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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Srry for the Haitus

Sorry U guys but I'm afraid im booked for this week with reports and essays. U guys hav to give me a break its difficult managing a site this big with one person. So the deal is the 1st to get the highest rank will also be managing the site with me. we will resume playing the game this weekend. thank u for ur time and srry for the hiatus but high school homewrk kills!!

By Zpt Heart

Avengers Contest

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


On the count that today is a busy day for me I wont be able to manage the mansion. So today will be a free day from murders. Tomorrow we will resume playing. thank u for ur time.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


inuyasha luver118
has been sliced in the kitchen and her intestines are in a frozen beef bag in the fridge. she has also dropped her clue and the murderer has left a clue as well. get there now to receive both clues!!!

ice nija dragon is out b/c he guessed the murderer's identity wrong.

[re-stating rules so u dont make a mistake. if u guess the murderer wrong u r automatically out. also if enter a room by yourself u hav a high chance of being killed os its best to go with someone]

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Mansions new addition

New guests:
Corinne: New guest, long red hair, red dress
Luggage: Diamond earings, i-pod, cell phone

Uriel.2323: new guest brown hair, school uniform
Luggage: books, brush, sweater

Sasuke fan 4 life: new guest, black hair, blue dress
Luggage: pink dress, pearls, cell phone

Flase dreams: new guest, short brown hair, white pants brown shirt
Luggage: books, movies, cell phone

Shinobicatgirl: new guest, blonde hair, blue jeans and red top
Luggage: mirror, brush, makeup

ppl may now move around

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Monday, October 8, 2007


alchemist ninja has been cooked in the kitchen oven and is now dead. a clue is waiting for the person who come to the kitchen first!

animeartist has been squished by a book shelf and hanged on the cieling fan which is currently turned on??? ok well thts it there are clues awaiting at the scene of the crimes.

Also I am currently accepting 5 new guests at the mansion if u would lk to participate in finding the killers pm asap.

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what's this a 2nd murderer!? thts right everyone at the manor, there is a second murderer but he is not on ur list of ppl. You must search the mansion for clues to his name. Unscramble all 10 letters of his username before he kills u! Although he can only kill u wen ur outside of ur rooms, but the orginal murderer can still get u if ur sleeping alone....bwahahaha *cough* be on the look out. there is one thing tht can save you tho boo-berries! things u can get from ghosts and other quests at the mansion. these special berries turn u invisible for a period of time.

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If your done for the day, remember to pm the final location at the mansion before you leave.

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thts right the mansion is up and running so get ur butts out there and find the murderer.
No one was killed as of last night

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

RULE (read plz!)

[the manor place is closing for the night guests choose ur last place to stay and tomorrow u can move again]

Ok apperently there are misconseptions about the muder mystery. If the pm for example says u hav been attacked by a demon u lose 1 point. u cannot counter and say i kill the demon and get my one point bac. There shall be no counters wat so ever! And wen u go to sleep at night u cannot put bookcases in front of your doors to keep the murderer out nor can u lock the door!. U either A) sleep by yourself and chance a murder or B) bunk with other guests at the manor (for simplicity u sleep in rooms with other ppl than urself). If you continue to argue with counters u will get warnings and if your warning go up to 3 u will be out of the game!
2) U cannot tell me so and so and me will go here they hav to pm me seperately or ur request will be denied!

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It's Started!

On ur marks, Get set....GO! thts right the mansion is full with guests and hurry up guests get to a safe place be4 the murderer gets u! PS. Murderer PM asap I have some things to talk to u about. Ne ways have fun. Remember if u move into another room plz pm me with the subject being "room" then in the message tell me wat room u r in b/c if u are in the right room at the right time u could get a spook-prize.

Dont forget about the spooky art contest tht ends oct 19th!

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