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Friday, August 10, 2007

2nd entry (all entries due aug.15)

animeartist15 150 points

Hinata- Th-this is K-K-Kenni's place. P-Please leave a me-message after th-the t-tone.

Naruto- *bursts thru door* HINATA I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Hinata- O///O Na-Naruto-kun!!

Ed- *bursts in after Naruto* COME BACK HERE!!! NO ONE CALLS ME SHORT AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!! *tackles Naruto*

Al- No, brother, wait!!

Hinata- O///O Wh-what happened Na-Naruto-kun?


Al- *holding on to Ed* Calm down brother. We don't need to cause a scene.

Inuyasha & Kagome- *walk in*

Kagome- Do we have the wrong apartment? Is this Kenni's place?

Hinata- Um, y-yes.

Inuyasha- He's not home right now I take it?

Naruto- *in a fight with Ed* SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!!! *clones surround Ed*

Ed- *claps* *slams hands on ground* *all clones blow up* *scorches rug*

Inuyasha- Well yeah, he told us to bring his rent to the land lord.

Kagome- *in kitchen* Hey there's the check! *points at table*

Inuyasha- *goes to pick of check and gets clone thrown at him* GRR!!! WHO THE HELL?!?!?! *gets hit with another* WIND SCAR!!! *destroys living room*

Kagome- INUYASHA, SIT!! *Inuyasha goes thru floor*

Hinata- EEP!!! O///O

Al- *flies thru window after gettin swarms of clones thrown at him*

Hinata- EEP, AGAIN!!

Naruto- What is it Hinata?

Hinata- W-well, f-first, th-the ma-machine is still re-recording. A-and the suit of armor fl-flew thru the window. *tries to hit button and gets hit with shadow clones*

Naruto- Oh, ok *attacks Ed with kunai*

Ed- *turns arm into sword* AND WHY R U CALLING ME A SHRIMP?!?!!? UR JUST AS SHORT AS ME!!! *jumps on Naruto*

Kenni- *walks into room with bag of groceries* O_O... *looks at room and all the holes in the walls and destroyed furniture* *looks at everyone in room* WHAT THE HELL HAPPEED HERE?!?!?!?!?!

Everyone except Kenni- O_O *screams into machine* WELL I GUESS GOOD BYE!!! *presses button* *table and everyone except Kenni falls thru the floor* AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Kenni- Well great, now I need to move out, AND get a new phone!! *looks down hole* Thanks a lot guys. And your buying me a new phone!!

Everyone- *groans and moans of pain are heard* OK


Ed- *muffled* get ur foot out of my mouth.

Everyone- *breaks into huge fight*

Kenni- Oi. At least its in the basement and not in my apartment *picks up keys* I'm going back out for a drive *gets in car and drives off*

Inuyasha- BACKLASH WAVE!!! *destroys some support beams*

Naruto- RASENGAN!!! *blows up more beams*

Ed- *claps* *slams hands* *destroys all clones and the last of the beams*

Everyone- Oh shit... *building collapses on them*

Kenni- *about to pull out of lot* *looks back* O_O' *sigh* Its a good thing I'm the only one living there... THEY BROKE MY BIG SCREEN!!! *gets out and jumps into mess, causing another huge fight*

.:.The Aftermath.:.

Narrator- Everyone, including the women were hospitalized and in bad condition. Eventually everyone returned to their respective animes, except for Inuyasha, since he had no modern day money, he was forced to work at a McDonalds as a dish washer until he could pay his hospital bills, and then returned to his anime. Kenni is currently doing something random on his computer and is perfectly fine. And they all lived. What, u think i was gonna say happily-ever-after? U call what they do happy?

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Contest entry (deadline aug. 15)

Sparky2460 100 points

Naruto: Hello! This is Tabby's house she is not here at the moment. -whispers to Sasuke- what else should we say!
Sasuke: You moron! -.-
Sakura: Naruto calm down! -kisses Sasuke-
Sasuke: lol! Hey Naruto, Are you jealous that i'm getting some action and your not?
Sakura: -looks at Naruto- Ha! I'd never kiss you in a Million years! -turns head away-
Naruto: O.O uuuhhh....Fine then i'll just have to take Sasuke for myself! MULTI SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!
-4 clones grab Sasuke-
Haha! Now he's mine! -runs up to Tabby's room-
Sakura: -mouth wide open- -looks at answering machine- lol! the red lights still on! -giggles and turns it off- -walks out the door-

