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~you have entered~

Elizabeth: I hope that you're well-prepared for what you've just gotten yourself into... it would really be smart of you not to come any closer.
Aliryn: Wha~at!? How'd you get out? I was supressing you!
Elizabeth: What were you doing that for, anyway?
Aliryn: You're awfully close to buying into the shallow pop-culture lemmings' idea of life, aren't you!?
Elizabeth: It's better than sitting around daydreaming about pretend things all the time...
Aliryn: Sipping life through a straw may not be living, but gulping down a poisoned life is worse. I'll gulp when there's something worth gulping.
...now STAY DOWN!!
Aliryn: There. So you've come to my site! I'm obsessed with Inuyasha and Immortal Rain right now!
Inuyasha: Who's "Rain" and how could he *possibly* compare to me?
Machika: You insulted Rain! FEEL MY SCYTHE OF DEATH!!
Vash: Awww... don't kill anyone...
Yoda: Anger, agression, of the Dark Side of the Force are they...
Inuyasha: Tell that to my Tetsusaiga, you baka of a jijii.
Yoda: What?
Aliryn: I guess it's a good thing Yoda doesn't speak Japanese...
Speaking of, it's so fun to wack out my obasan and oniisan by talking in Japanese... gotta learn the whole language. I want to watch anime in its original glory... and Elvish. I want to learn Elvish.
Pippin: I know what Andúril means!
Aragorn: Only because I told you.
Frodo: You don't have the attention span for more than that.
Elizabeth *pops out of nowhere* Neither does Aliryn.
Aliryn: Only because you keep jumping out and distracting me! DOWN!
Rain: Somehow, I don't think she needs any help to get distracted...
Aliryn *grumbles* Well, neither does Inuyasha...
Inuyasha: WADDAYA SAY!?
Yoda: Will you SHUT UP!? Whenever you yell it reverberates like crazy in these big ears!
*zaps Inuyasha with Dark Side lightning*
Inuyasha *blocks with Tetsusaiga and goes after the little runt yelling incomprehensibly*
Aliryn: Only Inuyasha could have turned Yoda to the Dark Side.
Sesshoumaru: Only Inuyasha is stupid enough to get into that kind of a situation.
Aliryn *tear of shame* That too...
Machika: I still have a score to settle with you, Inuyasha! *attacks*
Vash: I can't let you kill anyone!! Plus, you'll squish all the doughnuts! *attempts to intervene*
Frodo: Help! They caught me in the middle! I'm too *short* to get out!
Aragorn and Pippin: We're coming, Frodo!! *charge in*
Elizabeth *pops up* Hey, this stuff is getting to be absolutely ridiculous! *tries to shove between*
Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru, you bloody coward!! You have any particular reason to stand there looking like a useless mass of lazy youkai?!
*transforms and wreaks havoc* (well, to what little of the environment wasn't in havoc already... )
Hey, that looks like fun!! *jumps in grinning*
Rain: Am I the only kind person left? *looks around*
... guess so.
Yuca *appears out of nowhere* I've been waiting for you, Rain...
Rain:... *attacks*
Aliryn *resurfaces* *looks around*
Oooooooo... man... what chaos! What absurdities!
No *wonder* I can't remember any equations!

Of course, that sounds like a rather good thing to me...
Ah, who cares!
*dives back in with a humungous battle cry*

...as difficult as that may be to imagine.

*drools* erm... *blush* did I do that...?
oh, well, my secret fangirl came crashing out a long time ago anyway.
*hugs Yuki--and Inuyasha while she’s at it*

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey, I'm... alive...?
Sort of.

Heh heh... it's been what, like a YEAR since I posted?
...good grief...

Well I don't blame anyone who chooses not to check my page even though I'm updating because I've been so neglectful. So... whatever.

So, how've I been doing? Eh...

Well, I haven't been able to do school in a year and a half--I bombed a couple semesters and stopped trying. I really, really, really wish I could do it, but... I just.... can't. So I'm spending my life on the computer, hoping I'll miraculously start getting better.

So far it's not working.

Now, you ask, if I'm always on the computer, why am I never HERE?


Ever since ElvesAteMyRamen-chan (who I haven't talked to in just as long either >_< T_T hope she's still talking to me) told me about fanfiction.net, I've been...

I've been there.

Yeah, that's about it.

Plus there was a looooooong time where we had NO internet, so...

Yeah, and the only other stuff I do is read manga pretty much.

And various other random things have been happening, some good, some bad.

But life really, really sucks right now, and it always will. Ever since July 17.

You wanna know why?

Because my cat died.

Autumn died.

She was my best friend since before either of us was old enough to remember.

And she died.

And I feel terrible and I always will feel terrible.

There's no getting out of it.

Yeah, so...


I'd write more, but I keep thinking of a thousand things I'm trying to do at once, so I'm gonna go now. Maybe I'll post again later. I hope to talk to you all sometime!

Oh... and I'm very, very sorry for ignoring people if you've been trying to reach me... for one thing a while back they deleted ALL my email since I couldn't access it for so long... and... and I just don't notice things...

Gomen nasai.

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