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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It has begun... the accursed school... 0.0...

Hi everyone!XD I have this song as my ringtone for when I get txt messages... It's really funny too!XD

So how has everyone's first few days of school been? Mine have been ok... except the first day of school I was put in the WRONG school, so I had to stay home teusday so my aunt could get me in the RIGHT school (I have to be able to ride the bus home since no one can pick me up...)

oh! and everyone... I REALLY apoligize for not commenting. Between school, HW, watching my baby cousins, and... yes, I have a new BF... I don't really get on for more then 10 minutes a day. I have to get up at 6 every morning, so i'm forced to go to bed around 10 if I want to be able to get up. so I'm REALLLLLY SSSOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!!! T.T

anywhose, my new BF... He I shall call Pein, cause with a cloak and hair dye he could look exactly like pein from akatsuki (It's really funny- he calls me Konan...XD) He loves naruto, Bleach, DBZ.... Darn, I wish he had a computer!!!XP Anywho, i showed him Yaoi and Yuri today... his jaw dropped to the floor...XDXD it was sooo funny!

Oh! and I also have a friend who I call Deidara (she calls me Sasori...XD no, she doesn't know about the Yaoiness of sasodei. lmao) and She used to date Pein... :/ I wonder how she would react if she knew i was going out with him...

nene! the one thing that I really hate about school starting tho is that I can't type my stories very often... T.T I have no free time...

*sigh* I has talked everyone's ear off enough. So, I shall TTYL!!!!^^

Remember, I GOT A JAR OF DIRT!~ (and guess whats inside it!~)



1. Do you like any of your classes?

2. Are you upset that summer is over?

3. what is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you? (I got asked this question a lot today...)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

0.0 Holy Crap... I'm 14... *Faints from shock*

Photobucket Hey Everyone!!!!XD Y'know, I typed in KH 14 for my b-day... it came up with a bunch of Yaoi pictures ?.?

Anyways, I am back from yuffis!!!XD it was awsome over there. Saturday night I didn't sleep I was SOOO sugar hyper...

Ther only bad part tho was, I went up north on thursday to go pick up yuffi's friend... and I find out that I'm being forced out of the house I grew up in... T.T I literally have lost everything I know and love this year. I even lost my dogs. The only one that gets to stay with me is my cat Kari, but only against my uncles wishes...

...ok, Enough talk about that, It's still my B-day for a whole... 2 hours!!!XD

anywho, school starts next week for me and whatnot, and I hav to start getting my sleeping schedual in order...yeah, RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT... *shifty eyes*

...okok!!! *sets alarm on phone for 6:30*

now, the reason why I was up all night on saturday was... IT WAS YUFFI'S B-DAY!!!!XD Good god, It was Tristen's last week, and then we have Sis' on Wednsday, my aunts on thursday... @_@

but here are some pics from the party (WARNING: MILD YURI!!!)

B-Day Girl herself!(playin rockband)


Yuffi on Rockband

Yuffi again


pillow people!

...Yeah, I wouldn't ask...

Wow, look at all the pretty flippin birdies...

(Trisha, Joalee, B-Day Girl Yuffi, Mariah, and Katerina The other Kat!)

AAAAAAANNNNNDDDD..... I'm lazy, so I'll just copy and paste the links for these (MY B-DAY PRESENTS!!!)

Cutsey Heartsy Friendship by Innocent Heart

Sasodei By DaFeather

SasuNaru by Dafeather

THANK KUU!!!!!! \^.^/ you guys are the best!!!
*lies down from being so sugar hyper* I need... to get up... at 6...XP

TTYL EVERYONE!!! Have a happy first day of school!XD


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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Breaking Dawn Dance... wasn't really a dance

Photobucket Hello!!!XD yes, I decided to Put this icon on for the laughs!XD the sad part though is that I had to make this; none of them had this saying on it *sulks in the corner of woe*

So, last night was the Breaking Dawn Dance Party. only, there was no dance. it was basically a run-around -_-; tho, I do have to admit, the Edward there looked better then the one in the movie!XD

But before I tell ABOUT the dance, I have to tell you what happened BEFORE the dance.

So, Tra and i were in the car on our way to my aunts house to get ready. Normally, she would be talking, the life of the party, blah blah blah... She was dead silent throughout the whole trip. Finally, she speaks up after getting to my aunts house and says "My mom said I need to go home." WTF!? She couldn't have mentioned this while we were on the road!? (and with gas at 4.20 a gallon... yeah, I was mad) so anyways, my aunt says "well ok, do you want me to take you hame?" and she says "No it's fine."

We go into my aunts house and first thing she does is burst into my room and starts crying. I didn't know why she was crying, so I called her mom, and she talked to her. after they talked, she said that she was going to get yelled at when she got home (even tho i was in the room at the time and the phone was on loud speaker. her mom wasen't mad at all.) so what does she do? She runs out of my aunts house.

I thought she would just sit out front or go to the back, so I changed into my dress. I walk outside to get a mopeing Tra, and she was no where in sight. She didn't take her phone, or any money for that matter, and she left to wander my aunts neighborhood that I don't even know my way around. real smart, ne?

