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Hello, my name's Wendy and i live in Nuevo. i love to play soccer, and I am proud of my position as goalie. I love Jrock and i like to watch/read anime and manga. I also love felines, especially kittens and lions. i like to play video games, mostly RPGs, such as the final fantasy games, with X being my favorite. i love to read history and horror novels such as The Vampire Chronicles. I like plays and Old English, because history is awesome. i love reading Shakespeare, and want to learn the Old English language. i'm a christian and i plan on spending some time of my life on the missionary field, i actually wewnt to Japan for three months this last summer as a missionary. I have tons of friends there now that i would love to see again.

I'm usually a very quiet person, even when i'm with friends, i'm not exactly talkative, but i do have fun. Some people, or i should say, most people consider me to be very boring. I don't dance or sing, well, atleast not in front of people. Also people seem to mistake my silence for hatred towards them or that i'm filled with sadness, neither of which are the case, i just don't like associating with people or talking about everyday subjects, i just listen and observe them instead.

If any of you are on Myspace, look me up, my site is myspace.com/jrocker_freak

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hey! How is everyone? This site has grown so much from when i first joined. There are too many users here, but that's okay, everyone is different and cool with their love for anime.

Well, i finally put up a profile of me, i copied it from myspace actually, so if any of you want to read it. Also, that huge pic is Maiko, it's like a Geisha, put they have a different job. I dressed up like that while i was in Kyoto about two months ago.

Have you guys seen the pokemon pics i put up? I drew one of Red, who is known as Ash is the American dubbed anime. His real name is Red in the Pokemon game, but in the Japanese version of the anime, he also has a different name. Anyways, it's a colored pic, i drew it like the anime artists do, on a light monitor thingy.

It was good talking to you guys, have a good day ^,~


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