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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

The dawn comes, the end is near. In this house you will end, you will not die, you will not perish you will end. A shadowy approaches he comes for your soul. His name is Hamentemp, son of the witch of rage wind and the archangel of blue fire. Murderer several times, he has been through many afterlifes and is devoid of all humanity. He is a chosen guardian of reality, but dew to his chaotic nature the heroes of legend had to separate him into 4 mystic items: the stone of desire/ being Hamentemp’s passion for hate and half his body, the black arrow head/ containing the remainder of his body it contains his homicidal black outs, spasms, and general action, the green light, a ring containing all Hamentemp’s powers and streanth but useless in the hands of one with no power, it also merges the black stones making the wearer the reincarnation of Hamentemp, finally the locket of moon’s grip containing Hamentemp’s soul. Hamentemp will be resurrected on august 16, thanks to a minion of his simply referred to as “Torso.” It is my duty as a soul guard wint to fight these evils. I am Arinalue of the silver skies and I will not have Hamentemp back at full power. If he gets at full strength he will release his unstoppable soul spawn army. He must not be allowed t live. I plan to stop him with the book of the four red triangles and trap his remnants within it, sadly I fear if Hamentemp can exape several world’s hells than my book may not contain him as long as wished

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