So I got my aunt and a timeskip later, we found her in front of the church. I literally had to drag her half ways across the lawn to get her in the car so we could take her HOME, and even then, I couldn't get her in. she ran away.

My aunt got fed up and took me back to her house so we could get Tra's phone. She could get her own ride. My cousin got in the back, and we went off to search for her again.

another timeskip later, Tra's mom had found her on her way to my aunts. (Yes, she was walking 10 miles home in 100 degree weather. go figure.)and my cousin convinced me to go to the dance, no matter if Tra was there or not.

Ugh. ok, B4 I start what happened during the party... PICTURES!!!!XD

This is what the crowds looked like on the OUTSIDE of Barnes & Noble

Me, Sticking my tongue out (I sent this to tra as a "Your an idiot 'cause I'm having fun" gesture. Yes, I wanted some sort of revenge for her making me late.)

This is Mell in her dress

Mell (Left) Her sister (right) and their two best friends (middle)

YAYNESS FOR PICCIES!!!XD ok, back to story telling...

*munches on pizza* so, after that whole fiasco, I only had an hour to get ready for the dance. I ran inside and took a quick shower (putting my hair up so it wouldn't get wet; I had straightened it.) and then hurried and put on my dress. Mel called and told me that she was running late and wouldn't be there for nother half an hour; giving me more time to do my hair. I put it up deidara-style (lol) and my aunt protested. I wound up with an updo, and 20 bobby pins in my hair.

After that, I went to the kitchen and ate, but still no word from mel that she was there. I called her again at 9:30, and she said she was in the car to her friends house so they could get ready.

Finally, my aunt told my older cousin to put on a dress and take me. (It was pretty funny, too. she doesn't wear dresses!XD) and with another timeskip later, we were in front of the VERY packed Barnes & Noble.

After waiting in line for no apperent reason (what's the point in waiting if I'm not resrving the book?) we went inside. No dance. No music. Basically, all it was was a walk around. We waited For mel; needless to say she was just as dissapointed as I was.

They kicked us out at 11 to get ready for the book relise, so we headed across the street for Jamba Juice to get somthing to drink. they were closed. So, we walked over to Wal-mart and bought Ice cream!XD

On the way to wal-mart, we were singing as loud as we could. Things like Bingo, Aunts go marching, John Jacob Jingle... lmao it was funny. these 3 guys not that far away from us said "ROCK ON GIRLS!"XD

then once inside, it wasn't NEARLY as crowded at it should've been for the book. the line wasn't long at all. We got the ice cream and took a seat over by the jewlery (where I took the pic of the 4 of them) and we took tons of group pics. two of the girls had brought there dates, and they wouldn't join us for the first picture. so, Mell walks up to these 2 random guys and said "Hey! do you want to take a picture with us?" XD the best part was, the two guys called their dates Wimps and took a picture with us!XDlmao

and... that's basically it. we went back to get Mel's book, and I had my aunt take me back to her house for the night...


Damn, yesterday was so long!!!XP

Random stuffs of the day:

*huggles to both her sisters* NE!!! things will get better!!! just think Tea and art TEA AND ART!!!!

*is still munching on Pizza)



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Sunday, July 27, 2008

That is the LAST time I ever play matchmaker for Joe the backpack! *sniff*

Time: 10:09 A.M.
Mood: Hyper!

Hello everyone!^^ Wow, I feel bad for Kisame.... it's true, tho *nods*

Anyway the title of this post... I found a duffel bag in one of my aunts magazines, and it had disney princesses on it. I named it Sam!XD and since I think Meagan should stick with a HUMAN husband that she will marry when she's older ('cause honestly, I don't think Hiko-Chan would appreciate having a love triangle with a backpack...) but no, Joe is too stuck up to marry sam... it's sad really. lmao.

Soo... I exactly 5 days I will be going to breaking dawn dance!XD for all who don't know, it's a party being held nationwide for the relise of the last book in the Twilight series; Breaking dawn! and for all who don't know what Twilight is... your missing out. completely.

But actually for that, I went to the mall! me and my friend Yamell wanted to wear matching Tiara's. and I also got some other jewelry to with it!

bu now I feel really bad. Her sister took her to the mall, and since they got back really late, her sister's not allowed to go to the dance... T_T It's been a struggle; honestly. this is the third time her parents have said she can't go; and just in this week!XP

anywho, in my adventures yesterday, I also ended up buying Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3. It's a good game if you have someone else to play it with, but in my opinion it's not worth getting if your an only child and none of your friends like Naruto. It also causes MAJOR headaches. I played it for only an hour, and got the worst headache in te world.XP

Speaking of Yamell, She's being my editor for a book I'm looking to publish when I get older. It's going to be called "Blood Promise". and.... It's going to be about a girl who'se parents just got a divorce. Her and her dad move all the way across he country, into what's supposedly the most haunted mansion in the world. but, it's not haunted by ghosts...

