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Okay ppls rule time!!
1.Dont you dare ever flame me for liking Yaoi or Yuri
2.plz comment! it makes me feel like u guys really care to stop by my page one in a while. im gonna try really hard to visit urs when u update, so plz feel the same about mine. cause if ur not even gonna bother comming to my site, dont be disappointed when yur not on my Friend's list anymore.
3.Be nice
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Monday, April 9, 2007

if u havent realized by now, i basically dont use this site anymore. some ppl may know, but i'm BloodWolfMoria, so if u need me, u can reach me there, okay? And for ONCE, actually read the post. please dont make me have to pm all my friends cause ur too lazy. And it's not all of you, just some. thank you!


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Thursday, February 1, 2007

okay so i havent been on in forever. True. but that doesnt mean i havent kept up with my story. only thing is, only one person said what they wanted to see up first. the question was up for a while, so i dont see how only one person said anything. oh well. if u see this, plz comment on wut u wanna see up first!! Thanks!

Un: A Deidara Story

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Date with Deidara (Naruto) by Icyrhapsody
Favorite Color(s)
How you metYou were trying to blow up a microwave in an empty lot
What he thought when he saw youI can't stand to look at her!
How he acted around youHe mumbled like an idiot
What he wanted to doShow you off to Itachi
Where he took you for your dateTo a masquerade ball
What was special about itHe licked a bit of chocolate ice cream off of your cheek to clean your face
What he said to you*Stupid lovesick grin*
At the end of the nightHe wrapped you in his coat and gave you a kiss
What he gave you to remember him byA bouquet of flowers

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Poll went Bye-Byes
so the poll was acting all retarded. yeah i tried to make another. didnt work. SO! ppls voted both lots. maybe cause they didnt care! maybe cause the dont choose well!!! CHICKEN! well that means i'm gonna hafta put up both, one at a time. SO! WHICH FIRST?! just comment
Kiba's Strip Club
Un: a Deidara Story

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Yeah, the faceless revolution continues! *more screaming than yesterday* ahem just ignore that
Me: yeah ^.^U

Anyways for the ppls that still have faces, thanks so much! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

My sisters are playing the Bratz video game (gag me) and my brother's at wrestling. (no, he's not a cute older brother hes an annoying little brother who's short and now bald. My dad shaved his head...) Oh rite story! poll's still up there! only 3 votes so far though... i wanna get some more if i can. please? pwetty Pwease? *puupy eyes*

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

not just yet poll up there, plz pick one ^
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   Commenting... Again....
Hi again. Hi Mr. Cookie, DarkCloudAngel PhantomKittyCat WickedxChibi Kakashi Fan Girl
and Death Fox. y only them? i feel left out. nobody cept them comments anymores. so everyone cept them is gonna go faceless now cause u have unleashed the raw kirby power!!!

(>'')> RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M COMING TO EAT YUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

besides that, how are u? *random screams of terror in background of people losing faces* So the christmas story fell through. sorry. I'm gonna try another one, i promise!!!! it's a pretty good one actually, and if that one fails to i have a backup... i think... maybe...

but after the christmas story, do u really want me to post another one?

Honestly, tell me please.

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