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I'm a highschool sophmore with nothing but anime madness.Proud member of MY OWN RED ROCK OTAKU ANIME CLUB!
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Monday, July 9, 2007

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Summer only gets rougher. My cat died on June 29, leaving me utterly alone at home. And my mom says I wont get another pet anytime soon for the sake of we are probably going to have to move. You see, our house has actually dropped in value over the years we've lived here. Unfortunately, We owe more money on the house than it's worth, so we wont be able to pay it anymore. Therefore my parents say there is no point in getting a pet if I dont know whether I can have one at wherever we move to. Also I'm still at a struggle for money. I wouldn't be surprised if my fund shortage caused me to not even go to NDK this year. Then I would be really depressed, considering I already cut my hair to look like the character I am cosplaying. Otherwise, I miss my friends dearly. We can never seem to plan a time to hang out. Not to mention, My parents wont easily let me have a party because it would be a sleepover. The problem with that is my older sister is currently living in our family room which is where I have sleepovers. She wont move into her new house until August. However, I need to group with everyone so we can come up with a way to raise money so that everyone can get to NDK. Unfortuanately, we need the money before august. So I hate to be mad at my sister, but she should have thought of a new place to live far before she moved out of her old one. Everything's just pissing me off. Plus I aways get to look forward to my senior year. That means I have to get my liscense within the next month. And for those who dont know, I'm deathly afraid of driving. My parents say I'm the best of my siblings, but I just hate it. It gets me on edge, and I cant keep gripping the steering wheel so tight. Then with school inching closer I'm afraid. My parents say no matter what I have to graduate this year, which worries me, because what if I'm just that one point too short. It doesn't help that it seems me and my siblings have a pattern. My sister graduated on time, my brother graduated early. So what's left? That's right, to finish the cycle, I'd have to graduate late. I guess in short, this is just a bad time to be me.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

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It's so sad that I neglect this place. I mean, Im on the internet nearly 24/7 and I still cant think to get on here. Anyways, I'm back, and I'm stressed. Its wonderful that its summer and all, but I'm bored out of my mind. I'm too much of a wimp to get a job, eventhough I desperately need money. I have to get my costume together for the next anime convention, plus I need to actually register for the convention still. Everyday that goes by is panicking me. Otherwise how are you all? I haven't spoken to most of you in awhile. Oh, and I have a question for you. Do you like pirates AND ninjas, particularly of the Naruto kind? Well then check out this t-shirt!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Im back...again...notice a pattern? I'm on and then I disappear for a while. Either way, its best if I catch you all up on what's been going down. Not a lot really. After quitting my school's anime club for various reasons I came to find myself a little bit of a loner. I still have most friends though. Anyways, its currently spring break and I dont get the pleasure of traveling someplace like all my other friends. They just kindly left me behind. Now Im stuck here trying to make up work in my Modern America so that I can maybe have hopes of passing. Further more Im now permanently stuck in a cosplay role. If you know Naruto, well at school we already had our cosplay team 7. Now I'll tell you, Im a convention veteran compared to them, but they have something I really lacked, true friendship. I envied them, accepted I could never be like them. I even felt unwanted when I found that they had given the role of Hinata to someone I consider my best friend. (She has a different best friend. I'll never tell her that I think of her my best friend, well, because I dont want things to be complicated)Anyways, I felt left out, knew I wasn't a real popular person. that is until about a month ago. I heard the news that instead our team 7 wanted my best friend to be Iruka. Then, the next thing I know, they want ME to be Hinata. You have no idea how happy I was! I mean, it is truly an honor to be chosen to cosplay with these guys. And ever since, We've been trying to build up the biggest Naruto cosplay group in all of Colorado history! Well, in other news, I've finally had the time to concentrate on my writing. Now, if you didn't know that I want to be an author, well, now you do. Busy with school and friends, I forgot what it was like to write. I figured that If I finish a novel now, I can send it off to editors and hopefully have a better chance of securing my future once I get out of highschool. I have the start of one of my novels posted at a fiction site.The only problem? I have yet to get any reviews on it. I have one, and even so, that review was from my slightly kooky friend and well, she's not a lot of help when it comes to creative criticism. So what do I do? Thats right, Im asking you guys to read it as well! Please oh please go to www.fictionpress.com and look for my pen name: Iya Kari. If you cant find that, then search for my story: Blood Wolf. I intend to get different stories up soon. I'm just hesitant seeing as I barely have any hits on my first one. Well, I guess thats all for now, Later!

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