an account over there too. I'll KEEP this one though, so don't trip out! I miss the coolness of otaku, but am searching for other stuffs to get my creativity moving again. Also there are other personal matters I'm tending to and with the holidays and all, I just don't have the emotion to put into these posts anymore...Take care everyone these Holidays and I hope to be putting up some new stuff as soon as I wake up my sleeping, lazy@$$ pencils again!!!



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