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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/28/07:

Which Elemental Kitsune are you?

You're the Kitsune of Fire

Your main traits are passion, bursts of anger, casual-ness, and the desire for popularity. You constantly try to act cool and casual, but you end up slipping up quite a bit. Deep down you're just so passionate that you try not to get so passionate in very many things! It would be way too stressful to be so passionately involved in so many things. As you try to keep a distance from things, you get a bit angry when you can't stay away anymore. Most people probably think this is cute, so don't worry too much. Try not to get completely devoted to everything and you won't have to act so distant anymore.
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Result Posted on 02/26/07:
YAY!!! Strawberry!!! Ichigo: MY NAME'S ICH-GO!! Me:Sure sound like Ichigo...

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What Bleach Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 02/26/07:
AW!!! I LOVE KEN!! HE's so cute! Whenever me + my friends would play digimon, I would want to be him or TK! Long live the cuties!!!

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What Repentant Sinner From Digimon Are You?
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Result Posted on 02/26/07:
I don't have a boy friend...At least not yet...

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What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?
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Result Posted on 02/25/07:
YEAH!! Sango is cool!

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What Inuyasha Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 02/21/07:

Who would be ur Naruto boyfriend?

You would be perfect for Kakashi! Hes calm and collected and he may even put his "books" away just for u ^_^ he'll love u unconditionally and defend u forever and always!
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Result Posted on 02/21/07:
I'm obsessive...0_0:;

Your Wonderfully Long Date With Kakashi Hatake by loner-in-the-world
your name
your age
where does he pick you up
where do you guys go firstto a semi-private bench to talk
where do you go next(sorry if it's the same thing)the ramen shop(is it the Ichty Raku or something?)
is he enjoying himself so faryes of course
what've you two been talking aboutfuture plans
the nights young,where does he take you to eat(youramen stand(yeah the Ichty Raku-something)
so dinner was long,all the talking,is he tirednot even close,you're too interesting
it's about mid-night,where to nowa field to look at the night sky
you close your eyes,what's he do/ask/thinkaskes:are you tired? thinks:i hope it's not over yet
at your house,front door,what's he thinkingshould i give her my number?
at your house,front door,what's he askyou want to go out again sometime?
at your house,front door,what's he dokiss you on the forehead-mask on
you hate storms and here one is,what ya thinkthis is like a curse!
Kakashi sees you worried,what's he thinkingis she gonna be okay alone?
so what's he say now?would you rather crash at my house?
read if he said would you rather crash at my houseno-you suck it up yourself,it's only the first date
read if he said are you going to be okay alone?yes-you uck it up,it's only the first date
his enjoyment on a scale 1(meh)-10(best)18!

Result Posted on 02/20/07:

Your Fruits Basket Life [[GiRLS ONLY]] by Dark Magician Girl
Loved by::Hatsuharu
Crushed on by::Shigure
Best Friend::Tohru
Rival [[in love]]::Motoko

Result Posted on 02/20/07:

a date with Kakashi, the sexiest anime teacher ever! (for girls obviously) by rawr_its_cookie
he meets you atat the academy
he says/doesi love you
you say/dohug him
you guys...go to a concert
after that...he stays over at your house for the night *wink wink*
how much you guys enjoyed it

Result Posted on 02/20/07:
WHAAAA! KAKASHI HATES MEEEE!!! Ah well. The rest is true ^.^

What Do the Naruto Characters Think of You? (This Also Includes Your "Life" As a Naruto Character) by Guinevere
Star sign:
Your Name:Hitoshi Dumbassha
Naruto:I like her, not only is she really pretty but she bought me ramen! She so awesome, it's just...I wish Kakashi-sensei'd stop looking at her like that...
Sasuke:She's worse than Naruto...
Sakura:I hate her, she's just too perfect, too good...too good of a ninja! (I wonder if she can spell jealous...)
Kakashi:(Doesn't like you because you burned his book.)
Hinata:I'm so glad she helps me with training, she helps me so much, she makes me really feel like I matter, and that I'm somebody.
Shino:She's a skillful ninja, one of the best I've haven't seen in a long time...
Kiba and Akamaru:I uhhh... (Has a crush on you but can't seem to admit it. Aww.)
Kurenai:She's all right, I guess, but I don't like all the attention she recieves from everyone.
Shikamaru:She called me pinapplehead...for that, I shall never forgive her...
Ino:She cool, she doesn't like Sasuke and is such a nicer person than billboard brow was, I respect her uniqueness and powerful skills.
Chouji:I'd give up my food for her... (NOW THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING!)
AsumaI wish I knew her better, but, now it's too late...
Lee:She's more precious to me than Sakura! (Congrats, Fuzzybrows has a cruch on you...)
Neji:She's all right...I guess.
TenTen:She's kind of...scary...
Gai:She's so...unyouthful! A terrible disgrace, and she's so hip just like that Kakashi...
Gaara:She's respectful of me...maybe I won't kill her...
Temari:I see no reason why I should say anything on her part, I barely know who she is...
Kankuro:She's so...pretty...
Jaraiya:She's an absolute masterpiece, I couldn't have done a better job myself!
Tsunade:I admire her courage and skilles, though, I'll admit I'm very jealous...
Orochimaru:She's not worth my time, though she always stands in my way of Sasuke...
Kabuto:I'm jealous because she's a better medical nin than me...
Who secretly loves you the most:

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