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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

   My Site is STILL HERE??!?!??
Woah! Its been a month or so since I've been on here! Wow, Anyhoo, there's not a whole lot to tell about these last few weeks. Haven't really drawn much, I've gone through a dry spell in the ol' inspiration reservoir.
Nothing really gets my fire lit these days. I guess I'm just trying to figure out what to do with myself as in job, school and training and such.
Lost in 'Where-the-hell-am-I-land?' is a good way to look at it. I've been slacking off hardcore this summer and now its pretty much over...so its back to the grindstone of manic depression fits followed by that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me do get off my ass.
Oh well. Phuck it. I guess I'll just keep digging my trenches till I eventually bury myself...Wah. Other than this boring post, I guess work is going good, I met some really cool people which I've been spending lots of latenights with. Everyone at work thinks I'm a closet lesbian. (rolls eyes) Licking carpet has just never appealed to me. EW. Ok, ok, enough of the crap, I'll post again when I have something relevant to say!!!


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Saturday, July 7, 2007

   WOAH!!!!!!.....Crazy Lesbians!!!
Ok, I been at this new job of mine for a week or so...and I can tell you things get wierd quick! Its my third day there, and some guy asks me if I'm gay!!!! I tell him I haven't even kissed a girl, let alone slept with one...ew. I still don't think he believes me though.

Yeah, I'm sure some of us have come into one of those wierd situations where you find out from a friend of a friend of a friend or co-worker, that somewhere nearby, or even standing next to you as you're training at your job there's a creepy butch-girl checking you out when you don't even realize it!!!! (**Shivers**)

I can tell you, its a very unnerving feeling to know that someone you work with is analyzing every inch of your anatomy as well as tape-recording everything you might have to say. CREEPY is the bottom line. Now think about this...you can use this to your advantage without becoming 'involved' in some oddball-lesbo fantasy!!!
(I'm not inclined to be anyway..but they don't have to know that!!!)

But there is an upside to this, for one, you can use their excessive curiosity against them and make them your lackey at work...I mean, c'mon they already like you and why not just use them to go and get supplies for you or something since they basically (without really having to say it) made themselves your bitch.

Wow, maybe I'm just a real jerk, but someone that makes themself out to be an ass, must expect to be rode right? So, I'm gonna try this out for a few days and see how it turns out...If my hypothesis is correct, then I'll now from now on how to deal with creepy lesbians!!! Well, Thats about it for now, OH WAIT! I went to a cool fiesta party on the 4th and drove around a bit with a guy friend from work, then, later that night, we went down to the River for a bonfire and party! We just smoked and drank a bit and had a good time. Until some juvenile assholes started throwing rocks over at us who were near the fire. I couldn't believe it! We buy them beer, smoke with them, and they turn all retarded and throw rocks at their guests??? Phuck that. How pathetic. Anyways, I'll let you all get back to your weekend events! Take care and I'll be back sometime next week most likely!!!


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Monday, June 25, 2007

   Howz Summer Going???
I hope everyone is having a nice break from school and all that jazz! Gongrats to Seniors and Graduates!!! Good Luck on whatever is to come in the future!

I've got a few new pix in the works now...though I haven't been able to complete them yet.XP

My brother moved into his own house this last weekend! Its a cute little 2-story white house out around Tacoma!!!

I helped him and his girlfriend move the kitchen table, chairs, and some other accessories into the place and later that night he invited over a bunch of people had a kegger!! It was pretty mellow and lowkey. This place has it all, 2 secret false-wall compartments for stashing jews,hookers, or whatever floats your boat!!! It also has a friggin escape-hatch in one of the walls of the basement!!! Its awesome to say the least!!! I really do think it was used as a mob safe-haven or for smuggling/bootlegging back in the day. I think it was built in the 20's or somethin. It's old, but has been remodeled and all that. WOOOOO!!!

Anyho, I'm rambling again! Ok, I gotta go get my ass in the shower and -WOAH! I just found a $10 bill in the bathroom trashcan!! 0_0?
Today is gonna be a good day, I can feel it.

d[^_^]b Ok, enough of that! You all have an awesome week and enjoy whatever it is you're doing!!!



Final Fantasy X-2 by *AiKo-FriKkI on deviantART

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Monday, May 14, 2007

   Likes, and Dislikes...nothing else to yap about really ^_^
I have nothing really relevant to ramble about today, so I figured I'd just come up with some random information about myself, since I never really say much about my life.


*Sipping hot coffee, snuggling up and watching a funny movie or playing scary videogames with the shades drawn on rainy/gloomy days.

*Playing guitar, strumming new riffs with powerchords on Electric guitar or bass, driving around in the valley on nicer, warmer days with the window down while puffing on a smooth Camel brand cigarette.

*Chillin' with certain members of my family and siblings in One on One situations so as to have a mellow, uninterrupted conversation and to enjoy their company.

