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Hey, I'm the user known as Backlash Wave, if you want my real name, check my profile.

I'm Canadian, love the snow and winter. Currently residing in Waterloo, attending the University of Waterloo. Stared seriously whatching anime at the age of, well, 14 I guess. The first anime I started watching was InuYasha, and I've been reading and watching alot of series now, my favorites being Love Hina (manga) and Full Metal Panic (anime).

As of late, I seem to have been outgroing anime, not caring enough when a new series come out, and I haven't bought any manga in ages (except as presents for my brother). My visits will now be down to a random visit when I feel like it. Sorry for not being able to participate anymore, but duty calls at school.

Monday, March 26, 2007

   March Visit

Well, March hasn't been very eventful...I've been doing ALOT of school work, and I've had a test almost every week! My Discrete Math and Geometry course has REALLY short units, and we usually finish them in four to five days, have a day of review, then take a test. Ah well, Biology and Art have been a breeze, and I can't complain when I've got a spare.

I haven't touched my PS2 since last month, since dad and I agreed that if I didn't play PS2, he couldn't play/watch poker. SO, I haven't been playing anything really. I went to a friends house the other day and played Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for his Wii, and that was the most RANDOM game ever. All it is is little five second mini games that make absolutely NO sense at all! And the instructions are hilarious! If you ever want a good laugh, rent that game if you have a Wii.

Oh, I started watching DNAngel out of randomness, since I used some of the artwork as reference for a work in art class, and got interested in it again. A friend (Kastom) got me to read the first five volumes since our school library had them. Speaking of my school library, some random student has been donating manga to it! I was really surprised seeing a stack of like five manga on the librarian's desk, and he explained the situation to me. The manga actually looked brand new. Its almost like that student is buying them, reading them once, and then giving them to the school library. I'm not complaining, as its very generous, and gets manga in faster, ,since the librarian already blew his budget for the year...

Anyways, that's the update for the month. I might swing by next month, but due to the lack of comments (only one, and its someone who keeps bugging me to visit their site for some reason...), I may not. Anyways, take care everyone!

P.S I'm on volume 11 of Love Hina!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

   It's February!
Hello everyone! Sorry my visit is so late again, I was sick for a little while, and I've been up and about going places such as universities. Anyways, I guess I'll start with my first semester marks! I got an 80% in Calculus (which was my life's goal at the time, lol), and an 84% in both Chemistry and English. So overall I think I did pretty well. And now I never have to take an English course again! YES!!!

Now, as for this semester, I have Biology, Art, and Discrete Mathematics/Geometry, so the only hard course there is the math. But right now I'm more concerned with which university I should pick. I got admitted into all my choices (Waterloo, Ottawa, and Carleton), but I'm stuck with which one to accept. I went to an information session last Tuesday to get more info on Ottawa U, and learned some stuff. The funny thing was, one of the guest speakers was a student who wanted to do the same thing I wanted to do (Biochemistry and then Med School). He wound up not liking Biochemistry and switched to Human Kinetics, but still went to med school. ,out of all the programs that he could have chosen, he had to talk about the one I wanted, lol. I think someone's trying to give me a sign.

So, Lent has begun, and dad wanted me to give up video games. So, I gave up my PS2 so long as he would not watch or play online poker. I was still able to play my friend Game Cube however. But now it's bye bye video games for awhile. So, I might pop by here and there more on weekends since my spare time won't be eaten up by my PS2, lol. And I'll have more time to draw too.

Oh, and I'm gonna be on TV on Wednesday! I'm not sure which station yet, but a club that I'm in (called Reach for the Top, kinda like Jepeordy minus the money) will be participating in a televised tournament in Pembroke, Ontario Canada. So, for you Canadians in the crowd, I'll see if I can find out which station I'll be on if your bored sometime during next week and need something to do :P

Anyways, that's enough rambling on for me. Everyone take care, and talk to you guys later!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

January Visit (Sorry It's late :P)
Hey Everyone!

Sorry my January visit is four days shy of February, but school has been keeping me busy. Exams were coming up, so teachers were scrambling to get the course material through, and giving lots of lovely assignments! But oh well, it's finally almost over.

I had my English exam last Friday, and my Calculus is on Monday afternoon, followed by my Chemistry on Tuesday morning. After that I get the rest of the week off! YAHOO!!!

So, on new year's eve, before going to a friends house to eat candy and play with his Wii, I beat Tales Of The Abyss! That was an awesome game! I highly recommend it if you have a PS2. The story and gameplay are very good. So good, that I'm already at the end of my second playthrough, minus a few side quests.

Oh, and I'm getting some offers from universities now! I got offers of admission at Carleton Univeristy, University Of Ottawa, and the University Of Waterloo. Waterloo's package hasn't come in the mail yet, they just said I got an offer. As for Ottawa U, they offered me an 8000$ scholarship, and Carleton U offered me a 8500$ scholarship! I just have to keep my average over 80% to keep the scholarships. So now I just have to wait for Waterloo's offer, and then I'll make a decision.

Well, that's pretty much my report for this month. So, everyone have fun, good luck to anyone that has exams, and I'll talk to you guys next month!

P.S I started to read Love Hina again! I'm on Volume 7 right now. That's another series I recommend:)

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