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Saturday, March 24, 2007

   Heres the Deal
Whatever i said in the past bout gettin back on this, i sorta lied i guess, but this time ive mastered multi-tasking and im ready to talk to all my friends i had on here b4 and some new ones :D Thing was last time football and school started not as much, wrestling started, important to me, didnt, and had to watch my weight and run 3 miles everynight for the whole season so i could b 103. And playin runescape kept me busy, and i know its a waste of time but my friends from school play and its fun when u got friends...if u know what it is talk to me, if u dont ask or dont worry bout it. But im gonna visit everyones site, comment on everything, pm, sign guestbooks and all that good stuff, so if u remember me please, please talk to me im trying to get all caught up, but i will visit and comment on every one of my friends sights and go as far back in my guestbook as i can and get everyone caught up so at least pm me if i add and/or talk to u, to get caught up please :D
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