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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Time of Post: 10:00PM

I don't feel good today.

I'm mad. Yea. Really really mad.

Like I said before, I'm a moody person sometimes..iie! Not to the extent that I'm an emo kid..! No!

I brought my laptop to school today. I needed it for my report in Music. Since my player's broken, I was forced to bring my laptop.

After my report, I showed some of my digital art to some of my friends, and they loved them. Amie (eymi) asked me how to make a basic wallie, so I opened Adobe PS and started blah-blah-ing.. Minutes later, a freshman tripped me. He danced around me in circles. Of course, I was annoyed. Do you know what e did next?! He slammed my screen down!! Arrrgh..! This cost me thousands..stupid you.. I'll never forget this..

Aww.. I'm getting lazier and lazier everyday.. I dont know why..

Wanna see me again? Here I am again!



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Monday, August 7, 2006

I got my laptop! Yay!
Time of Post: 9:00PM
Mood: Sorry, no icon for today. I'm still packing my files from the PC.

I just got my new laptop! Ureshii desu!

Uhh..because of all the packing, I forgot to finish the completion of my layout. Silly me, neh? Aaaahh..

Question: What's your current addiction?
Answer: AdventAddict's always addicted. This time, she's going crazy over Chrno Crusade.

I finished the whole series. The addiction started when my classmates debated about the correct spelling of Chrno Crusade. Of course, I agreed on the Chrno side, because it is the correct spelling.

Oh well.. I'm going to continue packing. Sorry for not updating yesterday!

Wanna see me? Here I am!

I took these pics from my bro's room.

Meheh. AdventAddict doesn't look like a Japanese, ne? My dad doesn't look like one either!


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Saturday, August 5, 2006

I missed you, guys!
Time of Post: 9:33PM

Hurrah! I just finished answering the college admission test, and I'm sure(of course, I studied real hard, you know)that I passed the exam! Although I don't expect to get a perfect score, I'm sure that I'm already in! Yay!

L-A-P-T-O-P and S-C-A-N-N-E-R on Monday! Yeah!

I'm supposed to get them tomorrow, but since we have to go to the province, I won't be able to. I just wanna ask..how much does broadband cost?

I'm currently studying ElvesAteMyRamen's tutorial about coloring. Uhh.. I still don't get it. I don't wanna adopt her style of coloring(even though I envy her a lot). I wanna have my OWN style, so that I can address my artworks as my originals. Haaahh.. Silly me. I have to buy a new set of color pencils.. I gave my old set to my bro.

I didn't update my blog for..2 days? Sorry, I can't remember. Last Thursday(am I right?), theO and myO experienced technical problems, right? So no one was able to comment that day. I thought my computer's broken again..

I submitted a Ouran High School Host Club quiz last Wednesday. I wonder why, until now, I can't see it on my portfolio? Uhh whatever.

That's all for now! Tomorrow you'll be able to view my complete layout!


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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Thanks, Guys!
Time of Post: 3:46PM

Hi, minna! Thanks for your comments and suggestions! Well, this layout is still under construction. I found out that I should be friendly to dial-up users(yea, like me). I'll minimize the number of images here so that you can view my site hassle-free.

Yay! We have a new classmate at school! His name is Al. We used to have 3 otakus in our class, and now, because of him, we're now 4!

Hyro's absent again.. How boring today is..

About yesterday's question.. Well, the question's not mine! I got it from my friend, Jech. He's a hip-hop dude. I'm not hip-hop..I'm sorta rocker..not completely.

Eminem's not my fave, but I like the way he raps his words along the way.

The suggestions for my layout are...tadaaaaaan!
1. Banner(s)
2. Button(s)
3. What else? Uhh..background music
4. Background image(no, I don't wanna)
5. Something for my blog(soon!)

I just wanna keep my site as simple as possible. I need more SPECIFIC suggestions!!!


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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Time of Post: 11:52PM

Finally..I got a new layout. *yaaaawwn..* I'm so sleepy.. Wait. I didn't post yesterday, right? So, now..I have to post, ne?

I have nothing to say.. Just wanna ask..What do you think about my new layout? For me, as the owner of this page, I think my layout is better than the last. But, if you think this layout stinks, I'll bring back the DNAngel theme.

What Happened Today At School

Hyro was absent today. He sent me a text message, saying that he wasn't able to go to school because he helped his dad packing up. Yup, they're moving out. But he'll be still studying at our school.

Nothing really happened today..except for me having a B for Math. Gah! I hate Math!

Now let's go back to the layout.. So, do I need some improvements for this? Please suggest. I need them. Help me build up my site. PLEASE??*puppy-eyes..*

Darn.. I missed the anniversary. Adam didn't post anything about it, ne? Maybe the site's anniversary's nothing to him.. Ahhhhhh..

Ahh.. I'm gonna sleep now.. Good night..

Question: Who is your fave rapper?

Answer: Not my fave. But I love the way he speaks his mind. And that rapper is..Eminem.


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Sunday, July 30, 2006

I suck at titles.. Can I leave this space blank?
Time of Post: 1:39PM

I've been working on a new layout but..I'm afraid I might fail again, so I decided not to fix it up here. I wish someone could help me.. I lost contact with luckyviet.

Anyway, thanks for your votes and comments on my latest "vector art"(I'm not addressing it as fanart anymore). You guys are the best!

About the anniversary, I'm going to make a banner!! Uhh.. I think I lost track. When is the anniversary again? Is it tomorrow?

Nothing interesting happened today, except when my brother hugged me when we watched OHSHC episode 5 together. He said he love the twins and from now on, he'll try to be a more good bro to me. Remember the silly kid who tripped on my AC, which made me feel sick for almost 3 days? Yup! It's him alright.

