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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/19/07:
I look like a nerd...On the bright side, I'm a theif with a dragon! Dreams do come true!

Your Anime Life!!!! by ayane isozaki
Your name
Fav. Colors
Your anime eye color
Your anime hair color
The Anime You
Your roleThief
Weopen/Inner PowerGun
SidekickSmall dragon

Result Posted on 02/19/07:
OH, yeah! Flirting with Kakashi!!!!!!! I..fell...for Naruto? 0_0?

Naruto Sleepover!!! (GURLZ ONLY!) by KuramasSweetheart
Your nickname/username
You got for spin the bottleItachi
Sasuke is mad becauseNaruto hit him with a pillow
Sakura is happy becauseShe gave Naruto a black eye
Kakashi wasFlirting with you
You were
You watchedThe Incredibles
You fell forNaruto
Your relationship results
He likes you
You like him
Who's mad?Ino

Result Posted on 02/17/07:
i take waaaaaaaaay too many quizzes...

Which Naruto Character Are You Most Like And What Do The Other Characters Think Of You

You are like Kakashi! You are a good leader who puts the safety of others before your own. You are usually easy-going, and make up weak excuses, but you can keep your cool under pressure. You act strange at times but usually know what you're doing. You keep to yourself a lot and keep most of your life private. Naruto - He acknowledges you as a skilled leader though usually messes up your instructions. He is constantly trying to earn your praise.Sasuke - He often questions your abilities as a leader, and ends up being the one to take charge in your absence.Though he doesnt know what to make of you, he gradually accepts you as a leader. Sakura - she constantly looks to you for answers and guidance. She often abuses the praise you give her by exaggerating it to ridiculous length. Lee - he is the student of your rival, Might Guy, and he hopes to exceed the strength of your star pupil, Sasuke. He rarely interacts with you, and only knows you through reputation.Hinata - she thinks you're strange, but nice. she occasionally smiles at you in passing but mostly keeps to herself. Shikamaru - does nothing but complain, doesnt know anything about you other than you lead Narutos team, the weakest of the graduating ninja.Gaara - His only thought about you is of killing you, and how fun it would be. He doesnt talk much.Konohamaru - He is a weird kid who follows Naruto. He dislikes you because you send Naruto on missions, so he cant fight him.
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Result Posted on 02/16/07:
I'm- I'M BEAUTIFULLL???? *sparkle eyes, emotional overload*

Why Would a Yu Yu Hakusho Character Want to Imaple You?

Karasu would like to kill you because you remind him of Kurama. You are so beautiful... and he has taken a deadly liking to you...
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Result Posted on 02/16/07:
YESSSS!!!!!!!! I love him, but not as much as Kakashi...


YOU ARE REALY REALLY REALLY LUCKY!!!!! YOUR GUY IS KURAMA/SHUICHI MINAMINO!!! (Aiko:My brother ^^) Well Shui-chan is... perferct ^^ Take care of him ^^
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Result Posted on 02/16/07:
OH YEAHHH!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!! I WATCH FIREWORKS w/ him, he LIKES ME, and we-we-... KISSSSSSSSSS! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *dies* I'm so happy!

~~ Your Naruto Date: Who's your boyfriend and what happened on your date? (Girls only) ~~

You got Kakashi!!!! He reads books all the time but that doesn't mean he didn't notice you! He can have his serious moments and who knows, maybe his romantic moments too.How your date went (in this story, you're 25):You were resting in a cafe after your tiresome teaching with your students when suddenly Kakashi sat next to you. "Hey ________. What are ya doing here?" he asked, reading his book. "I was taking a break from my students. They're so tiresome to teach to. How are you and your students?" you replied, drinking a coffee. "Oh they're as energetic as ever." And the conversation continued. Him reading his perverted book, listening to your voice and talking. You drinking coffee, discussing stuff and look at him.*****After you finished drinking your coffee and when Kakashi FINALLY stopped reading his book, you two went to sit down outside on a hill to watch the fireworks festival. The fireworks were pretty and you laid down in the grass. Kakashi didn't take his book this time and really watched the firworks. It was a perfect moment. You were with him and it was all that mattered.*****The fireworks festival was finished but you two still laid there. You were listening to the sound of the wind. He was too. When suddenly, he turned over on you. "K-Kakashi? What are you doing?" you asked, surprised. "I haven't said you this but I like you, ________. Would you like to go out with me?" he asked, his eyes with a glint of affection. "Yes, of course. In one condition." you said, grinning. "Name it." he immediately replied. "That I can finally see your face." you said, with a hint of amusement. "Heheh sure." he replied. You took off his mask then kissed him. You then pulled back and laughed a bit. "What's so funny?" he asked. "I guess that if your students saw you like this, they'd laugh. But I think you're the most handsome guy I ever saw." you replied, smiling. He didn't answer anything. He only smiled. You knew you weren't walking on the road of life alone. Because you were walking on it with him.That was my very first quiz and I hoped you enjoyed it ^^ Message me or rate if you want to.
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Result Posted on 02/16/07:

Your life and death as a Naruto Ninja! by Jenbob
So, what's your name?
And your age?
Your Ninja rank was...Kage
Your first mission was...Asassinating an enemy villages Kage
During your Chuunin exams...You discovered you had a rare Bloodline Technique that helped you beat you opponent
The happiest event of your life...Finally having you revenge against a certain someone...
The saddest event of your life...Losing your sensei
You were hired to kill...Kisame
You were finally killed by...Poison from a rigged scroll (silly you for opening it!)
How many people attended your funeral?1,340

Result Posted on 02/15/07:

what mythical creature are you-anime pics

you are a kitsune. you are angery and violent. you sometimes don't know your own strength and hurt people. you are a truely kind person but very often misunderstood. your favorite color is normally red or orange. your gaurdian animal is a fox. your element is fire
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Result Posted on 02/15/07:
YES!! I KNEW IT!!! Even the internet knows it!! OH YEAH!!! (You: *Backs away slowly*)

Inu, neko, or kitsune? (anime pics of course)

You are...a kitsune!! how kool! kitsunes are smart and sly and that's just kool to be. =^.^=
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Result Posted on 02/15/07:
YAY!!! I would just love to be able to go wherever I want to go. I would go away from the world and all of the pain and suffering 2 find Nirvana (ntb)

^-~~-^^-~WHAT'S YOUR POWER?^-~~-^^-~(WITH PICS)

your power is hidin from your friends you proably don't want them to know that you have this because they might take it well don't worry one day you'll feel ok where you could go anywhere in the world
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