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Friday, March 21, 2008

I totally forgot about typin in myotaku.com...well YAY!! I found somewhere where I acctually kno where to go and what to click on without gettin totally lost u kno. but neways, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) was really fun and WARM!!! in WI we just got like 6in of snow today but thats no big deal...just keep addin on those record breakin inches...we broke our state record this year of 78in. now we have like 115in.!!!...i've hated every single inch >_<
well in Punta Cana it was like 89F every day and it was really sunny and I got sun burnt really badly..but its like the weirdest sunburn I've ever gotten. like hlf my left arm, right half of my chest (really badly), both my legs, left knee cap, both my feet, my face (top lip, nose, forehead, etc.), right lower arm and...ya thats about it. and YES I PUT SUNSCREEN ON!! spf 30 too...but it was spray and windy and I think most of it went on my mommy but ya...so how all u guys doin??
PS. my world thingy is called Jordan's World...I'll make and Akatsukilovers10 World too just thought u might wanna kno :)

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