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MY NEW SITE IS AT: www/myotaku.com/Betteh.
Please visit, sign my gb and add me again! :]
Thanks everyone.

*waves* Heya, welcome to my site:]
I'm always up for a chat so pm me if you want.
I'm a lil obsessed with Captain Jack Sparrow and Robbie Williams.:P But they're worth it XD
Emmah & silver_star_rose are two of my close friends in real life. :]
I'm loving music atm; anything i can dance to! XD
Tv fandoms: Lost, House, CSI & One Tree Hill.

Info for you:
I appreciate GB signings and will return the favour. (if your nice! and it's not just one line. :])
Telling me you've added me would be helpful!
Swearing is allowed, just not every sentance, hehe.
If I've added you as a friend and you don't comment any of my posts in like two months, i'll delete you.
sorry but i don't see the point if we have no contact.
In comments, please try to talk about the content of my post.
No discrimination, please.
Oh & have fun! XD

Saturday, February 24, 2007

*sees if post will work*
PLEASE visit, sign gb add me again :]
It's www.myotaku.com/users/Betteh.

toodles xx

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