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Sunday, September 25, 2005

   I'M BACK!
Hey guys so sorry that I haven't updated in like forever so many things have happened and I don't even know where to start. Lets see I am now a Freshman in COLLEGE....go me. I love it. So that is going really well. Um my grandma passed away a couple weeks ago. So yeah I'm dealing with that. It doesn't even feel like she's gone. So that's basically it. College is wonderful. I don't know why I ever thought that I wouldn't like it. So yeah that's all from me for now I'll make sure to not disappear again. Glad some of you missed me. That makes me feel all happy inside.
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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Snow sprite
Snow Sprite
Unique, mystical, insightful and beautiful
You are a Snow sprite. Mysterious, and alluring you
naturally attract people to you, your like a
people magnet even though you most often wish
to be alone. Your love for cold climates and
snow has given you an insight into the beauty
few see. While most see bland white you see a
forest or blanket of sparkling white beauty. To
you life is something precious and you intend
to figure out its mysteries. You are very
mature and don't waste your intelligence on
childish games or people not worth your time
which can make you seem arrogant at times but
you are really just intent on saving your time
for better things. Your soul is very beautiful
if not a little shut up, you keep your emotions
hidden from everyone and therefore they don't
know what your capable of. You are a living

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Friday, December 17, 2004

im still here
im so sorry for not posting in such a long time but my life has become so hectic with school, family and friends that i really havent had time to update and for that im extremely sorry. im doing very well, i just got home yesterday from a ffa conference that was held down state which was tons of fun. nothing much has changed except that today was the last day of school until 2005. boy this year is going by quickly. has anything changed with anyone? please let me know i am interested :) hope to talk more soon


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Saturday, November 20, 2004

hey everyone how are you guys? im pretty good. school is going really well the only bad thing is im supposed to have my college applications out by the end of November and i have six to do. well actually i started some but never finished plus one needs you to write a two page paper which really sucks. other than that not to much is new. i have independent study for gym so i have it with a 4 other seniors in an eighth grade class and well for about a month now we've been doing volleyball *one of my favorite sports* and so for the last two days *we finished yesterday* she put all the seniors on one team well plus one little kid and we won all the games.....yay! she had us split up before to make it more fair but seniors conquered in the end....yay! the only other thing that keeps me occupied is the countdown that will continue for four more days. well talk to you all very soon ~babybunni
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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Finally Back
hey everyone sorry ive been gone for so long but college applications and school work is really taking up a lot of my time. but here i am a straight A student trying to keep everyone happy. i know at least one person who is a little disappointed that i havent been keeping everyone up to date *cough* dposse *cough* well other than that i dont really have much to say other than the fact that on tuesday i got some of my graduation stuff and ordered the rest of it...so now i have a shirt and pants among other things. we also found out our class song, colors, flower, and motto and so i'm going to tell you those as well. song: Good Riddance (Time of your Life)-Green Day colors: Maroon and White *although i wanted silver instead* Flower: calla lily and motto: A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. so thats all i have at the moment i promise i'll update more :) have a good weekend *babybunni
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