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Funny Contest!!! +poem

ok here's the deal, You hav to make an answering machine away message but ur points will be determined on how funny it is. You may choose one or all of these animes to be in your funny away message: InuYasha, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist. The format should be similar to this example away message:
Miroku: hey sango how r we supposed to do this again?
Sango: ummm Hi this is chirstina's voice mail ummm leave a message and she'll get back to u on that.
Miroku: hey sango now tht we're done are u thinking wat i'm thinking?
Sango: *gasp* u don't mean?
Miroku: yep lets go into Christina's room. *hears giggling and rustling* *door opens* InuYasha: Hey we're home!!
Kagome: OMG InuYasha their doing it be4 us!!! Hurry up lets go!!! *hears rustling and moaning*
InuYasha: Hey Kagome wats this red light?
Kagome: OMG the voice recorder is still on *pushes button* *beep*


Loveís Flame
By sparky2460
100 points

My love is a flame, which burns brighter
Every time I hear your name.
I smiled with love in my heart
Just to get burned by your depart.
I cried a river the day
You left me all alone.
But here you are all skin and bones.

Every time I begin to cry,
I think about why you left me to die.
I waited for you for so long,
But you have yet to come on home.
I loved you with all my heart
But I sorry, I must depart.
Please remember to come on home to
See me one more time before I go.

My love is like a flame, which
Burns as bright as your name.
And if you remember my last request
Keep me alive within your chest.
Iím sorry but I must go on but remember
To keep me burning until you come on home.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Contest entries


a scatterd dream
thats like a far off memory
a far off memory
thats like a scatterd dream
a wand to alighn the peices
yous AND mind

you are so far away
the distance is unbearable
but i will always be thinking of you
where ever you are
and i will be dreaming
of everything you see

the angels now reside
whith in sanctuaries
the anonimous fate
so well unknown >i dont get it..

strange music is playing through
whatever is left of me
or am i all that ever was
and all that ever will be?

what will become of my fate?
these questions were asked
but never answerd

you are the angel
i am your sanctuary
you are the music i am the listener
i am what is left of me

you are that strange thing
that anonimous fate
you are my destiny
you have stolen my fate
you have acomplished all that you have set forth
i admire that
i admire you

you are the angel
i am your sanctuary
you are the music i am the listener
i am what is left of me

when you are surrounded by darkness
i will be thinking of light
when you are surrounded by light
i will be thinking of your darkness
and when you are trapped
i will save you
just call upon me

you are the strange thought
that no one ever remember
you are the voice in my head because

you are the angel
i am your sanctuary
you are the music i am the listener
i am what is left of me
100 points
From: animeartist15

.:.A Dream of Love.:.

I dream of you every night
You stand there, bathed in light

I walk to you, and I see
Your standing there, looking at me

You say we met before
Though where, I'm not sure

T speak with you
And hear words true

Then I see
You say you love me

I love you too
Our love pulls thru and thru

Thru many times
And yeet you remain mine

Why is it this way?
Why stay with me everday?

Wait a moment, I can see it all
Why our love wall did not fall

Because emotions are strong
And emotions last very long

Now that I'm here today
I have these words to say

I want to stay with you
And these words, are true.
100 points

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Poetry contest!!!! Just write a poem however u want it to be. Make sure to put all ur feelings into it and ull get 50 points. The top one will be rewarded 100. good luck!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mission!!! Points!!!!

Now it's time for all you artistic ppl out there. Bring to me either a fanart, wallpaper, or a peom and I will reward you with points^^ If you are artisticly challenged then Find a new way to gather up some points and I will reward you as well.^^

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Preview of my comic

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Mission Time!!!!

Ok avengers here's a mission for u. Get at least 3 ppl to sign up for this site wen u do tell me their names and if they sign the guesbook you will receive 100 pints and 5 more points for any aditional member you bring.

And for 25 points if you havnt already, sign the guest book and u'll automatically get 25 points.

Points Update
Captain animeartist 15 has 150 points

Captian sasunaruyaoilover has 150 points

Newbie Avengers Waning Light, sparky2460, sizic-aka-sakura, mysterious rei, ninja girl 242004 have 25 points

Newbie Avenger choc-chipcookie has 5 pointd

Newbie avenger nel15 has 2 points

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quiz!!!!!!/ poem

25 points. In Tsubasa Chronicles name 3 crossover animes tht r in the series.

25 points. In naruto there are 5 hokages, name 3.

From choc-chipcookie 5 points

the rosebud
the rosebud is here
her cries are weak
the raven is near
to find who it seeks

six hours pass by
measured by breath
it's all they can do
they say as we cry

they rosebud was here
her cries were weak
the raven was near
and took that we held dear.

in memory of lindsay.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Points and Ranks

You may earn points an go up ranks by winning contests or getting answers to my anime quizzes right. And u may draw or write poetry to earn ur ranks. Send the poems to me and ill post them along with ur name and point value and ur current rank. Or if u do me a favor ill promote u myself^^ Oh and dont worry ill be keeping track of your points. If u hav anymore ideas of how you guys could earn points pm me on maiden of life.

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