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Saturday, May 19, 2007



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White Poison

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Hello and welcome to my site...I guess...well while your here you wouldnt mind signing my gb or somethin would you? If any of you are wondering how i got my site like this, then look at the credits. it was really hard to get it like this...well listen to some music or do whatever you want. Allright... until then...sayonara.

Subject: Evanescence and random stuff
Mood: happy
Music: You by Evanescence

Hello.^ ^ i have a new theme now! its Haunted! i will have some spooky music soon! it will be by Night Wish! i love that band...

Anyway, have you heard the song Understanding by Evanescence? its really REALLY long but its so cool! its like 7 minutes long. and its so beautiful...^ ^

You is a very beautiful song. its a love song devoted to Amy Lee's husband. and when she first loved him. the song is writing a love note to her husband...looking back on all the times they had together. hmmm...maybe i will just put a playlist on my site.^ ^ so you can pick the songs to listen to. i have to tell you though; they will all be Evanescence songs. but there are a lot of songs on here that arent on any CD's...well...that i know of anyway...

Night Wish...its a very nice band.^ ^ i particularly like the song Ocean Soul. and Bless the Child. i also reccomend the song The Siren. they are a very different band but it will be worthwhile.^ ^ you will like it just as much as i do.

AH! me and my bestest friend Erica(Darke_Dreams[previously Nuero Spaden]) made a site. we are making a manga called White Poison. The White Poison, is a deadly subtance that kills you even when you are just near it.
The substance is white, so they called it the White Poison.

An unnaturally evil band of people, realized the power of the White Poison, and they decided to use it for their own evil purposes. They were called the White Poison Gang.

If there were bad guys, there had to be some organization to fight them right? and there was. they called themselves the Resistence.
The leader is immune to the White Poison. That was a while back.

Now the White Poison Gang is still at large and they urge to go forth on their plan. The leader of the Resistence, was the ancestor of Shun, the new leader of the Resistence. He is a teenager, but he still gains the immunity to the White Poison, as his ancestor did. Now him and his band of other fighters, people with different powers and unusual skills, must take down the White Poison Gang before the White Poison engulfs the planet.

...pretty cool huh?^ ^ the link to the site is to the left at the bottom. just click White Poison, and you're there.^ ^ please read the description of all the characters! its not quite done yet but it has a lot of things in it now. and i will be adding a lot more to the site.

Well i have nothing more to say so, BYE!^ ^

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