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Friday, September 29, 2006


it sucks -_- i wanna talk to meh squishy but i cant so sad...anyway im grounded cuz i made a 79 and i found out yesterday that i was .1 point off from making an 80 T.T i hate that teacher she cant really teach ppls like me -_- i want mrs nunley back anyway gots 2 weeks to go or less if i can prove i brought my grade up i get ungrounded wooooooooooo that wont til at least another week and a half -_- god it sucks and today we goin to meh old schools homecoming IT SUCKS I DONT WANNA GO they dont want me there but i wanna see meh sisters doggies so ima go >.> maybe i wont run into anybody i know >.< heh yah right the whole town knows who i am oh and guess what in literature i have to read a sermon and im like theres no way i can read dat its like has god as angry and unforgiving and im like great lol anyway i have no school today so i must clean T.T and get dressed too that might help lol anyway ttyl
i got cuz meh mommy left her account open ^^ heh
hugs and kisses yall
wuv ya squishy
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my mom makes fun of me til i almost cry....then she laughs in my face when i make a stupid mistake...yet every time i do cry she makes it like its my own fault...is it?
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Friday, September 22, 2006


its da weekend and i cant wait for monday lol how crazy is dat? i wanna work on my art project cuz i know what i want to do lol and i wanna make stuff in apparel ^^ i like dat class now its really kewl lol and ima order meh class ring and ima have a red stone wit a steer on da side wit ruby eyes lol still havent decided what to put on the other side so sad anyway how are yall hope yall are doin good
hugs and kisses yall
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


today was wacked out
first period our teacher was gonna show us our benchmark test and then she couldnt find it and there was a HUGE stack of papers on my desk and i was like is this it and she was like bless u and im like yah...i shoulda made u keep looking for it eh i hate english 3

second period we watched a movie bout the founding fathers of america and it said that Hamilton was teh first one wit a sex scandal lol and i wrote down some other funny stuff in meh notebook but then i found out our notebooks were do so i was like crap and i like shoved all meh papers in it and i hopes it turns out good

third period we had a sub T.T and she sent me to the office cuz i had a hole in my pants above my knee so i have detention tomarrow T.T is that screwed up or what

fourth period i finished my make up work just in time ^^ so no more zeroes lol wooooooooo and ima stay home today woooooooooo i hope if im not then ill jus die or totally disown my grandpa or make him disown me cuz im tired of being called missy and little girl eh welp ima read SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD its gettin REEEEEEEEALLY awesome finally gonna find out some stuff heh woooooooooo
hugs and kisses yall
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

tuesday and i no feel too hot

like total emotional breakdown this morning i got to school and cried all morning then i brought stuff to sew but the teacher said i couldnt T.T eh oh well
hugs and kisses yall
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Monday, September 18, 2006

   MONDAY at 4:04 pm woo jus got home from school

woooooo today was full of stupid lil problems >.< eh like i woke up late and had 5 minutes to get dressed and i couldnt fine meh bra i was like O.o then i got to school and found out i had my notebook due in 3 classes 2 tests and hw i didnt even get for some reason O.o teh teacher didnt even give it to me and i KNOW i failed those tests T.T its not fair they make the review so easy and then they make teh test hard and dont use the same info T.T its not fair and i gots a buncha chemistry hw and i hate teh stupid mole T.T its stupid i have 25 problems and a lab and me and my friend at lunch had an ACORN WAR woooooo we found a whole buncha acorns and started throwing them around then i found a tennis ball and threw at her ^^ welp dats it oh i got new avi ^^ and new music too so checks em out
hugs and kisses yall
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

   ITS SATURDAY wooooooooo and its like 10 in da morning wooo

saturday woooo im bored woooo nobody on lol anyway i think ima change the theme >.> yah its been like 6 or 7 days since i last got onnnn lol i sucks like dat anyway if yall could help me pick out a new theme id be eternally grateful ^^
hugs and kisses yall
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Saturday, September 9, 2006


