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Well, I'm Erika, Teia's friend. I joined too, obviously.

Friday, January 28, 2005

has any of u guys/gals started yur finals yet? i did. my finals started on wed. on wed i had period 1 and 4 and they were 2 freakin' hours long, but it felt like forever. buh bye i need to go.have a nice day every body. say hi to me or somthing. ^_^
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Friday, November 12, 2004

sup evrbody! how was yur halloween. mine was fun. my japanese friends were there, and kuramasangel,her older bro Arold, and younger bro arneal was there 2. we ate at my aunt's house. i was loaded, i mean really loaded with candy. the thing is that my mom made us use a pillow case just about a medium size pillow case. we went 2 myotaku04's old neighborhood then we went 2 her new house and we got more candy.my friend Arold couldn't go trick-or-treating with us coz he broke his left wrist while roller blading down my driveway. well got 2 go. sori if i haven't been putting up posts 4 so long. ttyl
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Friday, October 29, 2004

my archery class ended so we can choose a new sport every 6-7 weeks. on the last day of archery, i fot the bulls eye, and my teacher's assistant made a deal with me. he said if i get the bulls eye on the last day of archery, he'll give me a quarter. so he did. my coach told him 2 give me $5-$20 4 lieing that i didn't get the bulls eye. he gave me $5 instead. now my sport is badmin. i like badmin. n_n its fun. there's 8 courts, 4 in 1 court and i got 2 the 6th court. well i got 2 go ttyl
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Sunday, October 17, 2004

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Archery n_n
in my skewl, i got p.e for my third period. my p.e. teacher put me in archery. so i have archery for a sport. ain't i lucky. lol. the first time we had to aim for the target, i got the red part, but before that, we(my classmates and i) practiced shooting it as far as we can and some of us shot the arrow all the way 2 the other side of the dirt. the field is really big. i em so happy that my teacher put me in archery. i have 2 p.e. teachers. 1 teacher is my real teacher were i sign in, and my archery teacher. r any of u guys/girls skewls having homecoming? my skewl is, but i em not going. don't 4get 2 go 2 my friends site. well got 2 go. ttyl
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