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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

the first minion of hamentemp has been released. The soul spawn Sheath the blade wound. hamentemp is trying to slow me down. ofer your support by making up a super warrior and I'll make it so to find hamentemp's ressurection temple
::Deep Evil voice::

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hamentemp is forging a new body. he needs fifty thousand demons and a ghost strong enough to beat him in combat. he plans to merge the demons into the ghost, pushing the ghost into a solid form, finaly using the artifacts from his last body he shall posess the solid form and be reborn. he hopes for a devil trigger and streagnth enough to be ruler of the lands of ghosts, men, demons, and angels. beware the smirking shadow
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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

The dawn comes, the end is near. In this house you will end, you will not die, you will not perish you will end. A shadowy approaches he comes for your soul. His name is Hamentemp, son of the witch of rage wind and the archangel of blue fire. Murderer several times, he has been through many afterlifes and is devoid of all humanity. He is a chosen guardian of reality, but dew to his chaotic nature the heroes of legend had to separate him into 4 mystic items: the stone of desire/ being Hamentemp’s passion for hate and half his body, the black arrow head/ containing the remainder of his body it contains his homicidal black outs, spasms, and general action, the green light, a ring containing all Hamentemp’s powers and streanth but useless in the hands of one with no power, it also merges the black stones making the wearer the reincarnation of Hamentemp, finally the locket of moon’s grip containing Hamentemp’s soul. Hamentemp will be resurrected on august 16, thanks to a minion of his simply referred to as “Torso.” It is my duty as a soul guard wint to fight these evils. I am Arinalue of the silver skies and I will not have Hamentemp back at full power. If he gets at full strength he will release his unstoppable soul spawn army. He must not be allowed t live. I plan to stop him with the book of the four red triangles and trap his remnants within it, sadly I fear if Hamentemp can exape several world’s hells than my book may not contain him as long as wished

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Monday, August 1, 2005

Trigon was an other-dimensional demon, the result of the mating of a female member of a mystic sect and their god. Dark energies that floated through the dimensions were the expunged evil natures of Azarath. Trigon became the personification of these dreadfully evil energies.
At birth, Trigon slew all around him, and, at age six, he destroyed his an entire planet. When he reached thirty, Trigon had established himself as absolute ruler of the millions of worlds within his dimension. Trigon's hunger for power was still not sated, so he turned his four eyes to other dimensions.
Trigon first came to Earth with the intention of fathering a child. He appeared to a cult member named Arella in the guise of a handsome man, and sired a child named Raven. The child was raised in Azarath. Trigon wanted his daughter to rule by his side, and after he managed to breach the dimensional barriers, Raven agreed to this as long as he permanently returned to his home dimension. When Raven arrived, she realized that Trigon had no intention of keeping his word. Arella and the Teen Titans fought the demon and banished him to the Nether-Verse. His "wife" Arella agreed to serve as guardian of the dimensional gate so that Trigon could not return.
Despite Trigon's banishment, Raven began to physically change as Trigon's evil worked within her. Trigon absorbed the life-forces of the billions of souls in his dimension in order to breach the doorway, which he did. Trigon had his forces destroy Azarath.
Reunited with his now-evil daughter, the pair transformed Earth into Hell until the New Teen Titans, with Lilith back in their midst, killed the soulless body of Raven. This so angered Trigon that he began to siphon souls in order to return to his home dimension. The spirit of Azar and all of Azarath, however, still dwelled in Raven's rings. Azar used the now-soulless body of Raven to focus all of Azarath's pure light into Trigon, destroying him.

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

death to all beasts of tourment for I am one of vengence
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