we didnt go to lubbock after all woooooo im entering a survey thing for bestbuy so i can win $500 gift certificate but so far im outta luck eh lol but i got THE LAST TWO VOLUMES OF FMA AND I CANT WAIT TO WATCH EM lol i was like O.O YES and my mom said she gonna let me order the first and third soundtrack >.> once i earn teh money but anyway i got kyo kara maoh volumes 6 and 7 not realizing i dont have volume 5 >.< oh well ill get it soon enough and i cant wait for the FMA movie tho i wont be getting it anytime soon anyway im bout to get off and watch FMA wooo oh and the concession thing sucked i stayed up there til 12 and i guess my parents fell asleep cuz they didnt pick me up til 1 in the morning i called like 20 times -_- yah well NOW dats it gonna finish da survey and then watch FMA woooooooooooooo
hugs and kisses yall
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Friday, September 8, 2006

yo ppls

"Poor baby," said mother.
"He's depressed," said Father. "Dont make fun of him."
"I cant help but think of what Ender went through, fighting the Formics almost every day for weeks, completely exhausted, and yet he always got up and fought again."
Peter wanted to scream at her. How dare she compare what he had jusst gone through with Ender's legendary "suffering." Ender never lost a battle, did she think of that? And he had just lost the war! He was entitled to sleep!
"Ready? One, two, three."
Peter felt the whole mattress slide down the bed until he was awkwardly dumped onto the floor, banging his head against the frame of the bedsprings.
"Ow!" he cried
Wouldnt that make a noble last word to be recored by posterity?
How the great Peter Wiggin, Hegemon of earth (and of course, brother of Ender Wiggin, sainted savior), meet his end?
He sustained a terrible head injury when his parents draggied him out of a hotel bed the morning after his ignominious escape from his own compound where not one person had treatened him in any way and he had no evidence of any impendingthreat against his person.
ANd what were his last words?
A one-word sentence, fit to be engraved on his monument. Ow.
"I dont think we can get him into the shower without touching his sacred person," said Mother.
"i think youre right," said Father
"And if we touch him," said Mother, "theres a real possibility we will be struck dead on the spot."
Other people had mothers who were compassionate, tender, comforting, understanding. His mother was a sarcastic hag who clearly hated him and always had.
"Ice bucket," said Father.
"NO ice."
"But it holds water>"
This was too stupid. The old throw-water-on-the-sleeping-teenager trick.
"Jus go away, I'm getting up in a couple of minutes."
"No," said Mother, "Youre getting up now. Your father is filling the ice bucket, You can hear the water running."
"OK, OK, leave ther room so i can take my clothes off and get in the shower. Or is this just a subterfuge so you can see me naked again? Yourve never let me forget how you used to change my diapers, so apparently that was a very important stage in your life."
He was answered by having water dashed in his face. Not a whole bucketful, but enough to soak his head and shoulders.
"Sorry I didnt have time to fill it," said Father. :But when you started making crude sexual immuendos to my wife, I had to use whatever amound of water was at hand to shut you up before you said enough that I would have to beat your bratty little face in."
Peter got up from the mattress on the floor and pulled off the shorts he slept in. "Is this what you came to see?"
"Absolutely,' said Father. "You were wrong, Theresa: he does have balls.
"Not enough of them, apparently."
Peter stalked between the two of them and slammed the bathroom door behind him.

The only thing worse, in Beans view, was to use the first restoom in the airline terminal. "Everybody knows women have to pee incessantly," said Bean
"Actually, it not incessant, and most men dont notice if it is," said Petra/ But considering that Bean seemed never to need to pee at all, she supposed her normal human needs seemed excessive to him.

"You'll have to walk through my room in order to get to the bathroom," said Peter.
"Thats right," said Father. "I know youre Hegemon and should have the best room, but then, wer not likely to walk in on you making love."
"Dont count on it," said Peter sourly.
"We'll open the door just a little and say 'knock knock' before we come through," said Mother. "It'll give you time to smuggle your best pal out of sight."
It made him faintly nauseated to be having this discussion with his parents."

"Do you rhink," said mother, "that when we get back hto Earth we can find a place with little tiny bes like these?" She clung tightly to Fathers arms. "Its made us so much closer as a family."

"You were small-force tactics, if i remember," said Graff.
"And when you tried that experiment with military music-having the boys learn to sing together-"
Graff groaned. "Please. Dont remind me. What a deeply stupid idea that was."

more quotes funny quotes lol goin to work the concession stand tonight and dis weekend im goin to lubbock SO SAD i probably wont see any of my fwends but oh well not like they care
wuv evehbody
hugs and kisses yall
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
made that in business support ^^ him so cute huh? lol
hugs and kisses hope yall have a good day
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