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Friday, July 27, 2007

Moving Again...
Well, okay, so a lot of new things kinda happened in the last few days. Looks like it's gonna take a little bit longer for our internet to get hooked up and stuff.

*Le Sigh...*

Another thing is that, thanks to my roomie's mother, we have to move to a new house. However, it's actually not a bad thing. Really, it's a GREAT thing. The new place is a lot nicer than the piece of rat shit that I was forced to live in before. Plus, I get a bigger room than what I had that's not attached to another room and it actually has a door.

Also, I get to repaint my room's walls a light tan and then I get to go to town with painting pictures on it later. My friend Becca suggested a Cherry Blossom tree, which I am SO doing!

Sweet action, yo! X3

Then, LOL, Kurama is next on the wall of love! I swear, when it's done, I'm taking pictures and posting it on here for you all to see. XD

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Monday, July 23, 2007

I is Alive!
Hey, everyone!

I am here in Alaska finally! (Actually, I've been here since last Tuesday.) It's really pretty up here. I love the scenery! I still have crap that I need to unpack and I miss everyone back in Alabama, especially my buddies Xero and Mike. However, I've decided that I will be flying down next summer for a long visit. ^^

I should have internet tomorrow on Monday. I'm currently using my friend Becca's computer. (See how quickly the Akane-sama can make friends? ^^)

I have a few new pics that I want to scan and upload this upcoming weekend because I was so proud of them. I did them on the boat we took out of Bellingham, because there was really noticing else to do except sleep and stare at stuff from the deck, which you can only do for so long you know? ^^:

Anyways, I am doing well so far. I am still in the middle of job hunting and it looks like I might either become a night stocker at Wal-Mart or a security check guard for the military gate. Eh,... which ever has the better pay I suppose. ^^;

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Big Move!
Hey, yeah I know that I didn't update last weekend. However, I have a good reason for not doing so. I was in Florida that weekend shopping for new boots and coats. ^^: Yeah, the winter shopping is being done rather early. Though, I'm gonna need all of these new things for my new home.

Since I've graduated this year, after spending most of this summer with my friends and family members, I'm getting ready to move away from my home in little Enterprise, Alabama to my new home for college.

That new home just so happens to be in Fairbanks, Alaska with my buddy Ray-Ray! XD It's gonna be quite a move and I'm leaving TOMORROW!

That should also explain why I didn't update my gallery THIS weekend as well. I was just too busy with packing and getting all of my files on this computer transfered onto my laptop. ^^: It's a rather long process with all the physical and computer based crap I have...

I'm gonna be on the road for 5 days with my Dad, driving up all the way to Bellingham, Washington. There, we'll be taking the ferry out of the port and will be out on the ocean for 3 nights before we finally pull into Homer, Alaska. Then it's a good 7-8 hour drive to Fairbanks. ^^ (My Dad wants to make sure that I get up there okay. I mean, it IS a rather big trip for an 18 year old girl just out of highschool to take on her own. ^^: Also, this'll be like one last BIG rode trip that he and I get to take together.)

My large box of manga is gonna have to be mailed to me later. There wasn't any room in the trunk. ^^: Plus, my dog Gypsy is going to have to stay down here with my parents until next Summer. I need the time to get settled and to see if I'll be able to handle taking care of her and myself. Also, that way, it'll be pretty warm in Alaska when she gets flown up too. ^^

I'll have my laptop with me, and I'll try to update to keep everyone posted during the trip. I should be in Fairbanks by the 16th. Anyway, hope you guys wish me luck! ^^ I'll have LOTS of new pictures when it's over, promise! XD

Lovez you very muchly! X3

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