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Welcome to my humble myOtaku site! Please sign the guestbook, and perhaps you will be my friend. Please visit my friends, they’re awesome. And some warnings about my particularities.
I was crushing on Gaara a little while ago, but I still respect him. If you think he’s a unreasoning psycho, please leave. And if you think Shadi of Yu-Gi-Oh! is evil and sinister, the back button is in the upper left corner, use it. And please use it if you are stubbornly certain that Avatar: The Last Airbender is not an anime.
Oh, and I am not in any way against same sex pairings… In fact, I’m quite fond of BL. *shrug*

If you are going to friend me and you want me to friend you back! There is ONE requirement! Visit and comment regularly! Or I will take you off my friends list!

Where’d the fanlistings go, you ask? They can be found here, so long as the server’s up, of course.

And I now have a friend button, courtesy of Seto Kaiba Freak! Feel free to use it, my friends! Just send me a private message or e-mail me.

Here’s my list of People Who Are Awesome on MyOtaku.
Black Magician Girl; great graphic maker, and currently on hiatus.
ElvesAteMyRamen; funny, nice, and lives relatively close to me!
Katana; one of the Otaku Attack Force, she ignores me (I think) but I still admire her, even though she’s younger than me!
SetoKaibaFreak; younger than me, but a lot more active (I think it helps that she lives in Southern CA) and in college already! Wow!
YamiSeto; aka Calla. Known for her long absences and periodic depression. She helped me get started!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Why can't I comment on people's posts!? Aaah?! And why hasn't anyone commented on mine? *pokes the reader* Go comment on the below posts, if you're able to, please.
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

This AMV is win.

Partially because of the pairing. (Itazula forever!) And partially because of the awesome song.

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I cried earlier...

almost surprisingly, it wasn't cathartic at all. And now, my eyes hurt.

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