I offered him a site here at myO, but he said he won't have time for it, since he's too busy with schoolwork. He may act notoriously, but don't you know he's the Topnotcher of his class since 2nd grade? Cool, ne?

He watches TV at least an hour a day. Yesterday, we spent almost 3 hours watching OHSHC episodes 1-5.

Yup, that's my bro. Like me, he can also make basic wallies and other graphics. Unfortunately, he doesn't wanna have any sites here at myO.

I guess I talked too much..well, didn't I?

Hmm.. I just remembered. Some of my friends aren't updating anymore. I know, it'll break my heart also..but I have to delete some friends..friends who do not update their blogs anymore.. You know, the N/A. This is the first time I'm gonna delete some friends. I wanna keep the list short.

Question:I got this question from my friend Haru-chan*not her real name* What is your fave anime(Please give only ONE answer.)

Answer: Uhh.. For now, Ouran High School Host Club.


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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Date..?
Time of Post: 5:10PM

Hi everyone!

Today, I had a date with my brother. Why? I had to pay my debt.. Ahah, you think it's something like brotherly love? No.

We had ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. And we went to a mall to buy him a new pair of pants at RRJ, then we went to an internet cafe and played Ragnarok Online. We spent 2 hours playing. Next, we went to McDonald's to have lunch.

After lunch, we went to an anime shop. I bought him 5 posters of his fave anime: Naruto, Gundam Seed, ROCKMAN.exe, InuYasha and Fullmetal Alchemist. It was fun!

Ooops! Sorry! I forgot my digicam at my classmate's house so..maybe on Monday, I'll be able to show you our poster.

I'm preparing myself for theO's anniversary!


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Friday, July 28, 2006

Nothing to say..
Time of Post: 7:54PM

Yay! We won the poster-making contest! The theme was "Eat Right To Be Bright". Yeah, it was corny, but we managed to win the contest! That would be..20 points added to my grades!

The poster is at school. I'll show it to ya tomorrow!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. 3 days to go before theO and myO's anniversary!! Thanks to Blue Hawk for the info!!

I'm currently making wallies. They will be up tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for your comments on my last post! Yeah.. Hyro is such a sweet person. As for now, we're "special" friends.

New vector art. This time, I'm not claiming it as a fanart. I only placed it the fanart section because theO has no vector art section. I hope it'll have one soon.

What Happened Today At School:

Hyro kept asking me to give him a Japanese name. I gave him the name shunketsu. He doesn't know what it means, well..do you? If you do, leave your answer together with your comment.

Although he didn't know what it meant, he was happy about it.

I'm feeling drowsy again..sumimasen..


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I don't know..
Time of Post: 5:25PM

Hi guys! I didn't know what to say yesterday, so I didn't update. The YURI season's finally over! Yay!

She was absent yesterday. Our teacher told us that she'll be moving out of town. Well, I was quite sad because she didn't tell me about it. She was absent because she's packing up her stuff. I called her yesterday and told her that I'll come over. I went to their house today. I helped her with the packing. It wasn't easy!

Bye-bye buu.

I never posted her name here, right? Okay. Her name is Aeizel, as in ayzel.

What Happened Today:

I lost my iPod. iPod Nano.

It was inside my bag. I don't know where I lost it. Well, I didn't even bother to find it because it was no use. No one will tell the truth. And you know what? Hyro offered me his own iPod Nano! He said that, since I lost it, he'll give the replacement. I asked him why, and he replied, "You need it, right? You can't sleep without it. You can keep it. It's yours from now on." I was like, "How did you know? I never told anyone about it! Are you insane? It cost you lots of money! And now you're givin' it away?! Sorry, but I'm refusing the offer." He replied, "Okay.", then he left.

When I got home, I opened my bag to get the books I have to read before the exam. And guess what, I found Hyro's iPod in it! At the back of the iPod, there is a sticky-note sayin, "Sleep tight, my angel." Angel? He called me ANGEL! I'm devilish, really..

I was touched. I phoned him to ask why he did it. He said, "It is because I love you. Don't worry. I didn't give you my iPod just to make you say yes. I'm willing to wait."

OMG.. No. I must prioritize my studies.

I think I'm falling for him..


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rain, rain, go away..
Time of Post: 7:31PM
No! I'm not hyper. I just took many sleeping pills!

*Yawn..* Gomen.. I slept.

I'm currently listening to Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg.

Haaahh.. Although I love the rain, I don't like the way it's pouring. I'm not mad, it's just that..I forgot to close the windows again..and you know what that means.

Hey guys! Please check out my portfolio!! I submitted 7 new wallies, and they're all from the host club! Speaking of OHSHC, I finished watching episode 16 and it was great! This may be stupid but, I cried on the scene when Hikaru finds Haruhi under the altar. To comfort Haruhi, he took the altar cloth and gave it to Haruhi, and even offered his earphones just to minimize the sound of thunder. As he held her beside him, he apologized to Haruhi repeatedly, and she responded by thanking him. Sweet Hikaru.. Although he may not admit it, it's obvious that he likes and cares about Haruhi a lot! Sorry for spoiling you, OHSHC fans who're reading this(except for those who watched the episode already)! Aww, when will episode 17 appear? Gosh.. I wanna know what will happen next. According to the preview, the episode's about Kyoya.

Thanks, Jaguar, for your comments! They meant a lot to me! Your wallies are so nice too!

Classes were suspended again. This time, I didn't procrastinate because I took my time creating wallpapers!! It was fun!!

Bye, pals! Later!


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