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Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry everyone but I can't do the new theme until i get my new computer or at least go on a computer that will let me do the things i want it to do. I really wanted to do a inuyasha theme because I've been watching all the movies this last past week and I'm in a inuyasha mood. anyway I hope that next time i can give you all the new theme maybe it might be all about Bankotsu who knows. Well talk to you all later.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I adopted a chibi! ^.^

Name: Sefy!

Likes: Cloud

Dislikes: Everything but Cloud

Owner: Sakura!

Click here to adopt a chibi too!

Look I adopted Sefy!!!

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   I'm Back!
Hello everyone! I sakura have finally came back! My computer has been down for the last half a year and I'm finally getting a new one next month. I hope you all will come back to my site. Well thats it for now. I only have limited time because I'm at the college and I'm on one of there computers. So i gotta run my class is about to start.

Talk to you all later!

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Friday, December 2, 2005

Sorry about not updating my computer crashed and I have to wait until it gets fixed so I probably won't be able to update until I get a new one or get it fixed. So don't think I forgot about everyone.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Something finally interesting!
Wow today I've finally updated and I'm actually going to put something interesting up. Its my Yugioh fanfiction that I'm writing with my friend Kaiyuku hope you all enjoy reading it! ^^, its called Duel Monsters World Tour its really cool.

Duel Monsters World Tour



(‘ “) emphasized words ( ” ’) [unless in a thought then its normal]

(‘ “) Sarcastic (” ’) [unless it’s in a thought then its bold and italic]

Summary: [AU] {Parings: OcJou OcBakura YugixYami. other pairings may apply} [OOCishness] [Mild Shonen-ai] Kaiba Seto decides to host a new tournament called, Duel Monsters World Tour. Twelve Duelists have been chosen to compete for the title of DMWT champion.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chapter One: Two new friends or foes?

“Success depends in individual initiative.”

