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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well this is a video i found on youtube. Itz a vid of Tifa and Cloud....um well i just thought it was really gd i mean how do these pplz make these video itz incredible coz i know i can never do this. Anyways hope you enjoy this video :D

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Heya all

well imma thinking of making a new theme because i've had the kenshin theme for a while now but i dunno wot i should change it 2 :S should i change it to peacemaker, full metal panic, dn-angel or full metal alchamist or anything else u guys can suggest :S

Anyways during the week i managed to finish watching full metal panic the tv series. It was heaps funni and cute. Anyways gotta go cya lata

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

WOOT GUNDAM SEEDS AWESOME....hehe anyways....

i'm sooo happy besides the point that my ankle killz but eerrr.... yer thats bout it.

I havn't posted for a while coz i havn't been able to go on myo for awhile sooo sorry for not commentin on uz lately.

Anyways i quite excited coz were gettin an exchange student from Japan i hope thats gonna b gd :S anyways yer thats all for today

Ja Ne

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

YAY! i'm back....that's if anyone realised i was gone oh wellz im just glad my internet is up and running.

Anyways i bought ff7 advent children the other day and watched it. OMGsh one of my fav moviees of all time. I luv cloud and vincent :] I havn't played the game so i duno much about it but i know the general story of the game i think itz about cloud beating sephiroth..or woteva his name is and in the end the chick he liked or woteva dies and thats it. Anyways the movie was AWESOME!!!!

Well i g2g now cyaz

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Well hi everyone havn't bn on here for ages...so sorry i havn't bn commentin.

Anyways yesterday was my b'day WOOT YAY!!!!it was pretty fun. I didn't have a party or anything just a family thin seeing that i havve school and stuff but it was still pretty gd. I gotz a lot of money YAY! no longer broke :B

Well i finished watchin gravitation and i know a lot of pplz dun relli like it seeing that itz yaoi and stuff but i found it relli gd. The ending i thought could've bn better but it was a gd storyline and shuichi is so0o0oo funni in the way he acts...lol

Well thats all for 2day ja ne

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

hey eveyone

ok mo is relli pissin e off it keeops stuffin up on me so i can'tcomment on everyones site sorry.
Well anywaiz i was lookin around at pplz site and i noticed alot of have these button thingys wot r they???

Anywaiz imma like dirt poor at the moment and i wanna get this anime but i have no money :(

Well itz like holidays here in Aussie sooo yer but it hasn't been that great rather borin actually. Well i havn't been doin much just like chillin at home and that ain't very exciting.

Well i g2g nowcyaz every1

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

well im back from Melbourne and it was HEAPS fun. The citys relli nice there and there were soooo many shops :D

I went to see ice age 2 it was sooooo cute. I luved it :D

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Gravitation =D
Hey everyone

Well just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER :D

YAY! schools over HOLIDAYS! ! ! imma goin to Melbourne tommorow so i can't go on myo for bout a week sorry everyone.

Anyways yesterday i watched my very first yaoi anime Gravitation. I didn't relli wanna watch it coz the thought of man on man action kinda disturbed me but i dunno i just wanted to see wot it was like and lots of pplz said it was gd. It turned out to be a great anime, i luved it. It was sooooooooooo funni and i luv anything thats funni. It was a little disturbin at first but then i kinda got used t it. i guess coz i havn't seen a lot of yaoi. I've only watched 4 eps so far so imma gonna finish watchin it :D So for all you pplz that havn't seen it watch it, it's HEAPS funni :D

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey everyone!
Well schools almost ova...YAY BRAKE!!!!!but the bad thing is 2 of my friends are going back to Japan this week :( i'm gonna miss them.

Well for easter brake imma goin to Melbourne YAY!!! i luv going to melbourne sooo fun.i can't wait :D.Were gonna be meetin up with pplz there. Well thats all i gotta say today

Ja Ne

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