*Drawing pitures on whims and scribbling out doodles in vigorous moods or to relieve sorrow or spiteful emotions i would rather not to relieve on others...

*Sleeping-in on hot summer days or catnaps in the late afternoon after a long, tedious days work and dealing with the opinionated, naggy and unhelpful managerial status/powermongers there-in...

*Reading books relating to Ancient Civilizations: Rome, Greece, Japan and mostly Pre-biblical time periods. Also Newage Wicca and other, more Ancient religious studies such as Buddhism, Islam, Paganism and Celtism(I'm curious as to why everyone seems to think that their particular religion is the 'Only Right' one 9_9?)

*studying other peoples behavioral patterns and attempting to figure out why they think the way they do...not everyone likes being 'under a microscope' though...can't help the curiosity! ^_^

*Being alone in my solitude when my mind is wrought with troubles and writing in my journal, or sifting through the countless pages of my older writings to look for answers to problems I've already faced, but probably forgot about...


*Being hit-on in the 'I just wanna F*#@!' sort of manner. I am not a 'breeder'. Plus I'm too damned eccentric for that!!! Its a blessing and a curse, trust me!

*Being guilt-tripped into confusion and possibly taking a course of action I don't understand fully, and come to find out, the imposing person knew, and thus defaced me without my even realizing it until it was too late.

*Self-important, trash-talking, blame-throwing Drama Queens!!!! That insist that everyone need revolve around them.

*People who just don't know when to back off and give someone their 'space'.

*Dogs' 'whining' noises. They're more irritating than a mosquitoe buzzing in my ear!!!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well, its been a freaky freaking week. I've been fighting off a nasty cold I got from my boyfriend recently and I gotta tell you...It sucks a fat you-know-what.
Between that and working a graveshift 40+hours/week job at McDonalds...things have been in 'no-such-thing-as-a-social-life' mode.
I miss this site and talking about anime and watching anime and even playing videogames lately. I miss my job at Gamestop.I got laid off after season was over ;_;... I've been a bit depressed and lost the love for life lately. I know...poor me. WAH. Well, living in perpetual darness and Winter hours and weather making it suck even more have really taken its toll. Anyways, on top of all that I almost died two days ago from a bad siezure do to an allergic reaction from taking Robotussin for a cough. My brother called the paramedics and they showed up after the siezure...then I threw up a bunch and my hands, feet, and face swelled up real bad and I got an ichy annoying rash to boot. These symptoms have finally subsided today)...(3 days later and I probably should've gone to the hospital >XP...I hope I don't get fired from work since I'm still in training. I've missed a few days this week and I know that doesn't look too good after you just started a new job. I'll have worked there 1 month this week.I hope you guys have been cranking out new & beautiful arty-shtuff lately. I miss you guys a bunch and hope to make some rounds to websites I have not seen in quite some time!!!

Love yas!


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Friday, January 12, 2007

   I Vanished!!!
Wow, its been quite some time again...I am regrettably very busy these nights...I am working a new job on overnight shift...so as you may guess, I am very pale as I haven't seen much of the sun in the last few weeks. I'll try and post more on here but with limited time and access, things are questionable. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new in quite a while either.... ;_;
I have little to no time for drawing now...I'm either sleeping or working or doing something un-productive... ^_-
Aw well, once I figure out my schedule for real, I'll be back on occasionally....I love you guys still....
Don't forget about me!!!


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


That supposedly means "cheers" in Russian. Kool da? Anyvay, how eez everybody doing theez Holiday Seezon?
Ok, enough of the wierd-ass wannabe accent bullSh#$.
A Long Story

Christmas was ok. My mom went back to Hawaii, suddenly mind you. I got a call Christmas Eve that she was on a plane back home. Well, at least I got to spend some time with her, however shortlived it was. I guess she got into a fight with her niece whom has not been a nice person lately. Her mom just passed away 2 days before Xmas. Hows that for a shitty Holiday?

Xmas day, I woke up late from staying up all night playing Mario Party for Nintendo64 with my little sister. I got up, showered and waited for my BF to show up so we could go meet up with my family out in the boonies for Xmas dinner. He got there 1 & 1/2 hours late so we missed it. By the time we were ready to leave, my brother and his girlfriend had already come back. So that was a pisser. So we went out to Shari's Restaurant for Dinner. How sad.
This year the gifts were very nice, I was happy to get anything at all since I have not had enough hours at work to be in a position to get anything for anybody yet. I had 11 bucks in my pocket this last week and I don't get a paycheck till Saturday...
This Christmas I received:

A $50 Gas card!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! No more freaking out over gas money!

A $20 dollar Gamestop Card
A $50 dollar Gamestop Card
(Both of which I used with my employee discount to acquire Radiata Stories, Silent Hill 2, Scarface the DVD, Super Mario 2-The '6 Gold Coins' for my GameboyColor, and a Pimpy-as-Hell Cherry Red Wireless PS2 controller...this thing looks like the 'Pimp-Cadillac' of PS controllers!)

