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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   I'm...not smarter than a fifth grader...

And she's back. Hmm..how long has it been since I last came on this site? Ah, that's right..seven months. o_O Stopped coming right around the time when school started again. I apologize. *bows* Hopefully, I'm back to stay...hopefully. Anyways, did anyone miss me? ^_^

Hmm..new anime and manga addiction/obsession would be Death Note, hence the new theme. This post is written on the Death Note. =) It is awesome!!! I can't begin to explain it's greatness. For those who haven't seen or read it, you HAVE to give it a chance. Like every chapter in the manga ends with a cliffhanger. The suspense was killing me. Such smart people...

On Thursday, a friend was telling me about this new show called "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" She was really excited about it. She said the questions did not seem to be a grade school level. I watched it Thursday night and I liked it. But sadly, I am not smarter than a fifth grader...and I'm in high school. :( For the first contestant, I got like 3/8 questions right and some of the questions were kind of easy. I didn't really think. >_< For the second contestant, I got like 0/4 right. Ehh..it gave me a chance to mock myself and such. I don't really feel dumb, I just think the kids are too smart. Thinking: It must be rigged...

I will go visit people and catch up on what happened this past week or so. I don't think I have the abilities to read everything I've missed. It would take ages. Laters.
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