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My name is AK the Twilight. I love to write poetry, stories, and music. It's something I want to pursue as a lifelong pastime. I love rock music; new or old, slow or fast. I play video games and write game reviews, and I love anime and manga. I may be a goth sometimes, but I want the best for the world. Thanks and I hope you like my site.


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Monday, May 26, 2008


Hey, thanks to everyone who watched and/or commented on my AMV. I'm pretty proud of it. I decided to use select scenes of Yoh and Anna, being that they're such great characters who love each other very much. Shweet.

As a reward, here's my next AMV, which I personally think is better.

After finishing my Shaman King AMV, I was anxious to make another one. This one came to me pretty quickly and I practically worked non-stop. I was just so excited.

It's Death Note VS. Bullet for my Valentine's "Ashes of the Innocent," a great new song off their new Scream Aim Fire album. I tried to match up some scenes better. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment and rate too!

All else is the same. Mourning at my poetry, getting through the end of the school year. I want to graduate soon.
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