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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

[Time- 8.12pm]
Met up with joe and his friend jade and went into town.
Was quite fun actually, we went to the cinema and saw 'hot fuzz', which was funny but rather weird. Grannies with machine guns is all i'm gonna say, haha.
OMG, saw the trailer for the new film eddie murphy is in, that was hillarious!

I found out Joe isn't moving to Wales. Yay! :]:]
But hmm, i dunno whether i like him, he acts gay, lmao, (he's bisexual) i don't mean to be offensive. I'm not liking him really now (in that way).. i just don't really see him as anything more than a friend, i suppose i don't want him to be.
Finally moving on, woop.

Oh and jen came in the cinema with her dad and we spoke for about 5 mins but she had to sit with her dad. Afterwards i realised all she talked to me about was herself, didn't even ask how i was or anything. what a moose.
Oh and Emm, guess who else came in the cinema? i was like omg! haha...
hubbly bubbly, with his crew.

Grr, we go back on monday. I have coursework due in which i've nearly finished.
It's gonna be shite though coz i was supposed to be set two more lots of coursework over half term,(hollidays) but now we're gonna get it set this week.

Speak soon guys. *waves*

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

[Time- 7.42]Hey everyone.

My half term so far..
Yesterday afternoon was spent getting wet whilst hanging out with jane(silver star rose)..it was raining! We also managed to miss each other for about half an hour, but after a phone call found each other.
I brought a magazine, organiser and red scarf, woot!
We've also found 'the bench' were we saw for awhile chatting.
Today..i ordered new glasses, about time too! Had my old ones for 6 years! Should be getting them in a week or so.
i got to try on designer ones XD
I was worried they would say i needed to wear glasses full time but luckily they didn't.
Thennn, i went shopping! Brought a blue top and pullover with a hood thing, haha. There both emo-ish ooops.
I keep buying tops, but i need more trousers grr.

Valentines day tomorrow :[
Will be spending it chilling out, watching dvd's and munching on chocolate, woot.
How do you all plan to spend yours?

Anyhoo, shall be off now to comment and view your sites. :]

P.S Sorry I'm not on msn, can't be arsed to talk to people lol, not in a talking mood, more of a blogging mood!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

[Time- 4.18pm]

Weather report!
Wellllllll, the snow has finally melted now and it's actually not that cold! Was 10 degrees outside earlier.

My weekend
Yesterday i thought i'd do a bit of spring cleaning... and ended up moving my bedroom around...not literally, just the stuff in it.
But in the process, i managed to get my toe squashed over by my bed and my lil finger trapped in a drawer (ouch), both not my fault!
It was weird sleeping and waking up in a different place though.

Earlier today, I went clothes shopping and i brought a couple of hoodies.XD

I drew a picture of bart simpson last night, don't really think it belongs on my profile here as it's not anime. Does anyone want me to put it up anyway?

Haven't spoken to my supposdly best friend properly since last monday, well before that actually and i bet she doesn't even realise how i feel. i'm actually not that bothered anymore, there's nothing i can do really.


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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, letttttttt it snoooooooooow.

[Time- 10.45 am]

Yes, I am rather excited XD
& if college is closed again tomorrow, i wouldn't be suprised as it's still blizardy and it's supposed to be like this tomorrow aswell, then we don't go back till not next monday, but the monday after, yay!

I woke up this morning when my brother came in to my bedroom and was like 'look at the snow!' and I replied rather groggily 'snow?! where?' then quickly 'SNOW!' and I raced to the window 'SCORE!!' XD
My dad was gonna go to work today *raises eyebrow* but he txt his collegues saying 'i had to turn back' and i was like haha you skiver, and he said' yeah i went outside but then i had to turn back!'
Hehe, planning to have a snowball fight with him later and kick his ass! XD

Been watching the news and it's rather scary seeing all the places in worcestershite (county where i live) covered in snow.
I've taken pictures of views out of my house with my digital camera so as soon as we work out how to get pics from that onto the computer, you will be able to see them.
Have a great day and as i probably won't post before, weekend. :]

P.s Emmah's back at college now, woot! :]

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Monday, February 5, 2007

She bangs, she bangs., ooooooh, baby when she moves, she moves.

