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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 01/01/06:

Result Posted on 12/24/05:

Result Posted on 12/23/05:

"Happiness can subside, but frustration never
lets go"
You have been awfully mistreated in your life by
your fellow peers and/or family, and feel a
growing frustration towards your life and your
inability to do anything about it. Since no one
has ever really been there for you, you bottle
most things inside. And that is quite a lot of
pain bottled up too. Deep inside you yearn for
many things; feelings for affinity, for the
world to improve, for people to stop being
judgemental amongst other things. Yet your hope
in improvement is very low, and believe you
only have the power over yourself. When you are
in larger crowds you tend to get irritated by
the prescence of others, so you keep to
yourself. Those who know you are probably aware
of the hate you carry, but you rarely do
anything about it.

What is Your Phrase? [for darker people]
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Result Posted on 12/23/05:


Result Posted on 12/23/05:

NarutoFever.com Naruto Love Compatibility Test

Result Posted on 12/10/05:

QUOTE:I spill my blood willingly for you but you
still don't care There will be an empty man. He is hurt deeply and
mentally from the scars of his past that still
bleed. He feels no hope and is lost within his
own thoughts. You are some what the same. And
when you two meet you complete eachother and
mend the scars that forbid to show. He wants to
show you the world know because he was not
given the chance to see it. He wants you to
have everything and you want just him. He loves
you more then life and would give up his for
yours in less then a heart beat. This love is of that of two broken souls coming
together to be as one. Either of them cannot
live without the other. And they take
everything away so that it is just them. No one
can change them or take them apart. Without
each other their heart cries And your love is true and complete as a book
ending. Perfectly strung out so that you end up
together. And he will never leave you crying.
Just as the start outnumber the world, your
love is greater then life

~As rain cries the tears in your eyes, Who will be the one to wipe them away?~(with pics)
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Result Posted on 12/10/05:

Angel of Loneliness. You are very lonely and feel
like no one loves you because you don't have
many or no friends... But believe me, somewhere
out there, there is someone who loves you and
you just simply haven't found them yet.

What kind of angel are you (preferably for girls ~ PICS ~ many results)?
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Result Posted on 12/10/05:

Darkness True Name: Ebony, Kali Element: Fire or Dark Colour: Ocean Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Blood Red Description: Dark people often enjoy the company of
being single and alone. Love to them seems
useless; to them love is just a dream that is
somehow fit into reality. They have one loyal
friend and one friend only who they confide in.
They feel that to many people around is
bothersome and creates stress. They consider
this one loyal friend "brother" or
"sister" and so does the friend. Dark
people are only happy around their
"sibling" and that is the actual time
most people see them smile. These people care
little about school, but they still pass with
Cs just so they can say they

+)(+ What Symbol or Emotion Does Your Soul Resemble? +)(+ {For girls only! Beautiful Pics!}
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Result Posted on 12/10/05:

You will become a Devil: guilty, mean, frightning,
criminal, steal, in rage, just evil. You like
to insult people with your devil- care
attitude. You can bring harm to the people near
you, including yourself.

What will you become after you die? (anime pic)
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Result Posted on 12/10/05:

Your an evil thinker, you dont care about others
feelings, even though you dont directly show
it. Your a selfish person, but the only thing
that your good at is that you tell the truth
all the time, in....an bad way, so to speak.

What type of thinker are you?
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