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Hey welcome to the world of banana-assassinating....no wait im onli joking don't leave...i'm not a loser XP well anyways hope u like my site and be nice and sign my gb


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Sunday, July 9, 2006


Seems like i havn't posted in awhile. Anyways how is everyone???

Well yesterday i went to the movies i was gonna watch pirates of the carribian buh i couldn't so imma watchin it on Tuesday. Instead we went to see Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift...it wasn't bad i didn't like the main character buh there were some parts that were gd. Haha some of the guys in the movie had kool hair (none of the main characters though).

Anyways today i didn't do anything i just stayed home watching Gundam. Imma like up to ep 45 now...decided to have a break. It relli gd though...sad how nickle and toll died though :'(

Well thats all for today.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well anyone watch the soccer last night. Yep Australia against Italy. Man can't believe Australia lost T.T It was a relli cruel way of going hoome. Stupid referee. >:[ Aaaawwww now all the teams i was barracking for are gone :(
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Saturday, June 17, 2006


hmmm.....so has anyone been watching the world cup? I have ^^ Yep going for Japn, Korea and Australia....yer Australia is actually getting somewhere WOOT!!!!

Ahh i'm so screwed i've gotta learn this piano piece by myself in like 1 week aaahhhh and i dun even know wot i'm doing :( Well imma learning a song from Gravitation which is pretty cool...

Itz sooo cold here in Australia...man been freezing since Winter started...

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