A kick ass Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallscroll (its the big red one of a winged Rei holding the whirly egg-thingy in the End of Eva Movie. Its cool, but now I have to find somewhere to put it since my room is already full of wallscrolls and posters as it is. >XB\

A really cool Asian looking case of some sort...Its pretty, but I have no idea what to put in it!

A rare deck of playing cards featuring artwork and stills from the Final Fantasy VIII game. Its AWESOME!!!! I don't want to use them though! I'm afraid they'll get all mucked up from being shuffled!

A nice pocket planner and some sweet religious BLING. I mean, damn, I'm not religious, but I'd wear this piece simply cause it looks so 'not-really-blatanly-religious' eventhough it displays a cross in the middle. I think I'll wear it to work sometime and find out what people think. Why not?

A McDonalds Giftcard
A Fred Myer Giftcard
A Walmart Giftcard

And to top it all off......White Chocolate BODY BUTTER!!!!!
Yeah... imagine where that could go. But this stuff smells good enough to eat right out of the container!!!! YUMMY! The first thing I did when I opened it was stick my nose in it. Oops...

Wow, OH! And I got another job starting at 40 hours a week! YAY! Now I can pay bills and go back to TaeKwonDo!!!!

And to top it all off, I had to kick out my car window to stop it from blowing the radiator since it wasn't idling down and my keys were locked inside. Yeah,,...sso now I have a taped-up Ghetto-ride and have to find a new window.....FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC...but roundhouse kickin that window was f-ink awesome!!! Too bad it was my own car >X(

Whew!!!.....Well, sorry, I guess that really wasn't the Short/Quick Version. Deal with it....

Happy New Year y'all and don't get too drunk!!!


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Monday, December 11, 2006

   I'm being Good....sort of...
Well, Its been a week and I worked a bit at Gamestop, but I really need another 'part-timer' since the hours there are killing me in the wallet(but I REALLY like it there).
So I'm applying at a few other spots so hopefully I'll get to keep one of the jobs for when I get back into College in the Spring.
I'll be finishing up my AA degree and who knows where I'll go from there. I'm interested in a couple different areas. Business Management and Anthropology. Pretty opposite specs, ya?
I know. But I can't decide what go for yet, so I'll figure it out once I get back into the swing of school again.
Wow,...this is gonna be wierd.
I've been out of school since 2003, so this should prove to be an interesting endeavor indeed.
Other than that, I've just been shluffing around being lazy and sleeping all day, up-all-night- that whole chestnut...I'm really tired of being a slacker though. I need more direction in my life. This 'job-hopping' deal just isn't working. I'd at least like to have a regular and reliable income.
But enough ramble! I have a question about an Anime I am interested in, but would like to get a second or third (or 4th) opinion before I go after it. Has anyone seen Tenjo Tenge??? And if so, is it worth seeing? I got a Calendar for that series recently cause of the cool artwork inside, so I'm curious about it. If anyone knows anything, let me know! Loves and Hugs! ^_-


And now, for your Viewing Pleasure....

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

   HOLY DRUNKEN FUN Continued.....
OMFG....Yes, here it is, the conclusion to my Seattle-Chinatown adventures...
Alright...we're at the China Gate restaurant and lounge..
Mom's on stage, singing in Chinese and Mandarin(and we are SO not chinese,mind you)She's great, and there's this cute, older guy named Stanley. A pretty hot Chinese dude, whom since I walked in, had been giving me the 'wink wink syndrome'. Yup, well, after about 6 brews, it wasn't so one-sided anymore. Soooo....Stepping outside for a smoke, suddenly we're there leaning on the brick building making-out(more like SUCKING FACE) and feeling each other up! O_O' Damn, that was intense!!!!

So, this is obviously turning into a PG-13 movie rating in less than 10 seconds...not to mention my MOM steps outside to find us...NOT doing anything. I heard the door to the place open and when I saw her, I was just puffing away on a cigarette totally calm. I really can't tell even now if she saw anything. How embarassing!!! The first time I see her in 8-9 years, the last thing I want is for her to think I'm some kind of 'fluzy barfly', y'know?
Ok, so afterwards we go in, she sings more, and I'm having a shot....And drinking all Her beer as fast as the tender could serve them! WOOHOO!!!!
Not to mention giving Stanley a little 'hand-charity' beneath the table at the booth we were sitting at. Needless to say, he blew it...If you can't figure out what that means...God help you.
And there you have it....the closest thing I'll probably ever have to a one-night stand...but hey, it was exciting for me. And totally freaking hot!
Yes, as some might inquire, Stanley still bugs me constantly to come back up to Seattle for more Adventures! (dammit,I was so drunk I gave him my phone number!!)
But I'm a scared little wimp and will probably never go again!! >XP

Anyways, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!


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