[Time- 9.32pm]
This post is dedicated to Emmah & Hazel (silver star rose)
[I got this song stuck in my head earlier. I had totally fogotten I knew it. I can't help but burst out 'singing' it randomly]


Silver star rose - What do you mean? I've wanted to leave but I have nothing else to do so I'm staying.
Um, we're on speaking terms atm.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hello there.
Welll, this was supposed to be posted last night but i was really tired so doing it now!.
Friday was fun. I got shopping done including, a betty boop badge, pornoish film and superwoman underwear which are like shorts XD
Haven't gotten found out yet.
Then, i went food shopping with baldy(dad) yesterday which was a whole new experience. I hit him in the leg with the trolley a few times and he shouted 'assault and battery' LOL.
Then he got impatient with the old people walking slowly and taking their time, so he'd rush around them and laugh at me stuck behind them with the trolley.
I think it's gonna be our new bonding hobby, lmao.
Buut, he bought me a new swirly chair for my desk from argos and it's awesome XD

Want to leave. I don't like any of my sujects and i don't enjoy it. The only reasons I'm there is because of friends and i have nothing else to do.
I told dad this and he said that if i quit, i will be out the door, so kicked out basically. Oh and i said that i want to leave home and it's a shame i'm not 18 so i can't.
So i can't leave college. :[
I don't even need the qualifications for what i want to do when i leave, but it's not likely i'll get in.


silver star rose- Lol, yes we did.
:o not the glompage! *runs*
Kiki tink- Aw, hehe. what happened?
Silver winged angel- Aw, I hope your workload gets easier too then. Hehe, I had fun thanks. :]
Emmah- LOL. nice conversation with yourself there.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

[Time- 8.15pm]

Getting loads of work atm, get like business hmwk every lesson (everyday), essays for ethics and philosphy and we're gonna be starting coursework next week for Physchology.
But the week after is half term, woot! :]
Planning to go into town tomorrow shopping, instead of college! XD Just hoping I won't get found out.

I worked out how to use the scanner the other night, so I'll be upload some art of mine and I've just started some other drawings. Expect it this weekend sometime.

Oh Dale's got a gf now :[ Why are all the good guys going? Not that I want anoyone else other than Joe. :[

Kinda fallen out with Jen as she's just being off and bitchy and acting like she doesn't care so I'm not gonna bother with her anymore. i'll speak if I have to but that's it.
We used to be best mates, I guess we've just grown apart. & she's ginger, haha.


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Saturday, January 27, 2007

I love it when you caaaaaaaaaaaaall but you never call at allllllll. *sings* :]

[Time- 8.40pm]
Argh, my mp3 playar is pissing me off, I can't get it to organise my playlists so all the songs I've just added are in the same place but it's all messed up :S Ah well *bops*
Today has been rather boring. Haven't gone out. Was thinking about going into town to do some shopping, but Jen went to London today with school, alrite for some!
Haven't had the 'discussion' yet...don't know why, dad hasn't said anything and I'm not gonna bring it up.
Hope everyone's having a good and relaxing weekend :]

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Friday, January 26, 2007

[Time- 6.50pm]
Can't believe we had like two hours of college yesterday! :]
Apparently they fixed the water shortage problem within half an hour of us leaving, fools.

*le sigh* Today has been.. interesting.
I can't be assed to explain though, too tired. Basically I'm just in trouble at college (again) and me and my dad (baldy) are having a 'discussion' tonight. I'm gonna get owned.
I was talking to Joe about it earlier, saying how I hadn't wanted to go home, but mum came and picked me up to stop me from running away and I said that the only thing that had been stopping me was the fact I had no-where to go. He said I could go to his house and he explained where he lived, I was like aww, but I couldn't do that, I'd feel guilty towards his parents andI wouldn't want to go home. Tis rather tempting though! Too late now...kinda.
Got so much work to do this weekend :[ Essays and shite.
I just had dinner; sausages, after eating all mine and everyone else not eating all of theirs, mum said 'they didn't taste right did they?' Now I don't feel too good!

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