Dark, cold, and wet.
This was what it was like right before the snow season in Tokyo, Japan. People walked passed with their umbrellas in hand keeping the rain from drenching them. A child clutched to her mothers hand as if it were a life support when the sound of lighting could be heard over the roar of car engines and talkative people.
Others, whom didn’t have the luxury of an umbrella, ran past holding newspapers over their heads, or possibly just letting themselves be soaked from sink to bone. The majority of people letting themselves be soaked were either homeless or had no care for a little water. What was it to them if they caught their death, some people, wish for just that.
Tall buildings stretched to the sky, as if trying to defy god and transcend to his level of playing field. Trying desperately to reach to the very sky some thought to which they came from, sent here as if it were some test of loyalty to celestial beings beyond comprehension. Being, that if threatened would wipe you off the face of the earth that many clung so tightly too.
A dark feminine figure walked down the street a with envelope clutched securely in her right hand. She had long black hair that reached to her mid-back, with bright red ends. She wore a plain black short-sleeved shirt, and black pants. She was roughly five feet six inches tall, with a fair composure about her, her dark green eyes scanned the present area, before she stood under a bus stop bench and ripped open the letter with her index.
She read it quickly then relaxed while crumpling the bit of paper up and tossing it in a trash bin. The letter opened only a little, and in smudged black ink from the rain, was loopy handwriting.
You are invited to take part in the Duel Monsters World Tour (DMWT) a tournament designed to take the best in Duel Monsters and testing who they react in different environments. Each Duelist participating will have a shot at the world champion title, and a large sum of money.
Please, contact Kaiba Corp. if you intend to accept the invitation to this event, if not we will give your spot to another Duelist on our list.
President Of Kaiba Corp.
Kaiba Seto
“He’ll be in it…” she murmured. She then turned and left back into the rain. Leaving no thought for taking back the paper. “He’ll pay for what he did to me.”
The sun was setting on an American high school named Charity Hope High School. Its said that within those walls not a malevolent thought ever occurred, and that not a depressing face could be seen. The steps of this school were like so many other schools, and the walls a warm cream color.
Tick, Tock.
The clock ticked slowly refusing to let its captive students have the freedom of a bell, to tell them to go home. The small red second hand moved forward, then it seemed to take two ticks back, causing the time spent in the stuffy class rooms to be much longer.
Tick, Tock.
The attending students began to doze off and stare into nothing as the teacher droned on about incoherent things, they were teens, not like they wanted to learn anything anyway. As time drifted ever so slowly along a boy walked down the hall, a pink slip in one of his hands and a white envelope in the other.
Tick, Tock.
He pushed open a door and walked over to the stubby teacher with gray mousy hair, and slits for eyes. The boy handed both notes to her, she wrote him off and then took the letter and walked to the back of the class. She placed the letter on the desk and walked back to the front of the class talking about that night’s homework.
The bell rang telling the confined pupils that they were free. The girl whom received the letter stood gathered her things up in her arms a left the room. She went to her locker and opened it, putting her books in it and then taking out a white folder.
The girl in question, had long dark chocolate hair and brilliant green eyes. She wore a white button up shirt with blue jeans. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and, under her white shirt was a green tank top.
She walked out of the school with the most of the crowd already gone and stopped on the steps. She ripped open the end of the letter and pulled out the paper. A few people walked by saying their good-byes until the next day to her and she smiled nodding them off.
She unfolded the paper and read it through carefully. “Hmm?…Duel Monsters World Tour…” she said thoughtfully,” I think it might be fun. Besides…I always wondered what buttons to push to make Mr. Kaiba pissed off. She tucked the paper away in her folder then hoped down the rest of the steps and began to walk home.
“Hey Yuugi!” Jonouchi said. “You, Ryou, and I all got letters from Kaiba Corp.” Jonouchi said handing the white envelope to each.
“Looks like another new tournament from Kaiba!” Yuugi said skimming the letter. “Yep, I was right.”
“Haha!” Jonouchi said. “Pay up Honda!!” he pointed at the dark haired teen next to him. “You said if Kaiba had another tournament like Grand Prix, he wasn’t going to invite me! Pay up the 500 yen you bet.”
“Fine.” Honda said reaching in his pocket and handing him the money. “I can’t believe that he did.”
“I think its fascinating that were all in it.” Ryou said speaking up at long last brushing a stray hair out of his eyes. “What are the odds of that?”
“High,” Anzu said,” Kaiba knows now that Jou isn’t a pushover like he used to be, he knows that you aren’t to bad at dueling yourself, and well, Yuugi’s a given.”
“True.” Honda said, nodding.
“That’s what I’m talking about!” Jonouchi said. “And this time I plan on making it to number one!!”
“Right.” Honda said sarcastically.
“Shut up!!” Jonouchi said attacking his friend.
“Well we better call in and tell them we’re in.” Yuugi said walking over to the phone. He dialed the number listed on the paper. A receptionist answered asking how they could be of assistance. “My name is Motou Yuugi and I am calling in to say I’m in the tournament.” The woman said of course and went on doing something with a computer by the sound of it. “And so are Bakura Ryou, and Jonouchi Katsuya.” Yuugi added. The sound of keys quickened and then the woman said that they had all been confirmed and to watch the news to see whom all was in the event.
The news came on and the first thing on the announcement was about a new Kaiba Corp tournament called the Duel Monsters World Tour (DMWT).
//“Twelve combatants have been selected for this Tournament and they are: Reigning Duel Monsters champion, Motou Yuugi, runner up in Duelist Kingdom Jonouchi Katsuya, semi-finalist Bakura Ryou, Tokyo champion Akari Nikui, new American champion Kinu Anumi, former regional champion Underwood Weevil, Wilson Leon, child prodigy Hawkins Rebecca, Valentine Mai, Ishtar Malik, Raptor Rex, and Kaiba-san himself.”//
“Ok…who’s this Akari, Nikui, and Kinu Anumi… and they said that Kinu girl was American how does a Japanese name come from the states?” Jonouchi asked.
“Maybe her parents are Japanese or they liked the name?” Anzu said.
“What about that Akari guy.” Jonouchi said.
“Jou,” Honda said,” I think that “dude” is a “chick” too.”
“Whatever!” Jonouchi said. “When did they start inviting city champions to big tournaments like this?”
“Well remember Duelist Kingdom?” Yuugi said.
“Never mind.” Jonouchi said. “ And Kaiba’s got Weevil coming!? And Malik! Come on!”
“Heh,” Yuugi said giving a weak half smile. “You have a lot of complaints don’t you?”
“Yes!” Jonouchi said.
“Only because that’s a lot of tough competition and you don’t want to fight that many strong duelists.” Honda said smartly.
“Shut up!” Jonouchi said attacking him.
“I wonder how this one is going to turn out.” Yuugi said almost to himself.
“Probably like the Grand Prix did.” Anzu said.
“That’s comforting.” Ryou said, a nervous smile on his face.
“Well let’s just wait and see.” Yuugi said. “I wonder if it’s going to be a traveling thing because it does say “World Tour.””
“I hope so!” Jonouchi said standing up from kicking the shit out of Honda. “I wanna see more sites!”
“I guess well get more information after some time huh?” Ryou said. “Because it doesn’t say anything else on the letter.”
“You’re right.” Yuugi said reading his again. “I wonder were it starts.”
“The news woman just said it.” Anzu said. “You guys really need to listen.”
//“The twelve Duelist will be meeting in two days at Kaiba Corporation’s home office. The tournament will be in three different locations around the world, the final stop being in Russia then everyone goes home. The other two locations will be in New York City, New York USA, and Paris, France. According to what Kaiba-san had told us it will be the first round will be held in America, the semi-finals will be held in France and the finals will be held in Russia.

