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I decided to draw a new welcome sign....and this is what I got.

I love him! He's so adorable!

Yes, I made this, no, I did not make the pictures within it.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oy, its been forever since I've posted on here, not like anyone cares, but its been clawing at the back of my head. I've just been playing Kingdom Hearts....for forever. The games addictive.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, it was a four day weekend...nothing really that interesting happened....n.n though I did watch The Zodiac Killer, The Skeleton Key, Cry_Wolf (which is excellent) and Se7en, which happened to be one on my favorites, it deals with the seven sins and a killer. Se7en, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony, and Lust you should check it out. :3 Later!


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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

*spazzing out and hyperventilating* Oh.....My..... SWEET FRICKEN RA! I GOT MY GRAVITATION DVD'S! *cries with happiness*

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Well, my weekend was boring. I spent the night with my cousin last night. She goes through a lot, being epileptic and all, and the stress she had collecting up finally got to her after her boyfriend, of like a year and a half or something, told her he hasn't loved her over the last 6 months and broke things off....she broke down and went into a really bad seizure. Scared me to death. ._. and she continued having them throughout the night so I practically got no sleep, but the stopped after 1 this morning...so I watched tv. ._. enough of that.

On other notes, I've finally seen the Exorcism of Emily Rose, it was ok, just nothing like I suspected it to be. Other than that I liked it I guess. Well, later all...


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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Well.....Happy New Years! Just another year closer to the death of the earth I suppose... anywho's I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did! I recieved a lot of money for Christmas and bought a lot of stuff I wanted, such as a Naruto Headband (The Hidden Leaf Village or whatever.) and Uchiha Itachi designed bag, lots of pocky, a bunch of manga, a dvd player, a ps2, some games, a few dvd's, such as the Beyblade Movie, YYH: Poltergiest Report, and Hellsing. I just ordered Gravitation off the internet two days ago, can't wait for those to come in. *heart* and I got to spend Christmas with my two best friends, so I guess things couldn't have gotten much better. anywho's tell me how your holiday went! Later!


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