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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Gravitation =D
Hey everyone

Well just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER :D

YAY! schools over HOLIDAYS! ! ! imma goin to Melbourne tommorow so i can't go on myo for bout a week sorry everyone.

Anyways yesterday i watched my very first yaoi anime Gravitation. I didn't relli wanna watch it coz the thought of man on man action kinda disturbed me but i dunno i just wanted to see wot it was like and lots of pplz said it was gd. It turned out to be a great anime, i luved it. It was sooooooooooo funni and i luv anything thats funni. It was a little disturbin at first but then i kinda got used t it. i guess coz i havn't seen a lot of yaoi. I've only watched 4 eps so far so imma gonna finish watchin it :D So for all you pplz that havn't seen it watch it, it's HEAPS funni :D

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