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~My name is Katie
~Or BamBam
~I'm 16
~Rachel and I are the "B Team"
~My nickname is Yellow Heroin according to Rachel
~I have the same middle name as Double D from Ed Edd and Eddy
~I'm a Junior
~I'm short ;-; and everyone reminds me
~I have 1 brother
~I have 1 dog and 2 cats
~I Am A Bumblebee :D
~I Like Turtles
~I also like foxes
~I look funny walking up the stairs to sophomore hallway in the morning
~I look funny =]
~I love Jeffrey Allen Burlew; 4.27.08
~I am unique, just like everyone else, but you can figure out yourself
~I have the best friends in the world, don't even argue cause you won't win
~My favorite fruit is grapes
~I had to search on google to find out if grapes were a fruit
~I love Avenged Sevenfold [Best Band Eva]
~I love Mindless Self Indulgence [Close 2nd]
~I hate country music
~If things keep going the way they are I'm gonna crack someone in the face real soon
~"Obama will Barrack you like a hurricane" lol
~I'm mean, so what, you'll deal
~I love Arizona Ice Tea <3
~I love House :]
~I like bright makeup
~I dye my hair a lot
~I hate school :]
~My favorite color is purple
~Green smells like granola but taste like green lol
~I dislike Mrs. Schlick more than anything
~I can honestly say that i only have two close friends in my grade [Erica & Ryann]
~Overall I hang out with older people
~My boyfriend is 21 NOT 22 or 23 yet and HE'S NOT A PEDOFILE, FUCK FACES!!! >:[
~The day of my birth is December 10, 1992
~I like to draw anime but i can draw other things
~I got to find out this year that Rachel is cool as hell
~I skateboard
~I used to snowboard
~I have sat in my computer chair and rolled down a hill [fun times]
~I have a big scar on my left cheek [my face]
~Gallo is the coolest person in the world and I totally look up to him, he is my hero...
~I lie about Gallo a lot
~My favorite class is art
~I sit at a crazy lunch table
~I never had an idea what was going on in German class [I did it for the field trips]
~Friday is not the best day of the week; I like Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday
~Obnoxious blue and bright red look like crap together
~I'm not emo/goth/scene, I'm me :]
~Stupid people are fun to hang out with
~I have my permit :3 and I get my license this year
~I'm German, Irish, Polish, Italian, and other things i guess
~I'm very weird and spontaneous
~I have a huge imagination and some people can't handle it
~The frogs riding turtles using cockroaches as shields will defeat the crabs
~My friends have lost brain cells just by listening to me talk
~Monocles are cool
~My favorite melon is Honey Dew Melon
~If you make me mad i will consider you and refer to you as twatwaffle [one word]
~I go on "what if..." streaks [for example, what if the sky was green]
~I am NOT dating John Gallo >:[
~Everything needs color
~Most people my age are too shallow and suck at life
~Horror movies that are actually scary are an endangered species
~I'm a perfectionist
~I can be shy
~I often imagine what people would look like if they were bald
~My favorite shape is DNA [double helix]
~I play video games
~I'm very aggressive
~I drink about 3 bottles of water a day
~I used to carry a bottle of dressing in my purse
~I do my makeup in homeroom
~My hair is currently brown
~Platypuses are the weirdest fucken animals ever to be birthed
~I met Madina Lake
~My old hamster used to attack people
~I have the most annoying ringback tone in the world [Handlebars- Flobots]
~I draw on my walls
~Then I paint in the drawings
~I have 12 posters on my walls


Saturday, August 15, 2009

   Bitch, I'm me, I'm me, I'm me, I'm me baby, I'm me, So who you, You're not me, You're not me And I know that ain't fair, but I don't care I'm a mothafucken Cash Money millionaire

Ok yeah so this is me believe it or not i don't care lol xD


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