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Saturday, November 20, 2004

hey everyone how are you guys? im pretty good. school is going really well the only bad thing is im supposed to have my college applications out by the end of November and i have six to do. well actually i started some but never finished plus one needs you to write a two page paper which really sucks. other than that not to much is new. i have independent study for gym so i have it with a 4 other seniors in an eighth grade class and well for about a month now we've been doing volleyball *one of my favorite sports* and so for the last two days *we finished yesterday* she put all the seniors on one team well plus one little kid and we won all the games.....yay! she had us split up before to make it more fair but seniors conquered in the end....yay! the only other thing that keeps me occupied is the countdown that will continue for four more days. well talk to you all very soon ~babybunni
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