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Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's Begun!!!

The mansion now has it's guests here is the listings. I apologize to sparky2460 I ran out of bedrooms so I will create an east wing just for u with ur name on it. The Killing begins tomorrow so enjoy ur stay it might be your last... as of right now all of you are by yourselves in ur rooms so i u move to a different place plz let me know, btw the butler roams the manor so wen u go to a room u might receive a clue from the butler.


inuyasha luver118:
Description: Duchess of York. Long Brown Hair. Wearing pearl necklace and diamond earings and a black dress. Stays in room A.
Luggage: mirror, bottle of perfume, powder

Description: Part time waitress at the manor. Short blonde hair. Wears waitress uniform. Stays in room B.
Luggage: I-pod, red ribbon, cell phone

Description: Cook at the manor. Long brown hair. Wears a chef hat and apron. Stays in room C.
Luggage: cook books, cell phone, mirror

Description: Bartender at the manor. Curly brown hair. Wears black tie and tux. Stays in room D.
Luggage: I-pod, books, alcohol.

alchemist ninja
Description: Usher at the manors theater. Short black hair. Wears red vest and black tie. Stays in room E.
Luggage: Movies, books, cell phone

ice nija
Description: Waiter at the manor. Short blonde hair. Wears waiter vest and black tie. Stays in room F.
Luggage: I-pod, cell phone, books

Description: Professor from Harvard. Dark brown hair. Wears glasses. Stays in room G.
Luggage: Books, laptop, cell phone.

Description: High School Student. Long black hair. Wears school uniform. Stays in room H.
Luggage: Books, mirror, cell phone, diamond earings

Zpt Heart
Description: Maid at the manor. Long brown curly hair. Wears maid outfit with an apron. Stays in room I.
Luggage: Pearls, books, cleaning supplies, mirror.

Red kie
Description: Librarian at the manor. Short blond hair. Wears glasses. Stays in room J.
Luggage: Books, Mirror, notebooks, book marks.

nel 15
Description: Scientist. Wears glasses. Long brown hair. Wears black skirt and white shirt. Stays in room K.
Luggage: Books, chemist set, reading glasses, notebooks

Description: Nurse. Short black hair. Wears white dress. Stays in room L.
Luggage: First aid kit, mirror, pearls

spreading wings
Description: Poet and Artist. Long blonde hair. Wears white blouse with blue vest and a blue skirt. Stays in room M.
Luggage: Books, Sketch pad, Note books, I-pod.

Description: novelist. Wears glasses. short brown hair. Wears black skirt blue top.
Luggage: Books, journals, reading glasses, notebooks

new east wing http://img119.imageshack.us/img119/8822/eastwingkp8.jpg

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Regestration extended! plz read!!!!

Date for Murder Mystery sign ups hav been extended till tomorrow oct6th. So if your havnt signed up yet your hav one more day. tht day u will recieve your map, your role, your ticket as well as futher instructions.
Current Guests
inuyasha luver118
alchemist ninja
ice nija
Zpt Heart
Red kie
nel 15
spreading wings
If your would lk to regester as a guest plz pm asap!

IN ADDITION, New Information about the murderer:
In case you end up being the murderer here are some tips and this should also be read be regular participants. Along with your role, ticket, and map you will recieve a list of personal items of yours and the other players and a room key. The murderer has the ablity to pilfer your items when you are not in your rooms. Now when he/she steals an item then proceeds to kill someone he/she can set up a trap and leave someone elses evidence behind. It is up to your to catch their bluff. Oh but wait there is a catch he/she can pilfer their own things to make themselves look innocent. At the end of the day I will post the crime and evidence, oh and the murderer has to leave some sort of evidence behind and it cannot be blood or a substance unknown, it has to be a thing from the list I give to you. Thus, i will post the crime and evidence plus additional clues. If u guess the murderer wrong u r out of the game

Impotant! U must tell me wat room you are in at all times so if u move u must tell me asap! Bonus: If you enter a room you may find a clue.
Example: Red Kie PMs me the she is in the ball room.
Her reply could be: You find a note in the Ficus, do u pick it up? Yes,No?

(She can reply to it but beware the note can either be a clue or a trap set by the murderer)
Her Reply: Yes
My reply:
Let's take this clue for a whirl,
Now Let's see what you can do,
I own a box of white white perals,
I am the murder can you guess who?

Thus she would look at her list of items and identify the ppl who own perals.

If you hav further question plz pm me.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who Done it Murder Mystery(story and rules) 100 points for everyone who enters

Who Done It
Story: The Avengers Mansion has been decieved by one of its members! This member is a mass murderer who is killing the members 1 by 1. It is up to you to solve the case of WHO DONE IT b4 he/she murders you!!!
1)Private Message me your myotaku user name. This will put you in the who done it murder mystery case. By giving me your name i will give u a role to play like waiter, dutchess, duke, etc.
2)I will send each of you a colored ticket. Blue means you are a regular person. Red means You are the murderer.
3)If you are the murderer you get a list of the Mansion Guests. Now you cant kill them all right away. You can only pick off the ppl who are alone for if u kill someone in front of another member i will have no choice but to give tht member your name.
4)Members will be given a map of the mansion. Everytime you move to another location u must pm me where you are located. Now the murder gets the map tht has everyone in their current location. Now since members who arent the murderer cant see if they are alone or not, tht means you and the other members have to communicate with each other and plan carefully so none of you are left alone or the murder can kill you!
5)everyone who enter gets 100 but if u die in the game u loose ur 100.
Register ur name by Oct 5th

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Halloween Bonanza!!!!!Scroll down for 1st contest& who done it

Get ready....
get set...
For Avengers Club Halloween CONTESTS!!!!
1st up is the spooky fanart contest. draw anything u want but the spookier the better.
Each entry will recieve 5 points.
The winner will recieve 25 points and and award from me + 10 guestbook signings
1)Create a spooky fanart and submit it to the fanart section of myotaku
2)Title the fanart Avengers Contest
3)Once that is done, give me the link to the picture so i can post it on the avengers club main site so everyone can vote!
Contest Ends Oct. 19th

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The winner of the Haiku contest is kyolover05!!!!!! Congradulations on earning 50 points!! which makes ur total 75!!!

Other participants hav also gained 25 just for entering. Thnx for participating!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Haiku's submissions

Waning Light:
Wipe away your tears
My blade is drawn and ready
You will be avenged
i'm always here love,
to be so close to your heart,
never to let go.
As the seasons change,
And the world passes away
Our hearts remain the same

-By Ashley
Rain is everywhere.
Tears of the dearly departed.
Remembering you.

[now tell ppl to vote for their fav haiku's and u might just win. Points will be scored on deadline]

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Contest 25 points/ winner 50 points

Come up with a haiku about anything. 1 entry per person. All entrys will be posted and all credits go to their respective owners and an award will be presented to the winner.
[award at least 10 ppl will sign ur gb and ull get a special poets award from me]

deadline aug 27

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You can now win prizes with winning ranks! Go to our quiz results to see the stuff u can win.

Coming soon....
more prizes u can win tht can promote your site

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My new pic Vote!

Doce Pares

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
Vote if u lk it plz^^

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Question for all Avengers

Tell me your avenger ways and maybe ill reveal mine...

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