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Friday, April 3, 2009

Ah, Sorry It's Been Forever Since I've Updated Or Commented. Photobucket My Computer Has Been Slowly Dying, While I Am Also Still Trying To Not Fail Out Of School. It's... Not Easy. Photobucket I've Been Writing Papers Left And Right, While Going To My Super~Cool Colombian Math Tudor [His Name Is Really Cool..! It's Pablo, But It's Pronounced Pai-ee-blo... x3] Haha. Speaking Of Writing Papers, I Have To Finish A World History Essay For Monday... Photobucket Gaaah!

Ooh, I've Been Using These Little Emoticon~Kaos~Thingies Lately.. Aren't They Cute? Photobucket

Nothing Much Has Happened, Lately. My Friend Kyrstin Is Drawing Me A Super Late Birthday Gift. It's Mello And Near In The Bath Tub... Tee~Hee. Photobucket I'm Really Excited For It. >_< And She's Such An Amazing Artist. And Not Just Amazing... More Like Breathtaking? o_o Haha, I Sound So Creepy...Photobucket

Well, I'll Go Get To Commenting On Your Sites. That's All For Now. Byeee~ Photobucket


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