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Friday, June 16, 2006


Not going to change the theme. Tasuki is too hot to stay for only one month. Who knows, maybe he'll stay all summer. ;D

Anyways. It's not summer vacation for me yet but it is regents week. To those who don't know what regents week is, it is a period of time in which high schoolers take regents. We only have to go to school if we have a regents to take. Otherwise, we get the week off. Yeah..not a very good explanation but whatevers. I only have to take one regents so I have eight days off. ^_^ Then I go get my report card and summer vacation would arrive.

Wednesday was the last day of classes. It was also a half day. I was in school for one hour and we did nothing in class. After school, my friends and I went to the beach. Yeah it wasn't that hot and the water was not suitable to swim in. My friends were playing beach volleyball. I played for a while but then decided to go near the water. The water was freezing! It was then that I noticed a couple. They were hugging each other and they were in the water. The water was like up to their necks. I believe they were making out but I didn't stay long enough to find out.
After we left the beach, we went to a nearby amusement park. We wanted to go on rides but the whole park was closed off because some school was on a field trip or something. >:O So we left and went to eat. As we finished our meal, we saw a pigeon eat its poop and spit it out.LOL! We were all like o_O and then we laughed.
We then left to go play handball. Blah Blah Blah that was boring.............then we went home.

Not much happening..spending my week watching Kodocha. I love that series. Laters.
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Saturday, May 20, 2006


First of all, im sooo sorry for not visting yesterday. I'll explain why I was not able to visit later on. Secondly, it's now time for my monthly update. :D

Anyways, yesterday, I was helping out my friends with their global history project. They had to make a video about the Pearl Harbor attack and what happened to the Japanese-Americans afterwards. They needed more people so they had asked me. I agreed and I became one of the "prisoners." It was really funny when they forgot their lines and we had to stop taping it. They were all trying so hard not to laugh. One person used a funny accent when he talked. He was also a "prisoner," like me, and he demanded his freedom in that funny accent. ^_^ We started at around 6:30pm and were finally done at 9:30pm. My friend and I went home together and by the time I was back home, it was 10:00pm. That's why I was not able to visit. Once again, I am truly sorry.

Nothing special happening today. Just going to finish all my homework so I don't have to do it tomorrow night. I also must go buy a present.

Tomorrow, I will go out and celebrate my friend's birthday. First, we will go ice skating.(It will be my second time ice skating). Then, we'll do something else until like 5 or 6 o'clock. Then, we will have dinner at some buffet.

New theme. Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. He's so hot. My favorite type of guy... Mr. Attitude/Mr. I don't care on the outside but inside, I care so much. lols.

Wow..this was my longest post. Laters.
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Thursday, April 27, 2006


hmms...how do you put the background so that it shows up through the stupid black thing behind this post? =/ i want to put a background different than i one i have up now.. but the black thing covers up 75% of it -.-

anyways..during my spring break, i watched dramas. Taiwanese dramas..with english subtitles. The ones i watched were Devil Beside You (the one on the background) and It Started With A Kiss. yeah yeah..girly romance dramas..but they were good. My friend kept telling me how good they were and so i watched it during my spring break. Devil Beside You was better =)

arghh...had lab yesterday...was soooo tired throughout the day. oh wells...only two more labs left..

i have two tests today and 2 quizzes tomorrow T.T

Tomorrow, i will go and celebrate my friend's birthday. After school, we are going to go movies, pool(billiards), and dinner. Typical asian birthday celebration around here..

OH wells. have to go to school nows. i'll go visit after school.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


an update. the end. :P
yeah..promised an update at least once a month. the month is nearly over but hey..its still March. ;)

umms. i really dont have much to say...
hmm school's alright. not the best thing thats happened. Had a half day last Friday(3/24). yeah parent-teachers conference. eww i have lab tomorrow. have to wake up at like 6:45 T.T so sad..

so...changed my avatar... Akito Hayama =) he's cute in a little rebel type of boy-ish way. o_O i dont even understand what i just said.. so yeahs. if only he was a few years older..

some activity/riddle-ish thing.
Say the alphabet.
Now say it backwards.
How would you do this?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

   Happy Valentine's Day

Yay; Valentine's Day. =) So much love, love, love. Ah...let me tell you my plans ^^. Okays, so Inuyasha is going to cook a little snack. We are going to sit on top of a tree next to the waterfall and watch the sunset. Later, Sesshomaru and I are going to have a candlelit dinner on top of a cloud. We are going to look at the stars and stuff. Hehe. All this is 100% true ;]

OMG. On Saturday, there was this HUGE blizzard in New York. Snowed soo much. Too bad it stopped Sunday afternoon. It was the biggest blizzard in the history of New York. I think it snowed 27 inches...or was it 29? Well yeah. Guess what. They DIDN"T close school. >=O Not a transit strike nor a blizzard made them close school. What will it take for them to close school?

Wells Happy Valentine's Day! For me, tonight (or rather, tomorrow morning) is a new episode of Inuyasha. "The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru" Can't wait to watch it.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Chinese New Year

*gasp* this what i think it is? yes! its an update from me! o.O

wells. just updating cause it's chinese new year! woot. visiting distant relatives you havent seen for a year and getting money if you're a kid or not married. GONG HAY FAT CHOI are the key words lols.

oh god...my post are weird. hmm im like laughing to myself..maybe i belong in an asylum?

hmms. it was a new year and i was going for a new start. was going to update during my one year here but i forgot T.T wells, i'll try to update once a month maybe? hmms. well enough words to read...and write. so..um bye.

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