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Hey, got my site goin again. Feel free to check out my profile, watch some amvs, sign my gb if u like and ill do the same for you, add me as a friend ill gladly talk to anyone. O and check out the archives down at the bottom of the posts to go to the next page, it has some cool amvs and some funny comics and more posts.And please comment on some stuff on the secong page so i know that u visited it, or on anything for that matter. Thanks for checkin out my site.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Heres the Deal
Whatever i said in the past bout gettin back on this, i sorta lied i guess, but this time ive mastered multi-tasking and im ready to talk to all my friends i had on here b4 and some new ones :D Thing was last time football and school started not as much, wrestling started, important to me, didnt, and had to watch my weight and run 3 miles everynight for the whole season so i could b 103. And playin runescape kept me busy, and i know its a waste of time but my friends from school play and its fun when u got friends...if u know what it is talk to me, if u dont ask or dont worry bout it. But im gonna visit everyones site, comment on everything, pm, sign guestbooks and all that good stuff, so if u remember me please, please talk to me im trying to get all caught up, but i will visit and comment on every one of my friends sights and go as far back in my guestbook as i can and get everyone caught up so at least pm me if i add and/or talk to u, to get caught up please :D
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Friday, November 3, 2006

   All right...
OK. Now that i have sometime i might b on more... footballs over with, incase u are wondering-we went 5-5,which sucks btw, but went to the state playoffs. And being in a little town thats pretty good since no one from our school has done it in like 18 years(not including last year when i was a freshman) and we are goin every year im in highschool no doubt. But ill b on here more, so its time to catch up with some friends, sign some gb for people who signed mine and make some new friends.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

   Long time no see
Hey everyone i havent been one since school started so sorry bout not pm or anything. Football teams doin good, schools cool and since i hang out with all the football players, my best friend(for 4 years) just told me that he likes to draw! Never knew that and hes good too, how can i not know that, never talked bout it i guess. He didnt know i could draw either though. My pics might b on here soon and we are gonna start a manga together, so that will b fun. Well, c everyone later.
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Friday, September 8, 2006

   Hey everyone
Sorry i havent been on that much with school and football and everything. I've been so busy. News is we had our first game and lost but everyone on the line graduated last year so we have 6 sophmores in...not so good, but they do pretty good. Next game is today, wish me luck and sorry bout not talkin to anyone, i drew a bunch of art but not sure if i will get them on here or not :S

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Football Practice and School
Football practice is over, two adays at least and we were so good this morning coach said we have the last night off, so thats -1 practice. :D
But school starts tommarow for me so wish me luck and we still have practice after school but at least its not two adays again.

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