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Friday, August 25, 2006

k all i got is a few quotes cuz im too hot and lazy -_-

So it was that the two clerics dwelt in the hut that Sergie built, living on whatever herbs and berries, roots and mushrooms Sergei could find in the forest. Neither of them was much of a cook, either so the only seasoning that made the food palatable was starvation. They both grew thinner; Father Lukas lost the rest of his hair; and Sergie had dreams of naked women coming to him in the night, so that he hardly slept at all, what with Father Lukas shaking him and demanding that he stop having dreams of pleasure at a time like this. It was hard for Sergie to figure out how hell might be worse.
This morning, like so many others, Sergie staggered out of the hut at first light, looked to see if by any chance Katerina and Ivan were back, then walked over to the edge of the chasm, lifted his robe, amd relieved himself of the night's urine. That's what he was doing when Ivan and Katerina suddenly appeared out of nowhere, stepping onto the pedestal from an invisible bridge.
"Sergie," said Ivan.
Startled, Sergie dropped his robe,which meant he peed all over the inside of it. Inadvertently he cursed, and then forgot all about it, because they were back.

*sigh* so much for being lazy lol
hugs and kisses
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

6th day i think....of school

hey today was pretty kewl
i was late for first period cuz my GRANDPA forgot the way to school and guess what im jus as useless when it comes to directions -_- eh i still have 3 tardies b4 i have detention so i guess dats good and during first period we walked around the school second period i was art and we had to draw patterns for certain emotions like joy which i finished pretty quickly and read the rest of the period woooooooo then was math and i finished meh work and read then too ^^ then i had lunch which was sloppy joes >.< YUCKY so i had pickles and some mini donuts ^^ and strawberry milk YUM lol and at lunch i talked to meh friend from last year shes a senior O.o almost all meh friends from last year are seniors O.o cept 3 wow i didnt realize that some guy started talkin to me in spanish im like wtf do i look like i comprehend ANY of that im like O.o come again? O.o lol oh and after lunch was apparel but i forgot to get sumpin to work on so i got to read so im on page 215 of 390 ^^ so awesome and um i feel reeeeeeeeeeally short cuz like ALL the guys are like a foot taller than me except the freshmen and they look like they in fourth grade or sumpin its so sad >.< lol um what else? got rained on on da way home it was all hot and sunny then it starts and im like O.o wha?!?
guess dats it
WUV YALL hugs and kisses ^^

heres some funny quotes from the new book i got called Enchantment by Orson Scott Card ^^

"Hera let Zeus dally."
"Hera was weak," said Yaga. "She deserved what she got. And in case you're thinking or going about betraying me with other women, I've put a charm on you. Try it and your balls fall off."

So it didnt help one bit that every single person in Taina above the age of six seemed to know all about sex and inflated ideas about exactly what Ivan's sexual prowess would be like. The crude comments about how he was going to keep the princess turning on the spit longer than a suckling pig gave him a new appreciation for Jewish ban on pork. And the children who asked if they could come play in the tent that his erection would make of the bedcovers left him speechless.

He was so utterly unaroused that for the first time in his life, he actually wondered: Am I gay? After all, I did wear womens clothing.
She looked at him, her face hard-set. Still beautiful, of course. But grim.
"Ivan ," she said. "Come closer so i can talk softly."
Stiffly he walked toward her. To his horror, the the very act of approaching her changed everything. Instantly he became aroused, a fact which his simple linen tunic did nothing to disguise. She glanced down and then looked away, in disgust?
"I'm sorry," he apologized feebly, wondering what he was apologizing for. When he wasnt aroused, he had felt the need to apologize for that, too.
She put her hand up to silence him.
Her voice was soft. "There's a plot to kill you as soon as our marriage is consummated."
It was amazing how fast his poor libido went slack again
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Monday, August 21, 2006


HEY like fourth day ^^ yah lol and its kewl i gotta do meh hw >.> but i wont have to do any tomarrow ^^ wooooooooooooo yay for block schedule and recently meh friend keeps getting notes from guys and the guys are too scared to go give em to her so i get to and im like -_- whatever lol
i had algebra and meh teacher was there today and i LOVE HER she soooooooo awesome ^^ better then meh teacher last year ^^ wooooo so kewl and um i had art and i cant right meh name upside down or backwards or with meh left hand O.o left hand sucks like that i can type better wit it lol meh daddys home now sooooooo yah gotta go
hugs and kisses
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

hey i feel like crap and i blame RoythePyro -_- so yah and i still havent done my hw ima hafta do that tonight or tomarrow anyway hope yall had a great weekend
hugs and kisses
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Friday, August 18, 2006


hey third day of school WOOOOOOOO lol it ok i guess gots lotsa homework again -_- stupid ppl i had to write an autobiography for MATH i was like wtf? and the teacher wasnt even there so we had a sub who had no idea what was goin on and today was english and the teacher stares at me all the time like i did something wrong and im jus like staring back like IM INNOCENT and um i had history woooooooo i wuv dat class ^^ we have to do a riddle and ill post it tomarrow its sposed to be a major grade and im like AHHHHHHHHHHH i sucks at logic puzzles and yah and i had spanish 3 and that sucked cuz the teacher is all evil -_- and then i had chemistry and dat sucked but oh well i thought it was gonna be hell but nope all da ppls are wrong so woooooooooooooooooo and dats it i think...oh yeah on wednesday i had to write a paragraph on meh fave historical person and i asked my parents who i should pick and i was like i should do Helen Kellar and my dad said cuz she saw da light and then i said no cuz she was deaf and my parents were like rolling in the floor and im like O.o not dat funny and yah wooooooooooooooooooo im drinking FULL THROTTLE WOO produced by the coca cola company ^^ woo
hugs and kisses yall
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

heeeeeeeeeeey second day of skewl and it was kewl lol

ima learn how to sew wooooooooooooooooo and art was ok and um IM WIT TODD IN ALGEBRA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yah thats it
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i made a really long post and it didnt load so screw that not doin it again
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i am alone yet again...abandoned or forgotten whatever...tomarrow school starts and im completely terrified....tho nobody will notice...and i feel horrible...im sorry sean...
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Friday, August 11, 2006


hope everybodys ok
nothing better to say so yah
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Thursday, August 10, 2006


i know i said id post but nobody commented so yah today i cleaned meh mice cages and i cleaned meh room and yah that it and i went shopping for school stuff and thats it
hugs and kisses wuv yall
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