In the room that she picks, there is a cracked mirror. and IN that mirror is...

...and That's all I can give away for now!XD I don't want to ruin it, (though I might post it on my FF account, so go ahead and keep an eye out for it if your curious!)

what else... oh yes! ALL HAIL BABY SAM!!!XD He was born on saturday, Brown hair and blue eyes!XD his aunt is soooo happy! and so are his parents!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and I hope you enjoy what's left of it!

Art is a bang, UN!


1. how is your summer going?

2. are you looking forward to the relise of breaking dawn?

3. what is your favorite band ever?

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Friday, July 11, 2008


yes, yes I did!!!XD SasuNaru Photograph!

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Monday, July 7, 2008

I never really noticed how much I DON'T update...

Sasori icon Hello there!!^^ I think today is a sasori day, I haven't figured out why, tho.

soo... the movie? it was of my baby cousin wiggling her butt to bust it baby by plies. I think the only reason why it didn't play was because I set it to private mode... eh. *shrugs*

But anyways, hows everyone's summer been going? mines been ok so far, I went to lagoon just a couple of days ago. it was SOOO much fun!!!XD

oh, for those of you who don't know what lagoon is, its one of those roller coaster theme parks. it also has a huge-ass swing that lifts you nearly 200 feet in the air only to be swinging through the air on two heavy duty (and I mean 10,000 pounds) cords. it looked fun, but you wouldn't catch me on one of those things in a million years!!!

there is also the samouri that spins you round and round, spinning you upside down, left ways, right ways... you get the point. and then the cliffhanger that tips you upside down and gets you completely soaked. The colossus is the coaster with the loops. then my friends went on the rocket...I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole either. they also went on the wicked. it's the brand new coaster that sends you on a 90 degree drop. then a long regular roller coaster ride. eh heh... *faints*

we also went to lagoon- a -beach (water park inside lagoon) and went down all the slides, which was pretty cool. the ferris wheel... it was the type you could spin around. by the time we got off, I was scared out of my mind... I HATE heights.

we also did a bunch of arcade games, rattlesnake rapids (needless to say, we got wet. again.) and... that's about it!XD after that, my cousin and her friends went over to her house to have a party (needless to say, I was way too young to go) and I spent the night at my aunts house! I was in pain all yesterday. lmao

Fourth of july was ok, too, but mostly I just wanted to go home. my little cousin was driving me up the wall. -_-; she is REALLY annoying...

anywho, I must go face the world. and pack agin. damn.


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bust it... BABY!!!XD

my cousin dancing to "bust it baby" by plies!!!XDXD KAWAII!!!!!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Vids by Me and Ms. 2 Cute!!!XD

this is the random Vid that Fuu (Ms 2 Cute) made of me and her friend.

This is a Vid where Fuu shows us the powers of static electricity!!!XD

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Saturday, June 7, 2008



Hey Everyone!^^ Wow, It’s been too long since I posted an actual post!

Sooo… I found out that since Yuffi has Summer school all three months and the guys from American idol are coming in the middle of July, I won’t be participating T.T oh well… but therse always next year!!!XD lol

And, as you have obviously seen, I have redone my site completely. Even the music has been completely rearranged!XD I’m so happy with it! *Hugs computer screen*

I also redid part of my Fanfiction account… but then I’ve noticed that I’ve changed a lot during the last few months. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose noticed. Though I don’t mind, just as long as I don’t act snobby. I despise that…

So… I went to raging waters today!!!XD (for all who don’t know what it is, it’s a waterpark with an enclosed little ocean and a TON of water slides) but, it really wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. It was ok, at first. Me and a couple of little cousins went into the little beach to swim, battled realistic waves every half an hour, and… went over to the deepend and held on to floating tubes. But after the first couple of hours… I was really starting to get bored, and me being the biggest coward on the planet, I didn’t wan’t to ride the slides that were 100 feet or above in the air…

And in the end, I came home with yet another huge ass sunburn. Bleh. You would think it wasn’t worth it. I know I did at first, and I don’t plan on going back for a while. But hey!! I got to give my older cousin hell!!!XD

*Sigh*, I know I’m running on empty; I only had 5 hours of sleep… but I can’t fall asleep!XP I’m too used to staying up until the early hoursof the morning. And scince it’s only… 10:34 P.M. I still have a long while before I can sleep. Like 4 hours or so. Lol

*le sigh* That’s all I have to talk about for tonight!XP Bleh!

Talk to ya all l8ter!

Now, to end this post:

1: What kind of plans do you have for the summer?

2: have u ever gone to bed really late, even though it was a school night?

3: Bunny, Rabbit, or Babbit?


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Monday, May 26, 2008

Pirate Prince

Soo... does anyone know what Happens when you take My sister, Hilary Duff's new album and a brand new phone with a voice recorder??? I'll show you:

Pirate Prince (Gypsy Woman) - Yuffi Angelice (Hilary Duff)


If you want the Lyrics, PM me!! ('cause they are a lot different then you may think *nods*)

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