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hey wuz up its Jordan here I love the akatsuki peoplez: Deidara (My favorite in the world!!), Sasori,Itachi, Kisame,Hidan,Kakuzu,Pein,Konan,Zetsu,and Tobi,I never cout orochimaru as an akatsuki. Just cuz he's well lets just say hes a FREEK!! well if you like us/The Akatsuki members add us as a friend!!! I'm sure happy to sign ur gb if first you sign mine add me please!! gb enteries are always welcome and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible unless i came and signed yours then theres no need to get back to ya:D and also keep pming me to a minimum only pm me if needed cuz sometimes i pm people out of curiosity and then i'm usually on the phone and then like 5 more people start pming me and then before u know it I ahve like 10 conversations at once so keep the pming to a minimum ok :)well thats pretty much all I gotta say sooooo ya.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

omg i havent been on for likr ever!!! well i'm kinda back im really busy lately in fact its 1:06am haha.uh but also my birthday is on saturday!! YAY!!gonna be 14 and plus i'm gonna be freshman even yayers!! yupperdoodles...soooooo.yeah how have you all been? i havent talked to you guys in forever.. by the way my world thingy is jordans world idk how to get to other peoples world thingys but what ever lol
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Saturday, March 22, 2008


and this is just random

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   ok I found it

i like the song but I cant figure out the name. If u kno the name tell me cuz I wanna put it on my ipod if iTunes even has it. :)

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Friday, March 21, 2008

wups wrong thing hold on although Cyanide and Happiness is funny too XD
hes so cute X3

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I totally forgot about typin in myotaku.com...well YAY!! I found somewhere where I acctually kno where to go and what to click on without gettin totally lost u kno. but neways, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) was really fun and WARM!!! in WI we just got like 6in of snow today but thats no big deal...just keep addin on those record breakin inches...we broke our state record this year of 78in. now we have like 115in.!!!...i've hated every single inch >_<
well in Punta Cana it was like 89F every day and it was really sunny and I got sun burnt really badly..but its like the weirdest sunburn I've ever gotten. like hlf my left arm, right half of my chest (really badly), both my legs, left knee cap, both my feet, my face (top lip, nose, forehead, etc.), right lower arm and...ya thats about it. and YES I PUT SUNSCREEN ON!! spf 30 too...but it was spray and windy and I think most of it went on my mommy but ya...so how all u guys doin??
PS. my world thingy is called Jordan's World...I'll make and Akatsukilovers10 World too just thought u might wanna kno :)

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