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Friday, October 15, 2004

Archery n_n
in my skewl, i got p.e for my third period. my p.e. teacher put me in archery. so i have archery for a sport. ain't i lucky. lol. the first time we had to aim for the target, i got the red part, but before that, we(my classmates and i) practiced shooting it as far as we can and some of us shot the arrow all the way 2 the other side of the dirt. the field is really big. i em so happy that my teacher put me in archery. i have 2 p.e. teachers. 1 teacher is my real teacher were i sign in, and my archery teacher. r any of u guys/girls skewls having homecoming? my skewl is, but i em not going. don't 4get 2 go 2 my friends site. well got 2 go. ttyl
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