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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I want to bash my head into the wall, but it probably wouldn't be wise...

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ello peoples... i ish sorry for not posting for so long. school has been hectic, and trying to get updates done on all my stories now is like pulling tooth and nail. I have over thirty I'm working on...

yesterday was horrid. I went to the mall with my friends, Klawla and Akisa (the chibi sisters; the the pics above.) and Akisa had to go and start an all-out war. I swear it's like team 7 all over again!

you see, Akisa has the grudge against Klawla for some ungodly reason and when things get rough, I have to be the damage control. In short, I am Sasuke, Klawla is Naruto, and Akisa is Sakura. go figure.

BUT!!! we as chibisisters do have our way of doing things!!!XD watch this:

this is us at the mall!XD

Klawla got off her leash...

Well, I honestly have nothing else to say right now... i'll be updating my site soon, though, and more comments will be here soon!


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