He also informed us that the flight leaving for America will be at 10 am, and if you’re late then you’ll be disqualified. That’s all from the gaming world…”//
“Wow…some world tour that is.” Honda said.
“Do I need to say it again?” Jonouchi asked Honda.
“Nope.” He said leaning back into the couch. “But that doesn’t mean I’m going to listen.”
“Well,” Yuugi said,” we’ve got two days till we have to go, Anzu, do you want to come?”
“I’m coming!” Honda said.
“I’ll invite my sis too.” Jonouchi said. “And Otogi.”
“Damn you.” Honda said, while a huge grin was plastered over Jonouchi’s face.
“You’ll be taking me too right Yuugi?” Solomon asked his grandson.
“Of course grandpa.”
“Alright!” Jonouchi said. “Now all we need to do is make it to the Kaiba Corp. building on time!”
_Two Days Later_
Eight people stood in front of the tall Kaiba Corp. building with five people coming towards it. Yuugi, Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu, and Otogi, were each carrying large bags.
“The final Duelists are here.” Seto said as soon as the five made it up to them. “We’ll be taking some Kaiba Corp. cars to the airport you had all better be ready.” Minutes later three cars pulled up. “This car here,” he opened the car door for himself,” is my car so you can all pick from the other two. Eight max in one car.” He then got in and shut his door.
After much fighting and debating between the group of five friends it was decided that Jonouchi and Ryou would get in the third car while the others got in the second car.
“Good thing gramps and my sis couldn’t come I guess.” Jonouchi said to Ryou as he and the white haired boy got in the car. “Hey Malik!”
“Hello,” Malik said,” how have you two been?”
“Great!” Jonouchi said. “Gah…stuck with Weevil, and Rex.”
“Who are they?” Ryou asked pointing to the two girls on opposite sides of the car in the back. One had dark brown hair while the other had black.
The brunette was looking out the window and where she heard mention of her existence she looked at the three toward the front. Her hair was completely down and reached long past her shoulders. “My name is Kinu Anumi, the American champ.” She wore an unbuttoned, red, over shirt with black tank top, black pants, and a red belt, and black shoes with a red stripe running down the longest side.
“Hiya!” Jonouchi said smiling.
The other girl said nothing nor, did anything to acknowledge anyone around her. Her eyes were closed, her arms where folded over her chest, and her legs were crossed one over the other. Her hair was tied back to keep from getting in her face. She was wearing a blood red shirt with a black jacket, and pants, with a few red and black belts. Her deck box wrapped around her right thigh, she wore a pair of black shoes, with red laces to top it off.
“Uh.” Jonouchi said. “Hello?” he said reaching toward her to see if she was just asleep. Before he even touched her she grabbed his hand and twisted it painfully. She glared at him with dark emerald eyes, fill with disgust and abhorrence. Jonouchi felt himself freeze under that glare, and then she let him go shoving him away from her.
“Don’t touch me.” was all she said in response to the look on everyone’s face. Malik, Ryou, and Anumi had the same look of both surprise and worry. Rex and Weevil looked scared that she might hurt them much worse if they accidentally touched her.
Jonouchi was massaging his wrist as he sat next to Ryou again. “Judging from the fact I know who everyone else is that must be Akari Nikui, the Tokyo champion.” Ryou said.
“Joy…” Jonouchi said, but he still wondered why she looked at him with that much revulsion, they’ve never met before today.

_End Chapter One_

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ok well I'm just updating well thats it I have tons of things to do so I have to go see ya all later when i have time.

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